Jonathan Swan and Betsy Woodruff Married Life

Tue Oct 22 2019
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Back in March of 2018, the Daily Beast reporter Betsy Woodruff announced that she is going to marry her longtime boyfriend, Jonathan Swan. As per the announcement, the big day for the couple came on September 14, 2019.

Woodruff and Swan are together for a long time, but the pair likes to keep their personal life away from the eyes of her fans. Want more interesting things about her personal life and her wedding? Then tag along to know more.

Announcement Of The Engagement

Even though MSNBC contributor Woodruff keeps her personal life very secret, she could not hide her happiness of getting engaged to her lover. Jonathan and Betsy are dating for a while, and in March 2018, he popped up a big question.

Betsy Woodruff and Jonathan Swan after Jonathan proposed Betsy to marry him
Image: Betsy Woodruff (left) showing her engagement ring alongside her then-fiance Jonathan Swan (right). 
Source: Facebook @Betsy Woodruff

Neither Betsy nor Swan came out and opened up about how they met and fell in love, but the political reporter did open up about her big day. 

On her Facebook, Betsy posted a picture showing her engagement ring to her followers. In the picture, Swan is kissing her on the cheek, and we can see her happiness as she is showing her beautiful ring.

Betsy Walked Down The Aisle

Not many details are provided by the couple or their loved ones on their big day. The couple did a great job of keeping their wedding ceremony a secret from their fans.

Jonathan Swan and Betsy Woodruff at a pet shop where a Parrot is sitting on her shoulder
Picture: Jonathan Swan (left) and Betsy Woodruff (right). 
Source: The Netline 

Betsy, however, gave a little bit of a hint to the fans via her Facebook on June 20, 2018, when she asked her friends and fans for the suggestion of a good wedding band. In the post, she also gave a hint that the couple might get married in the DC/Nova area.

Even though the pair have not announced it yet, many online tabloids suggest that the duo walked down the aisle on September 14, 2019. The matrimonial ceremony was surely held in an intimate ceremony, as no details are provided as of now. Going by how recently the nuptials took place, the couple might be enjoying their honeymoon in some romantic destination.

Shared Their First Baby 

From the strong marital bond, Betsy and her hubby Jonathan shared one adorable baby. The married pair welcomed their first child, Esther Jane Swan on September 9, 2020

Betsy Woodruff and her husband, Jonathan Swan shared their first child, Esther Jane Swan, on September 9, 2020.
Image: Betsy Woodruff and her husband, Jonathan Swan shared their first child, Esther Jane Swan, on September 9, 2020.
Source: Twitter @Betsy Woofruff Swan

Woodruff revealed the news by tweeting, "A big hello to everyone from our brand new baby, Esther Jane Swan,'' on her official Twitter account followed by 211.6 thousand people.

As of now, the husband-wife duo is living merrily sharing a healthy bond as a perfect married partner. The married duo is also jointly parenting their baby. 

Confusion on Betsy's Parents' Identity

Because of her surname, many people mistaken the identity of her parents. Many of her fans think that Betsy is the famous daughter of American Journalist Judy Woodruff and Al Hunt, which is not true. 

Parents of Betsy Woodruff
Frame: Jane Tharp Woodruff (right) and Scott Woodruff (left) real parents of Betsy Woodruff. 
Source: Hollywood mask

Both Betsy and Judy confirmed that the rumors are completely false via their social media. In fact, born on October 31, 1989, Betsy is the daughter of Jane Tharp Woodruff and Scott Woodruff. Besides her, the Daily Beast reporter also has a brother, Chris Woodruff, and a sister Jane Woodruff.

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