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Thu Aug 24 2023
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Jasmina Marazita is popular among the general public as an Internet personality and journalist. She is a traffic and entertainment reporter at Telemundo 51

You can uncover Marazita's relationship status whether she is married or single in this article. The details of her net worth, parents, and kids including her journalism career are noted too. 

Marazita's Relationship Update: Is She Single, Married Or Dating? 

Jasmina Marazita is off the market and shares a blissful married life with her husband Ariel Ramírez. They have shared their blissful life for over a decade overcoming numerous obstacles.

Jasmina Marazita and her loving husband  Ariel Ramírez.
Jasmina Marazita and her loving husband  Ariel Ramírez. (Source: Instagram @ arielelbaby)

It is reportedly said that Marazita and Ramírez shared a decade-long relationship before completing marriage. However, they have kept the details of their dating life private to themselves right now. 

The loving duo Marazita and Ramírez celebrated their marriage ceremony in 2013. It was not a flashy but a private wedding witnessed among close colleagues and family members. 

Marazita's husband Ramírez is often seen sharing their lovely picture on his official Instagram page. They showcase no sign of divorce or separation and continue their fairytale-like love life. 

Who Is Jasmina's Husband, Ariel? 

Ariel Ramírez is a Cuban radio journalist and has gained attention for being the husband of Jasmina. There are not many details available to uncover about his professional career. 

Ariel is often confused with the Argentine composer as both of them possess similar names. The Argentine composer is also a pianist and music director who is considered the chief exponent of Argentine folk music and is known for his musical composition. 

You can find Jasmina's husband Ariel active on the Instagram platform. He is found with the username @ arielelbaby with almost 9.5K followers sharing his personal life updates with the fans 

Has Marazita Shared Any Kids With Ramírez?

Jasmina Marazita and Ariel Ramírez have experienced parenthood by raising three kids. They have created a happy family welcoming a son and two daughters from their marital life. 

Jasmina Marazita and Ariel Ramírez with their son Jasiel Ramírez.
Jasmina Marazita and Ariel Ramírez with their son Jasiel Ramírez. (Source: Instagram @ arielelbaby)

The names of Marazita and Ramírez's daughters are Natalia and Valeria Ramírez and the son is Jasiel Ramírez. Yet, they haven't shared any details of their kids and nothing much is available on the Internet. 

Ariel is often seen sharing pictures of his children on his Instagram pictures. Jasmina is also a loving mother as she spares time to spend a lovely time with kids despite her busy work schedule. 

Jasmina Marazita's Net Worth Exposed: A Closer Look at Her Wealth

Jasmina Marazita is estimated to have an astounding net worth of at least $1 million. She has made this wealth by pursuing a professional journalism career and being an Internet personality.

Jasmina Marazita posing with her luxurious bike Harley Davidson.
Jasmina Marazita posing with her luxurious bike Harley Davidson. (Source: Instagram @ jasminamarazitaespinar)

Marazita is a traffic and entertainment reporter for Telemundo 5, a news chain based in Miami. Accroding to Comparably, the average yearly salary of a journalist is $59,025, and maybe earning similar. 

Marazita is a successful entrepreneur and has been associated with different companies. Likewise, she is always seen promoting the clothing brand called Like Boutique Miami.

Marazita has also done a promotion of her product called Duramax. She is also associated with the brand Goli Nutrition, a company that produces gummy vitamins and supplements. 

Glimpse Into Marazita's Bio/Wiki And Age 

Jasmina Marazita was born on February 3, 1991, and was raised by her parents in Ecuador. For those wondering, the Internet personality Marzaita is the age of early 30s right now. 

The names of Marazita's parents including their personal and professional life are unknown. She has shared a sibling but has kept a low-key profile away from the media and the general public. 

Marazita's early life details are yet to be discovered glancing through the public domain. She is a private person when it comes to sharing the topics of her personal life keeping it under wrap. 

Does Marazita Often Stay Active On Social Sites?

The journalist Jasmina has been able to maintain a captivating social media presence. She makes sure to connect and interact with her fans on social media building a genuine fanbase. 

Jasmina Marazita is a popular Internet personality.
Jasmina Marazita is a popular Internet personality. (Source: Instagram @ jasminamarazitaespinar)

Jasmina has maintained her social media presence in almost all social sites including Instagram and Facebook. People search vastly about her Instagram available under the username @ jasminamarazitaespinar and has over 2 million followers. 

Jasmina is seen sharing some snaps of her professional life and personal life. She is making waves in the digital world through her alluring personality and genuine engagement with followers. 

Insight Of Marazita's Journalism Career

Jasmina Marazita is an Emmy and AP Murrow Awards-winning journalist in recognition for her work. Before landing as a journalist, she graduated from college with a degree in journalism. 

Marazita started her journalism journey working for the Puerto Rican-based television program Mega TV. However, she gained fame hosting the SBS radio show 106.3 Hola Que Tal.

During Marazita's journalism career, Jasmina has hosted several notable celebrity personalities including Julio García. She has maintained her social media life with a successful journalism career.

As of today, Marazita is a traffic and entertainment reporter for Telemundo 51. You can catch her behind-the-scenes snaps from the studio on her official social media platforms. 

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