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Fri Mar 31 2023
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Jerri Manthey has grabbed fame by being the actress in famous movies like That Championship Season 1999, Prey of the Jaguar, Mr. Lucke, Komodo vs. Cobra, and The Limited.

She is also famous for being the contestant in Survivor: The Australian Outback, where she placed 8th, All-Stars. Besides her acting career, she is also renowned as a model and presenter.

Early Life 

That Championship Season 1999 actress was born on September 5, 1970, in Stuttgart, the capital of southwest Germany’s Baden-Württemberg state, which is known as a manufacturing hub. She was born and raised in her hometown.

She was raised with love and support from her family because she was the only child of her parents. She was passionate about acting from an early age since she grew up watching numerous movies and TV series.

Physical Outlooks

Jerri Manthey has a very charming and alluring personality. She has got a good height too. She is 5 feet 6 inches(167 cm) and weighs around 51kg. Additionally, she has a black long locks hairstyle. Her dark grey long hairstyle has been ever continued since we knew her from her breakthrough.

Jerri Manthey posing for the picture in a curly hair and pink dress.
Jerri Manthey is posing for the picture in curly hair and a pink dress. Photo source: The Things

She has black eyes and a pointed nose which have made her more good-looking and beautiful. As she is in the glamour field she has got an athletic body type and has worked hard to maintain the body well fitted.

Family Details

The American actress Manthey is the daughter of Cyril Manthey  She has not shared any information regarding her mother. She prefers to have a low key in the case of her relatives and family. She has not shared the name and more information regarding them.

She prefers to have a low key in the case of her relatives and family. It is why is not sharing the name and more information regarding them.

Ex-boyfriend of Manthey

Jerri Manthey previously dated Joseph James Rogan. He is an American podcaster, Ultimate Fighting Championship color commentator, comedian, actor, and former television presenter. 

Jerri Manthey posing for the picture with her ex boyfriend Joseph James Rogan
Jerri Manthey and her ex-boyfriend, Joseph James Rogan. Photo source: Showbizz Cheatr Sheet

They met each other in between the shoots of the movie Survivor. They fall in love with each other while working as a co-star. But they could not keep their relationship as a girlfriend and boyfriend for a long time and decided to get separated.

Net worth

Jerri Manthey has a total net worth of $400 thousand. She has access to such an amount through her successful career as an actress, Creative Director, Event Producer, Chef, Wine Enthusiast, Host, Artist, 3x CBS Survivor, and Podcaster. However, she does not have her business or other kinds of stuff that generate money for her rather than her career.

Similarly, her ex-boyfriend Joseph James Rogan also earns a good amount of money through his successful career as a podcaster, Ultimate Fighting Championship color commentator, comedian, actor, and former television presenter. 

Is Jerry Married?

Jerri Manthey is officially married, and on July 14, 2012, Jerri got married at Alabama Hills, California. The wedding was officiated by her All-Stars tribemate, Lex van den Berghe.

However, she has not shared any sort of information regarding her husband or related information regarding him on any social media.

Dated Co-star Colby Donaldson

The event producer Manthey has dated her co-star Colby Donaldson for a long. She herself accepted the fact in the media officially about her relationship with him.

Jerri Manthey posing for the picture with her ex boyfriend Colby Donaldson
Jerri Manthey posing for the picture with her ex-boyfriend Colby Donaldson. Photo source: Heavy. com

Her ex-boyfriend Colby Donaldson is well known as an American television personality. He first gained fame as a contestant in the second season of the reality competition show Survivor.

Jerry's Followers On Instagram

Jerri Manthey has 12.7k followers on her official Instagram account @jerrimanthey. She posts her family photos and her pets, as well as photos of her traveling, eating and enjoying, dancing, and partying with him on her official Instagram account.

She seems to enjoy nature, partying with friends, and loving animals that she sees randomly on the ways on her Instagram account. She also posts videos of her dancing on the beach and swimming.

Pet Lover Manthey

The Creative Director Manthey is obsessed with pets, especially dogs same as Dawni Sahanovitch. She loves to spend time with her dogs, clicks photos with them, and posts them on social media as per her Instagram. Her dog's name is Sammy, and she clicks the pictures of it by making it wear different funny attires.

She has posted photos with her dog in the field full of mustard fields.

My little shih tzu Rocki! 💗💗💗💗💗 #shihtzu #shihtzusofinstagram.

Jerri Manthey posing for the picture in a curly hair and black dress and the flowers on her background with her dog
Picture of Jerri Manthey and her pet, Sammy. Photo source: Instagram @ Jerry Manthey

Similarly, she also loves to travel to different new places and explore the beauty of nature. She also loves to spend quality time with her loved ones.

Career Highlight 

Mr. Lucke actress Manthey has been continuously ascending the rank of the American movie industry through her mind-blowing performance in the movies since 1999 when she stepped into the acting field.

She has given many famous movies like Widowmaker, and Commitment Pledge. This Is Family, Destiny, Chloe's Prayer, and many more through her amazing acting skills.

Food Lover Manthey

Manthey loves to eat different types of meals as per her Instagram posts. She always posts the food she tried in her day-to-day life with her friends or herself.

She likes to eat non-veg mostly and she makes the food herself as well as eats in a restaurant. Healthy meat products with different salads are her favorite.

Active on Twitter

Prey of the Jaguar actress Manthey is quite active on Twitter and Facebook rather than Instagram. She has more than 3k followers on her official Twitter account @jerrimanthey. She tweets her movie poster, her photos, and ads on her Twitter account.

Though she is a very famous actress she has not gained a lot of fan following on her Facebook as on other social sites.

Famous TV shows 

The television host Manthey has starred in many famous TV shows through her incredible acting skills and talents. She has been ascending the rank of the American movie industry through her incredible acting skills and talents.

Jerri Manthey posing for the picture in a  smiley face.
Jerri Manthey was captured posing for the picture with a smiley face. Photo source: Entertainment Weekly

Her famous TV shows include The Surreal Life, Extreme Dodgeball, Battle of the Network Reality Stars, Komodo vs. Cobra, Unofficial Survivor After, and many more.

Manthey in The Darjeeling Limited

Manthey starred as the reel character Evan in the 2007 drama adventure movie The Darjeeling Limited. The movie was first released on October 26, 2007, and was successful to collect $17.5 million at the box office.

The story of the movie revolves around the three brothers whose father has died and they set out on a train journey across India, in an attempt to rediscover their lost bond. The experiences that they have force them to introspect.

Manthey In survivors

The actress of Extreme Dodgeball has starred in the 2015  Action and Thriller movie Survivor. Many people liked her character in the movie.

The movie revolves around a foreign service officer who teams up with her colleague to prove her innocence while also trying to thwart a terrorist attack simultaneously.

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