Jean Muggli, Michael Strahan's ex-wife Relationship Status

Mon Oct 07 2019
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With love at first sight to an outrageous divorce, Jean Muggli swarmed attention from the media in 2006. Her married life with former footballer Michael Strahan became the hot topic for the public. Just like Troy Aikman and Peyton Manning, Strahan is currently working as a host on Good Morning America.

The divorce settlement with Michael was quite huge and her reason for the divorce forced Michael first wife Wanda to defend her former husband. After the saga of 2006, she kept her personal life under wraps. If you're curious to know more about her current status, then this article serves that purpose.

Has she moved on after the Divorce?

Jean moved from Texas to North Dakota after her divorce saga. Even though Muggli and Michael are now good friends but at the time, she wanted to get away from her estranged husband. 

Jean Muggli after the Divorce
Image: Jean Muggli after the divorce (left) and before the divorce with her husband (right). 
Source: Terry Owens

During her time in North Dakota, she contributed her time to raise her two daughters. Jean went away from Texas to disappear from public eyes. She also kept her social media profile in private mode so she could keep her personal life private.

As of now, there are no details about Muggli's relationship status. She is still single as per reports on online tabloids. 

Fairy tale Marriage with Michael Strahan!

Just like in romantic movies, Jean and Michael fell in love with each other on first sight. Strahan's' eyes found his love in Manhattan Skin Care Salon and Spa. In 1999, Michael walked in the Spa for the service, meanwhile, Jean worked there as a shop attendant. 

Michael Strahan and Jean Muggli
Picture: Michael Strahan (left) with his former wife Jean Muggli (right). 

After that, Strahan frequently visited the Salon in order to take a look at the girl he fell in love with. In an interview with Nydailynews, Jean said:

"I figured either he was the cleanest man on the planet or he wanted to ask me out. I was not into athletes".

Finally, Michael asked her out and the couple tied the knot the same year. The wedding was celebrated in an intimate affair in front of family and friends.

The Outrageous Divorce

From 1999 to 2004, the pair became the most popular celebrity couple in Manhattan. Their sweet relationship quickly ended in a sour note in 2005 after Jean reported in Police for domestic abuse.

As per her report, Michael threatened to abuse her in March 2005. Not just that, Jean said that her then-husband punched her in the face and damaged her kidney. After that, she filed for the divorce and the saga continued, creating drama for the media.

Jean Muggli with her Lawyer
Picture: Jean Muggli (right) with her Lawyer returning after the trial. 

Many people were hooked to the media to know about the couples' split as the case was taking twists and turns in every hearing. During one trial, Jean claimed that Michael inserted a hidden camera in their bedroom and filmed intimate video.

On the other hand, Strahan has something else to say. According to him, he is the one who filed for divorce after she failed to explain the withdrawal of $3.3 million. In other reason, she also accused that her then hubby is gay and because of that she filed for separation. 

Michael First Wife came to the Rescue

When Jean reason that Michael was gay and a wife-beater, Strahan's' first wife Wanda Hutchins came to the rescue. She cited Jean as an evil woman and advocate in favor of her former spouse. 

According to Wanda, Michael is a very good man and he would never beat his wife. She further added that Jean talked to her children and even prayed for them to die. Michael father also had a similar view on Jean.

Michael Strahan with his daughters
Image: Michael Strahan (in the middle) with his twin daughters. 
Source: BCK Online

After some drama, in 2006, the Judge gave permission for the split and provided Jean with $15 million in alimony. Furthermore, she also received $18,000 monthly as child support. From the seven-year marriage with Michael, Muggli gave birth to twin daughters Sophia Strahan and Isabella Strahan in 2004.

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