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Reality TV celebrity (1940)
Wed Mar 22 2023
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Jim Tom Hedrick is a singer and reality TV celebrity from the United States. He's most recognized for his role in the Discovery Channel's Moonshiners. Jim, a TV personality and a moonshiner, is a legend in Robbinsville, North Carolina.

Along with late legend moonshiner Popcorn Sutton, Jim is one of the few names that come to light. Jim has spent almost sixty years perfecting the art of making copper stills and, more crucially, brewing and slinging shine from them. Jim was arrested and cautioned by the police, but he did not back down.

Jim Tom Hedrick's Personal Life; Is He Married? 

Jim Tom Hedrick is reserved when it comes to his family. To this day, not much information has been learned regarding his relationship status. However, the Moonshiners star has said that he grew up in the country and used to have relationships with women. 

Jim prefers not to provide anything about his family and connection to the general world. Moreover, whether he has any wife or children in his life is also a mystery. 

Regardless of his reasons to live a low-key life, we respect his privacy and assume he has his reasons. Hedrick has revealed some details about his prior adventures in interviews for the program Moonshiners despite the absence of knowledge.

Jim Tom Hedrick's Net Worth

Jim Tom Hedrick's estimated net worth is $100,000 just equal to Silvia Lopez Castro. Jim has held a variety of positions in the past. He worked as a plumber, an electrician, a mechanic, and a ham radio operator. Jim has recorded a few songs, the most famous being Golly That's Good

Although he didn't become famous until 2012, In the Appalachian area of the United States, the program performs its characters and makes moonshine while avoiding the police. Authorities have not discovered any unlawful acts by the performers in real life. Thus no one has been arrested for their role in the program. 

Actor Demetrius Grosse was worked as an executive producer and associate producer on projects like A Quiet Fire, Moonshiner, Godfrey, and Last Cry for Katrina. Grosse, who appeared on HBO's series Westworld alongside Bridgid Coulter, enjoys a net worth of $15 million as of 2019.

Jim Tom Hedrick's Music Career

Jim Tom Hedrick is a country musician as well. The sight of a small-town Robbinsville lad in Nashville is rather impressive. After completing Romeo Ain't Got Nothing on Me. 

The singer wanted to ride his scooter to Nashville in the first part of the series, but the Robbinsville Sheriff stopped him and informed him he wouldn't be legal if he crossed the Tail of the Dragon and Deals Gap.

Moonshiners soundtrack is his most well-known piece. Jim Tom starred in Matt Stillwell's music video Shine, which was shot in Fontana Village in Graham, North Carolina, in 2009. Hedrick also appears in the 2012 short Squzz Corn N' Ole Scratch.

Is Jim Tom Hedrick Still Alive?

Jim Tom Hedrick is still alive and well. It's reasonable that at 82, Jim has health issues now and again. On Halloween night, October 31, 1962, Jim was involved in a terrible accident.

Here is the video of Jim Tom Hedrick is telling about his accident

Tom had a race on his Harley Davidson with Jerry, the husband of his girlfriend's sister, who was riding a 1961 Starliner 390. Jim Tom was riding at a speed of around 115 miles per hour when he collided with Jerry's father, coming from the other way in a 1955 Ford Station Wagon at 85 miles per hour.

The impact left a severe injury on Jim's body as he suffered a head injury and a broken leg. Fortunately, he lived, and after having surgeries on his leg and stitches on his head, he recovered many months later. 


Jim Marvin Hedrick was born on December 25, 1940, in Robbinsville, North Carolina, United States; specifics about his early life are unknown since he has successfully concealed many of the most crucial data, including his parents' names and whether he has any siblings.

On the most recent Moonshiners TV episodes, Jim Tom Hedrick was shown with a red flip phone. It should come as no surprise that many people want his phone number to contact him. Someone on another website requested his phone number because they had a song and wanted him to perform it.

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