South Korean Sensation Ji-hee Hong - Biography of "Navillera" Actress

Tue Jan 11 2022
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Ji-Hee Hong was born on 19 August 1997, in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi, South Korea. Her horoscope is Leo. She was born and raised in Hwaseong, South Korea.

She is also known for her roles in dramas such as Move to heaven, just dance, and Navillera. she also appeared in the movie pawn. She works for an agency c-JeS enterteinment.

Selfie picture of Ji-hee Hong wearing pink sweater sitting in cafe
Selfie of Ji-hee Hong (source: instagram @memories_of_jh)

Career Of Ji-Hee Hong

Hong started her career back in 2018 debuting in KBS Drama Just Dance. After that in 2019, she present herself in the third season of Voice, making a special appearance In episodes 1-2. 

Hong also participated in the Drama I Wana Hear Your Song and in the TV Chosun drama Leverage. 

Then in 2020 she appeared in a tvN drama Memorist after that joined a TV Chosun Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny and made her film debut Pawn. After that, She debuted in the TVN drama Navillera and in the Netflix drama  Move to heaven in 2021.

Net Worth Of Ji-Hee Hong

Ji-Hee Hong is an actor from South Korea. She acts in Korean dramas and works for c-JeS entertainment. Her net worth is $ 1 million USD.

She is also a member of an agency named C-Jes Entertainment. She started her acting career in 2018.

Pets Of Hong

Hong has one pet dog just like another celebrity Heather Lynn, named Comey. Comey became the pet Hong in 2017. Hong shares the post of her pet Comey most of the time on her Instagram.

Selfie picture of Ji-Hee Hong kissing her pet dog Comey.
Selfie of Ji-hee Hong with her pet dog Comey (source: Instagram @memories_of_jh)

The bond between Hong and Comey is very strong. Hong loves her pet so much in another way we can call her dog lover.

Social Media And Rumors

Ji-Hee Hong has an Instagram profile where she posts her photos videos. Her Insta Id memories_of_jh has more than 18.2k followers with more than 3 hundred follows.

She is a kind of Low Key type of person. Also being a Korean agency C-Jes Entertainment member she stays away from rumors and stays confidential with her personal life.

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