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Wed Oct 09 2019
By   Bibek

Be it playing golf or climbing mountains, Fox News Journalist Jillian Mele is athletic enough to do all of that. Having such a charming personality, the journalist is sure to woo many viewers onto their television screen. But has she managed to woo a special man in her life?

In the past, Mele has answered this question many times but in a vague way. She talked about going on a date with her boyfriend but never openly admitted about having one. Maybe she wants to keep it a secret and we completely respect her privacy. In this article, we will try to unravel her relationship status and if you're curious about it then, read along.

The Dating Secrets...

If we are to believe her May 26, 2016, twitter posts, then yes she is secretly dating a guy. She might be pulling a prank here as she is never spotted with the mysterious man she is talking about.

Jillian Mele Twitter Post
Frame: Jillian Mele Twitter Post on June 12, 2013.
Source: Twitter (@Jillianmele)

As per the posts, Jillian's boyfriend is currently living in Boston. Mele accounted for his existence when replying to one of her fans' tweets. Though she's never shared any picture of the mysterious man on her social media. 

There is, however, a pic on her Facebook where both of them are posing on top of Devils Bridge in Coconino National Forest.

It Could Be Her Brother

She's never uncovered any mystery about the guy in the picture which creates a doubt if he is her lover. Mele loves to go on a hiking and climb on top of the mountains. 

She has successfully accomplished this feat together with her brother many times, so the guy in her Facebook photo could be her brother.

Jillian Mele and her brother
Image: Jillian Mele and her brother on Mt. Sinai in Egypt in 2009. 
Source: Fox News

More Proofs...

Just like in 2013 and 2014 posts, Jillian shared more proof on the existence of her partner. In 2015, the Fox News Journalist posted another picture on her Facebook where she is with a mysterious guy on a water bike. 

From the picture, we can say both of them looked very cozy and seems to be enjoying every moment. With her several posts, we can deduce that she might be dating someone and Mele wants to keep it mysterious for her fans on the identity of her lover.

Jillian Mele in front with her possible boyfriend on a water bike
Picture: Jillian Mele (in front) with her alleged boyfriend on a water bike going for a ride. 
Source: Hollywoodmask.com

There is a debate on whether she is dating or not but there is no debate among the fans that she is unmarried as of now. Even though she provided some hints on her lover but so far she stays silent on revealing any plans for her marriage. So, as long as Jillian comes forward with the identity of her husband-to-be, we can just speculate about her wedding day.

Her TV Hubby

She joined Fox News in October 2017 after getting a promotion from CSN Philly. As per her, she is excited and nervous at the same time for her new job. 

At the Fox, she joins the likes of Ainsley Earhardt, Laura Ingraham, Lisa Marie Boothe, and many more. As of now, she co-hosts the program with Rob Schmitt. The pair looks very good on screen and because of their chemistry, many fans also want them to see together in personal life.

Jillian Mele and Rob Schmitt
Image: Jillian Mele (left) with her co-host Rob Schmitt (right) reporting for Fox News. 
Source: Instagram (@jillianbmele)

Jillian and Rob always neglect the possibility of being in a relationship and puts an end to the conversation. The pair will now celebrate two year anniversary of hosting the show together on October 9, 2019.

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