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Tue Feb 23 2021
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Jill Marie Jones is an American actress best known for her performance in the TV series Girlfriends as Antoinette ‘Yoni’ Childs-Garrett. She also starred as Amanda Fisher in the horror movie, Ash vs Evil Dead. 

But that's not all of the information we know about the 46 years old actress; so in order to know her better and learn some interesting facts and details, ahead we present you, Jill Marie Jones' personal life, professional life, marital status, and net worth details.

Relationship Status of Jill Marie Jones 

Jill Marie Jones is currently living a single and happy life. Prior to that, she was in a romantic relationship with American actor Ray Liotta in 2006. The power couple was together for a brief time, i.e. about 5 months. Ironically, they separated the same year they started dating. However, the reason for their separation still remains a mystery. 

Jill Marie Jones and her ex-boyfriend Ray Liotta
Jill Marie Jones and her ex-boyfriend Ray Liotta.
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Similarly, in 2005, Jill Marie Jones had an affair with her fellow actor Bryce Wilson. They had an amazing relationship. They also walked on the red carpet together many times. But, as said, some are not meant to be together. The love birds split up in March 2006. After their break up, neither of the parties talked about the reason for their separation. 

Aside from actors, Jones was also in a romantic relationship with Russian musician Pytor Dranga. Their relationship started in early 2013 and lasted till late 2014. While they were in a year relationship, the rumours aired that Jill Marie Jones was pregnant with his child. Later it turned out to be a hoax.  Some other names that Jill Marie Jones was linked with are Travis Fimmel and Idris Elba

Jill Marie Jones Wishes Her Husband To Be:

In an interview with a prestigious magazine, Jill Marie Jones revealed three things that she looks for in her future husband. And the things surely articulate qualities of the 'soul mate' rather than materialistic love.

Jill Marie is single and looking for a picture-perfect husband.

Jill Marie is single and looking for a picture-perfect husband.
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The Redrum actress said:  “Honesty, first and foremost. Not only honesty with the other, but also honesty with oneself, because sometimes we want certain things from a marriage, but what we want and what can actually make us happy are two different things." 

The Monogamy actress further added,

“For me, laughter is very important. For me it’s about a life partner, it’s about someone I want to see when I’m 90 years old on the swing and we’re still laughing and being best friends. Enjoy it by the good, the bad, just have this love for this person. Third, I would say [inaudible] that I think I have the same ultimate goal in mind because you can love someone, but he is on a different path. And sometimes just because you love someone doesn’t mean you don’t have to let them go, because you’re dreaming is a different dream than hers." 

Lastly, she added,

“I think that falls in with honesty as well. Staying honest with what you want and who you are.”

Can you qualify to become a marriage material? Well, it's not that you can get her. Also, find the marital status of actress Jocelyn Hudon, Freddie Simpson.

Jill Marie Jones' Net Worth: $1 million 

As of 2021, Jill Marie Jones is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million, according to several online sources. She mainly gathers her fortune from her career as an American actress and model. 

Enjoying the life of riches with a $1 Million Self-made Networth.

Enjoying the life of riches with a $1 Million Self-made Networth.
Image Source: Instagram

Besides her earnings from her professional career, Jones also makes a huge sum of money from her endorsement deals, appearance in commercials, and infomercials. Compare her net worth with Peaky Blinder's Charlotte Murphy.

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