Jennifer Rubin

Lawyer and Journalist (1962)
Fri Sep 13 2019
By   Bishal

One of the hardworking persons who has proved that hard work actually pays off. Today we are enlisting some information regarding the famous Journalist and Lawyer Jennifer Rubin whose work has been published in various media outlets which include New York Post, National Review, Politico, The Jerusalem Post, and National Daily News.

So far, she is also an amazing mother of two sons. They say mother's love is the thing that never fades away. No matter what profession she belongs, first priorities always come to family & responsibilities.

Childhood and Education

Jennifer Rubin was born on 11 June 1962 in New Jersey. She belongs to the Jewish Family. When she was seven years old, her parents moved to California due to her parents work. 

Image: Jennifer during a interview
Image: Jennifer during an interview with Fox News

She received Bachelor degree in arts from University of California, Berkeley and later completed Juris Doctor degree from the same university. According to Rubin, she was first in her class while she was in law school.

Being a professional Lawyer

She was a labor and employment lawyer in Los Angeles and worked 20 years for Hollywood studios. She now wants herself to be called a recovering lawyer. While she was a lawyer, she has won many cases. Due to her glowing character Trade Union Leader Steve Hulett describes her as always funny with sharp observations.

Successful Journalist and Blogger

Before being a professional journalist, she worked as a freelancer for two years. In 2005 she offered a column to The Weekly Standard about Mitt Romney. On November 2010 Rubin became national headline because she moves to The Washington Post and every media was discussing and writing about her. 

Image Jennifer Rubin makes her case on Meet the Press with host Chuck Todd
Picture: Jennifer Rubin makes her case on Meet the Press with host Chuck Todd

The Jewish Daily Forward included her in the list of the 50 Most Influential American Jews in 2011. Many writers, bloggers, and editors were writing about her success and her character. Besides all this, she has written many blogs which is also a massive hit.

Due to her blog post and honesty, many people, including famous political parties, were writing nonsense about her. Recently she was highlighted for criticizing Donald Trump and his Republican Party.

Happily Married life

Family is one of the most important parts of our life, even in every darkest day of our life family always supports us no matter what? When it comes to Jennifer, she is quite protective about her family. Though she has a good relation and a very marital bond with her husband, she keeps all of her personal matter private.

Supportive husband and Children

Rubin is in a marital relationship with Jonathan, who is an accountant by profession. The couple shares a very romantic relationship. After dating for years, the couple got married, which lead them sharing two wonderful sons from the nuptial. She hasn't included her son's name yet. 

The family of four are now currently residing in Okaton, Virginia. From her various tweets on twitter, it has been confirmed that her son is a homemade Chef and loves to cook food for the family. On 14 March 2012, she has tweeted that her son makes a key lime pie for his dad's birthday. 

How much does Jennifer earn?

Having a secret personal life, Rubin doesn't share any personal information with any media. Being a huge media personality, she has surely bagged a good amount of fortune to her name like other journalists Cleo Greene. According to the online source, the average salary of Lawyer is $119,250 and Journalist is $46,000.

Being both Lawyer and Journalist by profession, she has earned good money from her work. But her net worth hasn't been estimated yet. Besides all of this, she still prefers a very healthy and quality lifestyle.

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