Was laura Ingraham Ever Married

Sun Sep 08 2019
By   Bibek

The 56-years-old Laura Ingraham is a mother of three children. Her love for them is immense as she adopted them from different parts of the world.

The veteran reporter is often criticized for her takes on serious topics. Though she is the mother of three children, there are no reports of her getting married. Was she ever married? To find out about that, read along.

Laura Ingraham high profile Affairs!

The elite professional in the media has her own fair share of affairs. In her life, Ingraham has dated many high profile peoples. The veteran reporter romance, however, did not last long with any of them.

Image: Laura Ingraham hosting a show at Fox News

Firstly, Ingraham cozied up with a famous pundit Keith Olbermann. Keith Olbermann is a liberal pundit who is famous for his takes on serious social issues. But the relationship did not last long as the couple broke up. 

After the break-up, Keith turned his heads towards Katy Tur with whom his relationship lasted for eight years. Katy then tied the knot with CBS correspondent Tony Dokoupil. On the other hand, Ingraham found comfort with filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza.

Laura Ingraham (left) with her ex-boyfriend Dinesh D'Souza (right)

Dinesh is a filmmaker and as well as a political commentator. Topic in Politics is something common for the couple, but their romance did not last long as they ended their relationship. 

The Affair Continues...

After two failed relationship, Laura found a man and got engaged with him. This time, she blossomed romance with businessman James Reyes. Ingraham got engaged with Reyes, and her fans believed James to be her future husband.

Unfortunately, that did not happen as the pair walked out of engagement with each other. However, any reason for the break-up is provided by neither Laura nor James. The veteran reporter petered out from her engagement and got involved with another man shortly.

Laura Ingraham (left) and her ex-fiance James Reyes (right)

There were reports on many online tabloids that Ingraham was in a romantic relationship with Senator Robert Torricelli. Nothing is confirmed about their relationship as many believed it to be a rumor.

Was she ever Married?

From her 20s to 50s, the elite reporter does not look like she is going to settle anytime soon. Her engagement with James Reyes is as close as she came to getting married. Apart from that, Laura is not a married woman.

Despite dating so many high profile people, Ingraham never looked serious in any of her relationships. Her relationship always seems to have trouble; therefore, ending all of her affairs.

Laura Ingraham's Children

Even though her relationship did not work, Ingraham proved otherwise in terms of her children. Laura loves children, and because of her love, she adopted three children from different deprived regions of the world.

Laura Ingraham (second from left) with her three children

Many of her fans see Ingraham as their superhero as she easily maintains her personal and professional life. Maria Caroline, Michael Dimitri, and Nikolai Peter all adopted children of the veteran reporter. She is a single mother, and many people respect her for that as well.

Laura Ingraham's Controversies

During her career, because of her big mouthing on certain issues, she faced a lot of criticism. Even during her college days, she published a complete transcript of a meeting among college students who came out as gay.

That stirred up a lot of criticism from the students in the 80s but eventually, she changed her perception towards gay people as her brother also came out as gay.

Laura Ingraham (right) with Donald Trump (left) at the Dinner Gala

Not just that, she often supports Donald Trump and his policy on immigrants. Due to which she received a lot of backlash from people. Even her own brother called her a monster for her support towards Trump. 

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