Jimmy Buffett's Wife: Everything to Know about the Singer's Personal Life

Wed Jul 05 2023
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Inside Jimmy Buffett's two marriages and his life as a father of three: Complete story here!  

Name a veteran singer more eccentric than Jimmy Buffett. You may be able to come up with a few but the chances are Buffett will still top the list. The singer-songwriter, author, and businessman, is regarded as one of the richest musicians with an estimated net worth of over $1 billion.  

Jimmy's ardent fans, categorically known as Parrotheads, have followed the singer through his early musical ventures- which he would slowly branch into numerous successful business modules, including his all-encompassing brand, Margaritaville, after his signature hitmaker of the same name. At 76, Buffett has navigated an astonishingly successful career and has had a fairly admirable personal life.  

Inside Jimmy Buffett's First Marriage!  

Jimmy is known for many things, more profoundly, his island escapism lifestyle. Despite being a man of many talents, which goes beyond his showbiz establishments, Buffett isn't particularly known for his love life. One could say that romance certainly isn't Buffett's strongest suit.   

Jimmy Buffett is a singer-songwriter, and businessman.
Jimmy Buffett is one of the richest musicians in the world. Photo Source: Instagram

Throughout his decade-long career in front of the public and media, the Come Monday hitmaker has shown very little of his personal life. And judging from the little reports available on Jimmy's life, he has only been married twice and courted no other women than his two wives.  

The Parrotheads' idol was yet to break into his multi-dimensional journey when he first walked down the aisle. Buffett's first wife, Margie Washicheck, remains an oblivious name to the industry and even to the singer's devoted fans.   

Jimmy Buffett has been married twice.
Jimmy was married to his first wife, Margie Washicheck, from 1969 to the early 70s. Photo Source: Instagram

The Margaritaville crooner reportedly married Washicheck in 1969 and split ways with her in the early 70s. The Pascagoula, Mississippi-born singer has been mum about his first marriage, making his ex-wife, Washichek, a lost name through his personal trajectory. The long-estranged couple didn't welcome any children during their brief nuptial.  

Who is Jimmy Buffett Married to?  

The singer-turned-businessman has been married to Jane Slagsvol since 1977. Buffett gives fans a minuscule insight into his initial meet-up and relationship with Slagsvol in his memoir,  A Pirate Looks At Fifty. The billionaire jots down how he was just figuring out life after his first divorce when he met and married Slagsvol.   

Jimmy Buffett is married to Jane Slagsvol.
The singer-turned-businessman has been married to Jane Slagsvol since 1977. Photo Source: Instagram

"I signed a record deal, got married, moved to Nashville, had my guitars stolen, bought a Mercedes, worked at Billboard magazine, wrecked the Mercedes, got divorced, and moved to Key West," the singer writes. It was there in Key West that Jimmy came across Slagsvol, who was on her spring vacation at the time.  

In his memoir, the Margaritaville hitmaker refers to his second wife as the "right girl." The duo got hitched in 1977 and welcomed a daughter, Savannah, in 1979. Slagsvol was by Buffett's side as the singer was building his Margaritaville empire. She is even credited for modifying Buffett's Coral Reefer band for the better.    

Buffett and his wife share many ups and downs throughout their decades-long marriage! 

The couple hit a bump in the 80s after Jimmy's extreme partying lifestyle took a toll on Jane, who says, "I'd been with Jimmy since I was a child, through the craziest times, and I didn't have a clue who I was." As the realization dawned upon Slagsvol, she left the singer to find herself.  

Jimmy, too, took the time to retrospect and even went into therapy. The couple eventually reunited in the 90s and went on to welcome two more kids. The twosome has since comfortably adjusted to their escapade lifestyle. Jimmy and Jane are constantly on the move in between their several homes.  

Meet Jimmy Buffett's Kids!   

When Jimmy is not hitting the road or tending to his mega empire, the singer is playing the doting father to his three kids, all of whom he shares with his wife, Slagsvol. Buffett's oldest, Savannah, was born to him and Jane before their brief split. Being born to her parents when they were young and living their vagabond lifestyle also imbedded a free mindset in Savannah.  

Jimmy Buffett is a father to three.
Jimmy's two daughters, Savannah, and Sarah, are working in Hollywood. Photo Source: Instagram.

She spent much of her childhood jaunting in between New York, Nashville, Aspen, Malibu, and St. Barts. She later laid down her roots in Miami. Savannah's musical genes and connection have allowed her to work with Maroon 5 and Phantom Planet. She also works as a lifestyle host.  

Buffett's second-born, Sarah, also known by her paternal grandfather’s name Delaney, arrived in Jimmy and Jane's world after they rekindle their relationship. Sarah has carved a career in Hollywood, where she works as a director and producer. Her credits include The Spring, City of Angles, and Up the Stairs.   

Jimmy Buffett adopted his only son, Cameron.
Buffett and Jane adopted their only son, Cameron. Photo Source: Instagram

After welcoming two daughters, the Come Monday crooner and his beloved wife adopted their only son, Cameron, who has been the most low-profile of the singer's brood. Cameron's Instagram page suggests that he is married and content in his life. Buffett strives to pass the same values and lessons to his kids.   

The legendary singer may not divulge much about his family and his three wonderful kids, but the Margaritaville hitmaker undoubtedly takes much pride in parenting. "I was always raised with noblesse oblige," Jimmy once said, adding, "I was taught to give back, and I'm trying to teach my children the same thing."  

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