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Relationship Timeline Of Jenna Brandt

Boyfriend : Brock Purdy
Jenna Brandt is in a relationship with Brock Purdy.

Jenna Brandt is an American volleyball player and athlete who came to recognition after the rumors of her being the girlfriend of Brock Purdy came around. She is a collegiate player who is enjoying her sporting success.

Jenna, who is a star in her own right, became quite a hot topic among the public after her boyfriend Brock Purdy's recent success. He outdueled the legendary quarterback Tom Brady in the December 11, 2022's match against Tampa Bay Buccaneers. She was a part of his cheer squad, and their relationship had gone public just weeks prior.

Brock Purdy Girlfriend: Jenna Brandt; Relationship Timeline And Details

As already mentioned above, Jenna came to fame after it was revealed that she and the newbie football quarterback, Brock Purdy, had been dating. The couple shook the internet since Brock gave a huge blow by beating Tom Brady. 

Jenna Brandt and her boyfriend, Brock Purdy.
Jenna Brandt and her boyfriend, Brock Purdy. (Source: Instagram @jennabrandt3)

On November 5 last year, Jenna officially announced her relationship with the quarterback on her Instagram. She posted a picture of herself and Brock on her Instagram account and captioned it as "my roots and my boy."

The new couple, Jenna Brandt and Brock Purdy, have a very common love story since they met at Iowa State University and shared college experiences. Brock and Jenna both started college in 2018 and got along from there.

Jenna's Boyfriend, Brock Purdy, Is A NFL Player

Jenna Brandt's boyfriend, Brock Purdy, is an American football quarterback, similar to Baltimore Ravens star Lamar Jackson. He plays for the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL. Brock was born on December 27, 1999, and he is from Queen Creek, Arizona. 

Brock was born to Shawn Purdy and Carrie Purdy. He is also the family's middle child, with an older sister and a younger brother. His sister is Whitney Purdy, and his brother is Chubba Purdy. Moreover, all his siblings are athletes.

Brock studied at Perry High School in Gilbert, Arizona, and went to Iowa State in 2018. After graduating in 2021, he was drafted by the NFL and started his career in 2022.

Net Worth

Jenna Brandt has not disclosed her financial stats, so her net worth hasn't been able to be estimated and is under the covers. However, her boyfriend, Brock Purdy, has a net worth of $6 million which he generated as a famous football player.

As an athlete, Jenna has made it big and is supported through college scholarships. Further, her family is well-off and very supportive. Jenna has a great future ahead in sports.

Physical Appearance 

Brock Purdy's girlfriend, Jenna, is a gorgeous blonde like . Moreover, she has beautiful ocean-blue eyes and a toned physique. Her facial features are not quite strong but surely show off her Nordic ancestry. 

Brock Purdy's girlfriend, Jenna Brandt.
Brock Purdy's girlfriend, Jenna Brandt. (Source: Instagram @jennabrandt3)

Since Jenna is also an athlete, she stands at a great height of 5 feet 10 inches. Though her exact weight and body measurements are not disclosed, she has a pretty lean and petite body. 

Jenna Brandt Early Life And Family Explored

Brock Purdy's girlfriend Jenna was born on October 26, 1999, into a family full of athletes. She is one of four children. Her parents, Kevin and Amy Brandt are part of an active lifestyle. Her family home is in the lovely area of Sumner, Iowa. Moreover, she was born in a Christian household.

As the third child, Jenna is the quintessential sister. She is very fond of her siblings and is always celebrating their milestones. She was a student in the Sumner-Fredericksburg school district and even ran track there. 

Educational Details 

Jenna attended Sumner Fredericksburg high school. She also started playing volleyball and gymnastics in her high school years. She was also selected to play for the Panther's volleyball team.

Jenna Brandt playing volleyball for her college.
Jenna Brandt playing volleyball for her college. (Source: Instagram @jennabrandt3)

After Jenna's high school graduation, she pursued her education at the University of Iowa. Moreover, it is reported that she graduated with a major in kinesiology. She is also an excellent student and was on the Big 12 Commissioner's Honor Roll.

In January 2021, Brock Purdy's girlfriend Jenna transferred to the University of Northern Iowa. She did that to get the opportunity to play in the UNI Panthers Volleyball. 

Jenna Is a Star Athlete

Jenna plays multiple sports, such as track, gymnastics, football, volleyball, and softball. She ran track and field in school and took part in races. She is a swimmer and a skier. Later she started focusing more on volleyball, where she plays as a settler.

Brock Purdy's girlfriend Brandt was a four-year letter winner in high school for her athletics, where she was a starter for three years and a two-year volleyball captain. Under her leadership, the SFHS volleyball team won the fifth position in the 18 National Division. In April 2018, they got the All-Tournament Team honors at Junior Nationals.

Jenna Brandt in the University of Northern Iowa Volleyball team.
Jenna Brandt in the University of Northern Iowa Volleyball team. (Source: UNI panthers)

In college, Brock Purdy's girlfriend Jenna played collegiate, similar to American professional volleyball player Lauren Plum. She was initially a settler at Iowa State. She was even a part of the 2020-2021 leadership council for Iowa State University. During COVID, she played all her sports events while following the mask mandate. 

As a member of the Iowa State Cyclone Volleyballs, Jenna played forty-one matches with great success. She is now a member of the UNI Panthers team. She has played in 120 sets across 31 matches and was a starter for 29 matches. She has played as a starter and a settler for the Volleyball team.

Jenna Has Three Siblings: Where Are They?

As mentioned earlier, Jenna is one of four children in her family. Moreover, she is one of the middle children and the second youngest of her family. She has an older sister named Kaylyn Brandt and an older brother named Isiah. Her youngest sister is Morgan Brandt. All her siblings are athletes and volleyball players, even her younger sister Morgan.

Jenna Brandt and her siblings
Jenna Brandt and her siblings. (Source: Instagram @jennabrandt3)

Jenns's sister, Kaylyn, was a setter at UMKC and named Western Athletic Conference's Volleyball Settler of the Year in 2016 while playing for the Kansas City Roos.  Her younger sister Morgan Brandt was just signed up to play volleyball at Iowa State Volleyball in ISU.

The brother Isiah is also an athlete and runs marathons. Technically, Jenna is the shortest one among her siblings.

Believes In Christianity

The American Volleyball Player Jenna is very forward about her faith. As a Christian, she visits church regularly and often posts about the religion on her social media.  According to sources, Christianity is a theme in her family as most of her family are churchgoers. 

Jenna is reportedly a baptized member of the St. John Lutheran Church in Sumner. Her grandfather, Earl L. Brandt, who passed away at ninety years of age in 2021, was a church council member.

Jenna Brandt's Instagram And Twitter

It seems Jenna doesn't have a big social media presence since she doesn't have many followers on her social media. However, in her small fanbase, she is loved and adored by all her fans.

Jenna Brandt on her social media.
Jenna Brandt on her social media. (Source: Instagram @jennabrandt3)

On Instagram, Jenna is active as @jennabrandt3 and has over 4k followers. Similarly, she is available on Twitter under the same username as @jennabrandt3. Moreover, she has an even lesser presence on Twitter and has just over a hundred followers.


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