Joe Odom

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Relationship Timeline Of Joe Odom

Wife : Ceal Odom
Joe Odom is in a material relationship with Ceal Odom .
Ex-wife : Lamar Odom
Joe Odom first married to Lamar Odom.

The real name of Joe Odom is Joseph Odom. He is best known as the father of the former American basketball player Lamar Odom. Joe was an actor renowned for Myopia, Khole & Lamar, NFL on FOX, and NFL on CBS.

Odom was an African-American actor. However, he came into the spotlight after his son Lamar became famous for his sports career. Both the father and son are well recognized by people in today's date.

Odom's Family Details

Odom was born to his mother Florence Odom. However, his father's name has not been revealed to date. More, he had a sister, JaNean Mercer.

Odom was very close to his parents and sibling. They used to spend time together.

Who is Odom's Wife?

Odom was married twice. The name of his first wife is Cathy Mercer. However, their marriage date is still behind the curtains. Cathy was a homemaker. After their divorce, Joseph wedded Ceal Odom.

Joe Odom posing with his wife in white shirt.
Joe Odom with his wife (Photo Source:

Joseph and Cathy share two children together. They were responsible parents. However, Cathy left her husband and started raising her children alone. But soon, she passed away and her mother raised her children.

Joe Odom's Net Worth

It is still not estimated how much worth did Joe has. He was deprived of work because of his chronic health problem. However, his son Lamar is the owner of $30 million from his sports career.

Similarly, Joe's granddaughter has a net worth of $1 million from her fashion and modeling career.

Joseph's Children

Odom was blessed with two sons. Their names are Lamar and Colton Odom. As mentioned earlier, Lamar is an established basketball player while his brother has not revealed his professional career to the public.

Joe Odom in black hat and jacket with his son in a black cap, goggles, and black leather jacket.
Photo of Joe Odom with his son Lamar Odom (Photo Source:

Lamar is a married man. He married twice just like his father. Lisa Morales was his first wife with whom he shares three children. Later, he wedded Khole Kardashian in 2009 and divorced her in 2016.

Grand Children of Odom

Joe was the grandparents of three. His son Lamar and daughter-in-law Lisa gave birth to Jayden Odom, Destiny Odom, and Lamar Odom Jr.

Among his grandchildren, Jayden died when he was just six months old. Destiny is a fashion student and a model. 

Odom's Drug Addiction & Death

Joseph Odom passed away in 2005. He died on 20th April 2021. His son Lamar announced his demise through his Instagram account. Joe was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and pneumonia for the last several years. He was a heroin addict like Bumpy Johnson's daughter,  Elise Johnson.

Joe Odom in a black cap and t-shirt.
Photo of Joe Odom (Photo Source:

The death of Joe made his son miserable. Lamar had been through the death of his mother, his infant son, and finally his father.

Death of Odom's Wife

Joe's wife died because of colon cancer. At that time, their eldest son was only twelve years old. Lamar's beloved mother whispered to him to be nice to everyone while she was breathing on her death bed.

Before her death, Joe and Cathy were already separated. She was a single mother of Lamar and Colton.

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