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Wed Mar 15 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of John Rhys-Davies

Girlfriend : Lisa Manning
John Rhys-Davies is in a relationship with Lisa Manning since 2004.

John Rhys-Davies is an actor popularly known for playing famous movie characters like Sallah and Gimli. The British actor is known for his versatility and is well respected and appreciated by the Industry for his contribution to the world of cinema.

The Lord of the Rings actor was born in Ammanford, Wales, on May 5, 1944. Wales is home to some of the highly acclaimed actors, and then can easily add Davies to that list too.

Parent's Background

Davies is the son of his mother, Mary Margaretta Phyllis, and his father, Rhys Davies. Born in the 40s, the common theme in families at the time was that the father was a bread earner whereas the mother was a Homemaker, but this wasn't the case with Davies's parents.

Both of Davies's parents had a job. His mother used to work as a nurse, whereas his father was a mechanical engineer and colonial officer. Indeed, it is surprising that Davies's career choice is not remotely related to his parent's jobs.

The Death of His Wife Suzanne

The marriage of John Rhys-Davies and Suzanne A.D. Wilkinson was separated by a tragic accident. The cause of her death was Alzheimer's disease. Like his wife, Kimberly Woolen's husband Glen Campbell also died because of Alzheimer's disease. Suzanne worked as a translator. The couple got married in December 1996. They had two sons, Ben Davies and Tom Davies.

They are posing for cameras as John is kneeling down.
John Rhys-Davies with Suzanne A.D. Wilkinson (Source: IMDb)

The couple had been separated long before the wife's death. They ended their relationship in 1966. Though they never finished their marriage. They stayed married to each other till the day Suzanne died from Alzheimer's in 2010.

Who Is Davies Current Wife?

John Rhys-Davies is currently in a happy married life to Lisa Manning. The couple shares a daughter in Maia Davies. The couple first met in 2004. It was in a television show where these two first met. The actor fell in love with the woman. 

The Indiana Jones actor Davies expressed his feelings about Lisa when he interviewed her. He said:

I saw something in those magical eyes during the interview - just a sideways glance - and it touched my heart. She would be the world's worst poker player because you absolutely see what she's thinking at any given moment.

She is wearing all white in the picture.
John Rhys-Davies wife, Lisa Manning (Source: NZ On Screen)

Davies tried to connect to her after the interview and ask her out, and Lisa also started to develop feelings for him. Davies asked her out by giving a very lengthy text. The long text would usually boar people but not Lisa. She said:

It's the longest text he's ever sent me. He has a reputation for being a bit of a charmer, and I had been warned by a colleague that he was a ladies' man, so I was a bit wary. He's such a flirt, such a charmer - and I fell for it. We met for tea the next day and he asked me out for dinner.

Educational Qualifications 

Davies is a University graduate. He did his primary education at Truro School before attending the University of East Anglia in Norwich.

He fell in love with classic literature at a very young age, influencing him to choose his career path in acting. Though he always had a talent for it, London's Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (the institute where Sophie Rundle graduated from) brought out the best in him.

Father Of Three

Davies (just like Tony Kovaleski)  is the father of three. He has two sons, Ben Davies and Tom Davies, and a daughter named Maia Davies.

Both his sons came from his first marriage to Suzanne. The death of the mother affected his sons a lot. But, they seem to be doing fine with their life as they are all grown up, and both live a quiet life away from their father's fame.

They are at an event posing as John is holding the umbrella.
John Rhys-Davies and Lisa Manning with their daughter Maia Davies (Source: eCelebrityMirror)

His daughter came from his marriage to Lisa Manning. All of them live a quiet and pleasant life in New Zealand, although being an actor, he has to travel to different countries a lot for shoots. But he is always at his home, if not in location.

How Rich Is Davies?

John Rhys-Davies, back in the day, was a massive movie star. He has been part of some of the biggest movie franchises, like Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, and James Bond. He is the only actor to have played a role in these three iconic franchises. So, it's not surprising to learn that Davies has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

The versatile British actor has a lot of money, evidenced by his New Zealand property. It's common for an actor to settle in California as it is the home of Hollywood, but the Welsh actor has decided to live far from the chaos in New Zealand. And, the properties there are in no way cheap.

Davies Is Also A YouTuber

Apart from being an actor, Davies is a part-time YouTuber too. As per the description of his youtube channel (@John Rhys-Davies), it aimed to provide fans with fun videos and information through audiobooks and podcasts.

The fans of the actor should be thanking his wife and friends as they are responsible for the channel's existence. His wife and friends were the ones who convinced him to start a youtube career.

He is talking while wearing headphones with his book collection in the background.
A still image from one of John Rhys-Davies's videos (Source: YouTube)

He hasn't been able to give full-time attention to his youtube channel, as there are hardly any uploads. But his fans are patient and are okay with having to wait.

You can tell his fans loved it when he announced his youtube channel. One of them commented, "This is gold!!! So happy you're doing this!!!!" while the other one was shocked to see his book collection with a comment saying, "I dig the library, and interested in the books you've collected on your shelves."

Dwarf On-Screen But Tall in Real Life

Davies is famous for playing the role of a Dwarf in The Lord of the Rings and has shared the screen with the gay actor Ian McKellen. It is ironic to learn that information since he is a tall man. He has a height of 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm). That is more than the average height as per the standards of Hollywood. 

Girls are known to love tall men. Guess, having a tall height helped him to make an impression on his now-wife, Lisa Manning. Lisa still remembers when she first met him. She was genuinely surprised when she learned about Davies's height. 

As per an article published in the daily mail, she said:

He stood up to shake my hand and before I could stop myself, I said, "Oh, you're really tall, aren't you" 

A Brexit Voter

Brexit was one of the most talked about political incidents of all time. A lot of people are anti-Brexit, but not John Rhys-Davies. However, Davies was not always a conservative. 

He has revealed that he was a staunch leftist at one time. When asked what made him change his political opinion, he said Margaret Thatcher, the former UK Prime Minister and a conservative party member.

Davies didn't know much about her until she impressively stopped the people mocking her while speaking. The incident became the turning point in his shift in political beliefs, and he eventually became a Brexit voter.

Social Media Presence

Facebook may be a dying platform, and almost everyone nowadays uses Instagram as their go-to platform, including celebrities, as it's easier to connect to fans that way. However, this is not the case with Davies, as the man updates his work on Facebook (@John Rhys-Davies).

Davies is not a huge social media user. He bought a property in New Zealand, which indicates that he doesn't want his celebrity fame to impact his personal life and his family. So, he might be on Facebook, but he rarely posts, and his posts revolve around his work and his YouTube channel promotion.


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