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Mon Jul 24 2023
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Jordan Cephus is the American rapper Offset's son. Cephus gained some attention in the media due to his famous parents and appearances alongside his father.

How Old Is Offset's eldest son now? Where are Jordan Cephus's parents now? Keep scrolling down to know about this celebrity son.

Jordan Cephus Birthday, Age & School

Offset's eldest child, Joseph Cephus celebrates his birthday every year on December 21. Cephus was born in the year 2009 in Los Angeles, California when the American rapper was only 17 years old.

Jordan Cephus has a good relationship with his father Offset.
Jordan Cephus has a good relationship with his father Offset. Source: Instagram @jordan_yrnn

Cephus is currently studying but the name of the school has not been disclosed. However, the doting father Offset once went to Jordan's school to have lunch with him. One thing Jordan likes is playing basketball.

Jordan Cephus's Parents Married Or Separated?

Jordan Cephus's parents never married. Yes, he was born out of wedlock. Cephus's parents rappers Offset and Justine Watson are not together anymore and separated long ago. 

Offset and Justine dated for four years i.e. from (2008 to 2012). During this time, the rapper was in his teenage. Following their separation, Jordan's parents found solace in other's arms.

Who Is Offset & Justine Watson Dating Now?

Justine Watson is very secretive about her personal life. She has stayed away from the public eye for all these years. So, Watson's current relationship is not clear. She might be dating or single.

Cardi B and Offset are happily married.
Cardi B and Offset are happily married. Source: Pinterest

On the other hand, Offset is apparently single at the moment. However, he has dated and even married some high-profile celebrities in the past. Here is the list of Offset's girlfriends and wife besides Justine.

GirlfriendRelationship Years
Ayana Charm2015-2017
Shya L'amour2014
Oriel Jamie2013-2016
Jai Nice2016
Alexis Skyy2016-2017
Amber RoseShort affair
Cardi BDivorced

What Is Jordan Cephus's Mom Doing Now?

Justine Watson is things besides being Offset's ex-gf. Jordan Cephus's mom has established herself as a counselor, author, and public speaker.

Jordan Cephus's mother Justine Watson
Jordan Cephus's mother Justine Watson. Source: Health Consumer

Watson began as a mental health counselor in Australia in 1998. Later, she started holistic counseling in Sydney. Likewise, Offset's ex-gf has also released a book called Through Grief to Self-Care.

Jordan Cephus Siblings: Offset Is The Father Of Five

While Jordan Cephus remains the first child of Offset, he certainly is not the only child of the American rapper. Jordan has four half-siblings born to Offset and his romantic links.

Yes, Offset shares a daughter named Kody Cephus with his ex-girlfriend Oriel Jamie. He cherishes his time with his daughter and has even featured her on his album. Additionally, Offset has an older daughter named Kalea Marie Cephus with rapper Shya L'Amour, although the rapper was not present during her first year.

Jordan Cephus's half-siblings Wave Set Cephus and Kulture Cephus.
Jordan Cephus's half-siblings Wave Set Cephus and Kulture Cephus. Source: instagram @cephus_family_stan_page

Likewise, Jordan's father has two children from his marriage with famous rapper, Cardi B. The two were married in 2017 and gave birth to Kulture Kiari Cephus and Wave Set Cephus.

Looking at the Instagram posts, Offset's eldest son has a good relationship with his half-siblings. Kiari has talked about Jordan and his other siblings in his son Father of Four. In the song, the rapper has apologized to his eldest son for not being there as a supportive father in his early years.

Jordan Cephus Was Not Accepted By Father Offset 

Yes, Kiari A.K.A Offset did not accept Jordan as his son. The rapper also signed up for the paternity test for this, which later proved he was the father after all. 

Offset was only 17 years old when his then-girlfriend Justine Watson became pregnant with Jordan. Although Kiari proved to be a supporting father now, he was not there in Jordan's life when he was little.

Jordan Cephus's Mom Accused Offset Of Not Paying The Child Support Money

Justine Watson, Offset's ex-girlfriend, once again made headlines in 2017 with her accusations against the Open It Up rapper. Watson accused the rapper as an irresponsible father.

Watson further said, Offset was not paying the child support amount. She asked Offset to cover over $15,000 in legal bills.

Jordan Cephus Net Worth: Is The Celebrity Child Living A Rich Lifestyle?

Yes, Offset's firstborn, Jordan Cephus is living a rich lifestyle thanks to his parents whooping net worth. Speaking of Offset, his wealth is worth $28 Million. Similarly, Jordan's mother Justine Watson has amassed $6 Million from her business ventures.

Jordan Cephus with his father Offset and little half-sibling.
Jordan Cephus with his father Offset and little half-sibling living a rich life. Source: Instagram @jordan_yrnn

Jordan's father owns several real estate and properties. According to Offset, he has focused on long-term gains rather than short-term profits by investing in real estate. All the money he earns comes from the rapper's music career as well as endorsement. 

Kiari was named as the investor of the Esports organization FaZe Clan. He was also featured in the television series Atlanta

Jordan Cephus's Instagram & Social Media presence

Like his half-siblings, Jordan Cephus is also on Instagram with the username @jordan_yrnn. Probably, the account is managed by his parents. The Instagram account has more than 500 followers.

However, the account seems dead since 2021 as there are no posts on it. Jordan does not have any other social media accounts besides this.



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