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Ex-Celebrity Wife (1964)
Wed Mar 08 2023
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Jill Diven is the ex-wife of actor, Brad Garrett who is known for his role as Robert Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond. The popular TV Show featured actors like Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton, and Peter Boyle. Her ex-husband, Garrett has an estimated net worth of $50 Million.

Diven shares a son and a daughter with Garrett. They are Maxwell Bradley Garrett and Hope Violet Garrett. The actor has moved on from his previous marriage and is now the husband of IsaBeall Quella.

About Jill Diven & Brad Garrett's Married Life

Jill Diven was once married to actor Brad Garrett. The two had walked down the aisle on May 18, 1999, in California. Their marriage only lasted for around eight years.

Jill and Brad ended their married life with a divorce on November 2, 2007. However, they had already split a year before the divorce in April 2006.

Brad Garrett is wearing glasses in this selfie.
Jill Diven's Ex-husband, Brad Garrett (Source: Instagram @bradgarrett)

Garrett and Diven first crossed paths around a year before their marriage in 1998. Diven used to work as a cocktail waitress at that time. 

In such a short time of dating, Garrett knew Diven was the one and proposed to her on the sets of his popular show, Everybody Loves Raymond. It's bad news that their marriage didn't go as planned.

Are Jill Diven & Brad Garrett Still Together?

No, Jill and Brad are not together but they still have a good bonding with each other. Even though their marriage may have ended, A Bug's Life actor, Garrett maintains a good relationship with Diven. 

The marriage ended on a positive note. As of now, Jill and Brad still have love and respect for each other despite things not working out between the two.

Net Worth Of Brad Garrett's Ex-Wife

Jill Diven is living a low-profile life today having an estimated net worth of $1 Million. Unlike her husband, she hasn't revealed what she does to make a living. She used to be a waitress but that was before meeting her famous ex-husband, Brad Garrett.

But one of Diven's sources of wealth was the divorce settlement with the Tangled actor, Garrett. She was paid $35,000 per month in spousal support by the actor and a further $20,000 per month in child support. 

Diven's ex-spouse Brad Garrett has an estimated net worth of $50 Million. He made most of his money through his acting. For his hit show, Everybody Loves Raymond, his payment per episode at the beginning was $160,000 but was later improved to $1.75 Million

The highest-grossing film Garrett has worked on is Ratatouille which earned $206.4 Million.

Has A Son And A Daughter

Jill shares two kids, a son and a daughter with her ex-husband, Garrett. They are Hope Violet Garrett and Maxwell Bradley Garrett

Maxwell is the oldest of the two having been born on October 14, 1998. Hope was born on January 2000.

Brad Garrett is taking a selfie as Hope Violet Garrett and Maxwell Bradley Garrett are next to him.
Jill Diven's kids, Hope Violet Garrett and Maxwell Bradley Garrett with her ex-husband, Brad Garrett (Source: Brad Garrett Instagram @bradgarrett)

Diven's son, Maxwell lives a quiet life and hasn't revealed much about himself. However, her daughter is the exact opposite. Hope is a fashion model based in Los Angeles, California.

Hope is a model represented by a Cooley Management company at the moment. She has previously worked as a personal assistant to stylist, Justine Logue and has also worked for Maximum Hope Foundation as an Administrative Assistant. The charity organization was started by his father.

Cancer Runs In Diven's Ex-Husband's Family

Diven, Ex-husband Garrett, sadly has witnessed the death of some of his family members. And, the common thing among their death were they had all lost their life while fighting cancer. He has lost his father, Al Gerstenfeld, and brothers Paul Gerstenfeld and Jeff Gerstenfeld

Ralph Breaks The Internet actor, Garrett lost his father, Al to Colon Cancer. His brother Paul lost his battle with pancreatic cancer and Jeff succumbed to lung cancer. Besides his family, he has also lost his friend to this same disease. His friend died of mouth cancer.

Survivor Net has quoted Garrett in their article, where he said that the people started calling him the bad news as so many people around him died of the same disease. The actor said that people called him the plague. 

Garrett now tries to help others through his Maximum Hope Foundation, the charity organization aimed at supporting small kids battling severe diseases.

Garrett Has Moved On From Diven

Jill Diven has kept a low profile since her divorce from the actor, Garrett. Her relationship status remains a mystery.

Unlike Jill, her former partner  Garrett is now married to IsaBeall Quella. The two exchanged their wedding vows in Montecito, California on November 11, 2021.

IsaBeall Quella is taking a selfie with a lot of buildings in her background.
Brad Garrett's wife IsaBeall Quella (Source: Brad Garrett Instagram @bradgarrett)

Christopher Robin actor, Garrett first met Quella in 2008 in Boston. The two got engaged a few years later in December 2015. However, their marriage didn't happen smoothly. 

People have reported that Garrett & Quella's marriage was postponed four times. The article mentioned that the reasons for their marriage postponement were wildfire, mudslides, and the COVID pandemic.

A Brief About Brad Garrett's Racism Controversy

Brad Garrett found himself in huge trouble many years back when he said something to a paparazzo that was considered to be racist. The standup comedian got involved in an altercation with a guy and he was heard saying to wear a turban to him.

The incident took place in April 2009 when Diven's ex-husband got into a bit of trouble with one of the paparazzi. People had to step in to make sure the two of them didn't get involved in a physical fight. 

Who Is Jill Diven's Ex-Husband, Brad Garrett?

Jill's ex-husband, Brad Garrett is a professional actor and a comedian especially known for being a tall man. He has the same height as Jimmy Butler, i.e., 6 Feet and 8 Inches (203.2 cm). 

Interestingly, Brad even holds the Guinness Book of World Records for being the tallest actor to have played a leading role.

Talking about Garrett's acting, he became a household name following the success of his character Robert Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond. Beth Skipp is also featured in this show. 

Outside of the show, the actor is mostly known for his vocal works. He voiced for Tangled, Ratatouille, The Transformers, Batman: The Animated Series, and Dexter's Laboratory.

Career As A Comedian 

Garrett is also a standup comedian and does that for a living too. He even has his comedy club called Brad Garrett's Comedy Club. The club has been a huge hit. 

While talking to Larry King, Garrett said that his standups are much different from that of his famous Robert Barone character. 


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