Jeremih and His Girlfriend Relationship

Fri Mar 26 2021
By   Selena

Jeremih aka Jeremy Phillip Felton is a world-famous R&B singer, musician, rapper, and artist. In addition to this, he is also a multi-talented instrumentalist. 

The star has been in the public eye for more than a decade and has amassed a huge following. 

Further, the singer has also made the headlines for his relationships, as a matter of fact, his relationships are as almost as famous as the rapper himself.

 His former partner made negative comments about him in the media which also publicized his personal life. 

Was Jeremih Married In The Past? 

Felton has never been married in the past, in addition to this, he has also never been engaged. However, the star was in a public relationship with Black Ink Crew Chicago's star Rachel Leigh

Jeremih has not gotten married yet
Jeremih has never been married
Image Source: Billboard

They were never married but had a child together. The couple became the talk of the town while together and made many public appearances.

Eventually, they split up and did not reconcile for a long time, however, there are rumors that the couple wants to get back together. 

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Jeremih Dated Rachel Leigh In The Past

As mentioned above, Jeremih was in a relationship with another star Rachel Leigh. They started dating in 2011 and became incredibly close in a short time. Leigh became pregnant while they were together. 

Jeremih with his former girlfriend Rachel Leigh
Jeremih with his former partner Rachel Leigh
Image Source: SomeLikeitHaute

Their son Canyon was born in 2012, they split the same year their son was born, Rachel later said that Jeremih was not supportive during their relationship and was distant from her. 

The pair broke-up on bad terms due to which Leigh did not let the rapper see his son. 

Similarly, sources close to the pair also said that the R&B singer was out of the picture even before Canyon was born. In that time, Ryan Henry stepped up 

Jeremih also admitted later that he was not loyal to Rachel. In 2020, however, they seemed to reconcile, in fact, according to this source, they got back together. They had been apart for more than 10 years.

This time the pair seem to be stronger than ever on social media comments but none of them have confirmed that they are together. 

Jeremih has kept himself under the radar and has not revealed any plans about his future with Rachel. 

In a similar fashion, the rapper has also kept any details of his love life private. He also protected all the information of his relationships and partners under wraps. 

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