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Actor, Writer, Director, Comedian (1970)
Fri Mar 17 2023
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Jonathan Brugh was born on 25 April 1970 in Wellington, New Zealand. He is a well-known comedian, actor, musician, voice actor, writer, director, and producer in New Zealand. Overall, he is a multi-talented personality.

His full name is Jonathan Deacon Brugh and is mostly famous for his work in 800 words (2014) and What We Do in the Shadows (2014).  

Social Media

Talking about Jonathan Brugh's Instagram account he has gained above 6.8K followers. He is pretty much active on his Instagram account, @jonnybrugh and always gives his daily information through his Instagram.

Childhood picture of Jonathan Brugh and his sister, Amanda Brugh. Image Source: Instagram @jonnybrugh

He is also active on his Twitter with the username, @JonnyBrugh where he has amassed more than 1.4k followers. 

Is Jonathan Married?

Jonathan Brugh is currently single and he has not shared any kind of information regarding his relationship status till now. Also, he has not engaged in any kind of relationship in his past neither he has been through any affairs that have hit the headline of any media.

In addition to that, he must be more focused on his career rather than his relationship. The way, he is keeping his personal life away from the media limelight we can assume that he is the kind of person who does not like to broadcast his personal life information.

Family of Jonathan

800 words actor Jonathan was born in Wellington, but later his family moved to Auckland in 1977. He spent his childhood in a normal way just like other children do. Jacqueline Deacon Brugh is his mother but detail regarding his father is still behind the curtains.

Picture of Jonathan Brugh's father and mother.
Picture of Jonathan Brugh's father and mother, Jacqueline Deacon Brugh. Image Source: Instagram @jonnybrugh


In addition to that, he is also blessed with a  lovely sister, Amanda Brugh with whom he has a good bonding. Brugh often posts pictures of his sister and parents on his Instagram handle.

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Net Worth - A Rich Actor

Jonathan Brugh is one of the richest comedians in New Zealand whose estimated net worth is $5 million just like, Peter Arpesella. He has been successful to collect this amount of money from his hard work and dedication towards his work i.e acting.

My fav vehicle- Mazda Luce 1976

Picture of Jonathan Brugh's car Mazda Luce 1976.
Picture of Jonathan Brugh's car Mazda Luce 1976. Image Source: Instagram @jonnybrugh

Additionally, Brugh rides in Mazda Luce 1976 and this is not only a means of a ride for him it is also his favorite car. He has been living a luxurious life after all his hard work and dedication to his work. Besides acting he is also making money from his carer as a writer and director.

Physical Appearance

Regarding Brugh's physical appearance, he stands at the height of 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) and weighs around 80 kg. 

He looks more attractive with his cute smile along with his brownish skin color but the sad news is that he has not revealed any sort of information regarding his body measurement.

Bats Man of the YeAR

On May 14, 2015, Brugh posted a picture holding a trophy of Batsman of the year and from that, we are sure that he is a Cricket player and loves sports without any doubt. 

Batsman of the year!

Image of Jhonathan Brugh holding a trophy while he was fifteen.
Image of Jonathan Brugh holding a trophy while he was fifteen. Image Source: Instagram @jonnybrugh

According to Brugh, he was fifteen when he won the title of Batsman of the year.

Awards And Achievements

What We Do in the Shadows star Brugh is famous among the people because of his comedy characters in his movies and series. He has played many types of roles in his acting career.

He became the nominee for the best actor in a supporting role in 2014 for his character in (What We Do in the Shadows) but sadly he did not win the award. Meet another Actor, Director, Musician, and Writer Ben Cross.

Own A VespaPx

Thor: Love and Thunder actor Jonathan Brugh owns a VespaPx and he posted a picture riding his scooter on January 30, 2016, on his Instagram feed. By looking at the picture we can guess that the scooter is an old model of VespaPx.

Image of Jhonathan Brugh with his VespaPx.
Image of Jhonathan Brugh with his VespaPx.  Image Source: Instagram @jonnybrugh

The cost of his VespaPx is around £2,750 according to the market value. He still rides his VespaPx and it seems that he is emotionally attached to this scooter.

Career Outset

Educators writer Brugh has been engaged in the acting field at a very early age. In a short duration of time, he became successful to stay in the audience's hearts through the extraordinary characters in his movies.

He has played many interesting roles in his movies throughout his career. However, he has not revealed any information concerning his educational background or his qualifications.

Owns A Austrian Pinscher 

Jonathan is indeed an animal lover and owns a pet of the Austrian Pinscher breed. Riley is his pet with whom he plays when he is free.

On July 27, 2019, Brugh shared a beautiful picture of his pet on his Instagram handle. The way he treats his pet inspires his fans and followers to respect the animal and its rights.

Role As Deacon Brücke

What We Do In the Shadows is a horror-comedy movie that was written and directed by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi. The film shows how several vampires live together under the same roof in Wellington.

Jonathan played the role of Deacon Brücke along with his co-star, Wesley Snipes. The character Deacon is the main character in the movie. Jonathan's performance in the movie is quite interesting and is appreciated by the audience.

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