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Tue Nov 29 2022
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Relationship Timeline Of Jayni Chase

Husband : Chevy Chase
Jayni Chase is a married lady. Chevy Chase, an American actor, comedian, plus writer, is the writer's husband. The beautiful couple initially met on one of Chevy's film sets.

American actress/environmental activist Jayni Chase is a popular public figure who has spent the last twenty years devoting her life to environmental community action and education. She is also well known as the Centre of Environmental Education founder, the wife of actor and writer Chevy Chase.

Chase, the famous comedian, was a major part of the inaugural season of Saturday Night Live, for which he won three Emmy Awards. Let's know more about Jayni chase in detail. 

Who Is Jayni Chase's Husband?

Jayni Chase is a married lady, and she married Chevy Chase. Chevy is an American actor, comedian, plus writer. The beautiful couple initially met on one of Chevy's film sets. 

She was a production assistant at the time. They started a romantic relationship shortly after a private wedding ceremony and married on June 19, 1982. The ceremony was held in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, California.

Jayni Chase is sitting on Chevy's Lap.
Jayni Chase is sitting on Chevy's Lap.
Source: Jayni Chase's Instagram (@jaynichase)

The couple has been married for almost 38 years with no divorce or separation problems. The couple has three girls and three sons.

Their first child, Cydney Chase, was born in 1982, and Jayni gave birth to their second child, Caley Chase, in 1984. Emily Chase, the pair's third child, was born in 1988. She shares her daily life photos on Instagram. 

Chevy Chase's wife far, no information about Jayni's previous romances or relationships have been made public. Her spouse, on the other hand, had been married twice before marrying her.

Her husband was previously married to Susan Hewitt. They married in 1973 but divorced two years later, in 1876. Similarly, he married Jacqueline Carlin in 1976 but divorced in 1980.

Jayni Chase's Net Worth

Jayni Chase is a model who is also an environmentalist. Her efforts on National Lampoon's Vacation, Biography, and The Annual Tel Aviv Gala Present Goldie Hawn Salute received no notice. For more than two decades, Her estimated net worth has been $1 million.

The famous actress has been an outspoken advocate for environmental education and collective action. She has written for the Huffington Post as a blogger. 

Jayni established the Center for Environmental Education, a non-profit devoted to environmental preservation. Sources estimate American TV and film actress Brittany Curran is worth $2 million in 2021.

Jayni Chase is posing for the photo.
Jayni Chase is posing for the photo.
Source: Jayni Chase's Instagram (@jaynichase)

The hard-working actress won the Hugh C. Lane Jr. Award of Excellence in Environmental Education for her contributions to environmental protection. Jayni is also a published author, having written the book Blueprint for a Green School.

Chevy and Jayni Chase's house is said to be available for rent. There is one caveat: the profile incorrectly says that the home is located in Mount Kisco. 

The Chases have lived in Bedford since 1995. The Chases spoke at a Bedford Power Couple series of lectures at Saint Matthew's Church in 2010.

Jayni Chase Christmas Vacation

Jayni Chase National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, a famous holiday film, is packed with memorable phrases. 

People are still repeating the comedy more than 30 years after it was released in cinemas. If you ask any moviegoer to pick their favorite line, odds are they'll come up with a slew of them. And, sure, everyone in the cast has a favorite. Hannah Lochner is one of the hard-working Hollywood actresses.

Christmas Vacation may stand alone as a full picture, but it is part of a franchise. In two previous films, Chevy Chase portrayed Clark Griswold before playing a parent who wanted to give his family a wonderful Christmas.

The series began with National Lampoon's Vacation in 1983. Chase portrayed Clark, while Beverly D'Angelo portrayed his wife, Ellen Griswold. In 1985, the two performers repeated their roles in National Lampoon's European Vacation before reprising them in 1989's Christmas Vacation. 


Jayni Chase was born in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, on August 24, 1957. Jayni Ann Luke is her given name. Her current age is 63 as of 2021. Her parents' identities remain unknown. Her youth was spent in North Hollywood. 

Jayni Chase is posing for the photo.
Jayni Chase is posing for the photo.
Source: Jayni Chase's Instagram (@jaynichase)

The talented actress's ancestry is Caucasian. Her alma mater was North Hollywood High School. Following graduation, the actress attended the University of California. 

Jayni went on to graduate with a degree in communications. Chase is quite active on  social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Chase has about 743 Twitter followers and approximately 2.2k Facebook followers. Likewise, her Instagram account has about 2.6k followers.

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