Ji Chang-wook Girlfriend and Dating History

Mon Nov 04 2019
By   Bibek

As tall as Stevie Wonder and as impressive as Li Chan, Ji Chang-Wook stands out from the rest of the Korean actors. This can be proved by his massive fan following, especially among girls.

The 31-year-old actor is linked with many leading Korean beauties over the years. But his fans are desperate to know who the actor has fallen in love with? If you're among the Ji fans and want to see the answer to the question, keep reading.

Ji Chang Wook's Current Relationship Status

In an interview on March 24, 2018, the actor confirmed that he is single and still looking for the right woman in his life. Scrolling through his Social media also we could not find anyone who he is calling his muse. 

Ji Chang-Wook driving his mother around in his car
Image: Ji Chang-Wook (right) with his mother. 
Source: Instagram @jichangwook

Ji is in love with his work now, and in the same interview, he said that he might start dating after he comes from the military. So, we might spot the Korean sensation with his muse anytime in the future.

Despite being single at present, the actor is romantically linked with many of the leading Korean beauties over the years. Yes, those were all rumors, and if you're looking to try to impress the actor then, he has shared the details of his ideal lover.

What does He Look for in his Ideal Type?

As per Ji Chang, the first attraction towards a lady has to be physically. If he is attracted to someone physically, then he thinks about having a conversation with them, but of course, the physical aspect is not a long term feature he looks for in his lover.

Ji Chang-Wook celebrating his 31st birthday
Frame: Ji Chang-Wook celebrating his 31st birthday. 
Source: Instagram @jichangwook

Ji, furthermore, shared that he and his partner should be able to converse well and click instantly. Girls, take a note. The actor wants to be innocent, like a child and expects his partner to understand that. 

Not just that, Ji Chang also looks for a lover that can inspire him on his everyday life. Seems a bit picky but worth it, isn't it?

His Past Link-up with Ha Ji Won

Ha Ji Won featured alongside Ji Chang in the drama series Empress Ki. The pair looked perfect together, and many fans believed them to be dating at that time. 

Ji Chang-Wook with Ha Ji Won during the shooting of Empress Ki
Picture: Ji Chang Wook (left) with his co-star Ha Ji Won (right). 
Source: Instagram @jichangwook

Some of Ji's comment during the promotion of the series also provided a base for many fans to believe the relationship. The actor gave her a compliment of being an excellent listener. He said Han is a good listener and very responsive too.

Moreover, Ji added that her cheerful personality made the filming site a happy place to work in. Despite all the rumors circulating the internet, the pair never confirmed or denied anything about their alleged romance.

Some of his other Affairs

Besides Han, Ji Chang was also romantically linked with Healer actress Park Min Young. This news again picked up pace after the fans noticed how the pair looked very close, even off-screen. Park and Ji posted a lot of pictures together on their Instagram, which fueled the conversation.

Ji Chang-Wook with his Healer co-star Park Min Young
Frame: Ji Chang-Wook (right) with actress Park Min Young (left). 
Source: Instagram @jichangwook

Kim Joo Ri is another Korean actress who became the alleged lover of Ji Chang after wearing a similar jewelry item. The fans speculated them of dating because of the same Jewelry item and sunglasses on both of them. 

The representative of Ji said that they are terrific friends and often hang out during their free time. Another actress with whom the chemistry of Ji looked perfect is Im YoonA. Im and Chang worked together in a series The K2, and their realistic chemistry fueled the rumors of them dating in real life. Ji Chang, however, denied all the stories and said they were just good friends.


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