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Instagram star, entrepreneur (1990)
Mon May 22 2023
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Joselyn Cano was an Instagram model as well as a fashion designer. She was famous by the name The Mexican Kim Kardashian. However, Joselyn met her end in her pursuit of grandeur and fame.

The social media personality Cano enticed the hearts of millions with her curvy body and beauty. Her demise at a young age has made her followers sad. Find her personal life and the cause of her death in brief.

Joselyn Cano Obituary: Cause Of Death & Funeral

The Instagram personality Joselyn died on December 7, 2020. She died at quite a young age, i.e., at age 30, similar to the late Cathriona White. The reason for her death was said to be a complication during her butt lift surgery.

Instagram model Joselyn Cano's Funeral was live-streamed.
Instagram model Joselyn Cano's Funeral was live-streamed. Source: YouTube Akes Family Funeral Home

Cano traveled to Colombia for plastic cosmetic surgery in early December 2020. It was not the first time she had undergone cosmetic surgery.

Nelssie Carrillo reported the sad news of Cano's death. She suggested that damage could have been located in the American model's blood vessels during the operation.

Cano's funeral was held at the Grimes-Akes Family Funeral Homes in Corona, California. It is also available on YouTube.

Was Joselyn Cano Dating Before She Died?

Joselyn Cano was single and was not linked romantically with anyone when she died. She may have dated some people in the past. However, she had not revealed their identity. 

In one interview, Cano said she gets attracted to smart people. People who care for their health and appearance. On the Contrary, Joselyn did not like cheap people and confirmed it was the biggest turn-off for her.

The Instagram model Joselyn was quite secretive about her personal life. Thus details regarding her dating and boyfriend were out of media reach.

Joselyn Cano Has Two Children

Joselyn was the mother of two beautiful children. She loved her daughters. As per her, the daughter is just a little girl who will grow up to be the best friend of their mother. Her demise has made a deep impact on her children's life.

Joselyn Cano's daughter looking beautiful wearing her dress from Itty Bitty Toes.
Joselyn Cano's daughter looks beautiful wearing her dress from Itty Bitty Toes. Source: Instagram @joselyncano

Cano's children, Elianah and Zane, were 5 and 2, at the time of her death. However, she has not revealed her baby daddy. The Instagram model had posted pictures of her children. 

Joselyn posted a picture of her beautiful daughter in 2017 with the caption;

"I did not give you the gift of life, life gave me the gift of you."

As a fashion designer, Joselyn wanted her daughters to wear stylish clothes. She used to buy clothes for her daughter from Itty Bitty Toes, a luxury clothing band for kids.

Joselyn Cano's Bio

The late American model Joselyn Cano was born on March 14, 1990, in Anaheim, California. Cano's parents raised the late model in Lake Elsinor.

Joselyn Cano's picture from her childhood.
Joselyn Cano's picture from her childhood. Source: Instagram @joselyncano

Cano was sure to be a supermodel from a young age. Thus, she started modeling at the age of 17. She began by posing for the local magazine.

Joselyn was a beauty with a brain. She pursued and completed her study of Microbiology at San Diego State University. Those who knew Cano appreciated her artistic skill.

Quick Look At Joselyn's Family Background

The fashion designer Cano belonged to a simple family. She was born as the daughter of Thomas and his partner Jemima.

Joselyn Cano with her siblings and father.
Joselyn Cano with her siblings and father. Source: Instagram @joselyncano.

Cano kept her parent's professional life a secret. However, she has not hid the fact that she has two siblings. Yes, Joselyn has two younger brothers,  Moises Cano, and Israel Cano. Israel works as an e-commerce merchant.

Joselyn Cano's Net Worth At The Time Of Death

Joselyn's net worth has not been publicized officially. But, based on her professional life, her net worth can be estimated to be $2 Million.

The Instagram model Cano displayed her talent from a young age. She launched her line of waist-trainers and later Joselyn Cano Swimwear in 2018. 

Picture of Joselyn Cano with her daughter while going on a vacation.
Picture of Joselyn Cano with her daughter while going on a vacation. Source: Instagram @joselyncano

Joselyn found great success in her brands. As a model, she earned significant wealth from her modeling work. Cano also made a killer from her Onlyfans, just like Ski Bri.

The Instagram model lived a wealthy lifestyle with her enormous assets. She resided in California and had a BMW 3-Series Coup with pink brake calipers.

While alive, Joselyn traveled to beautiful destinations and so on. She loved Mexico City and was planning to settle down in Cancun. But Cano tragically passed away at age 30. 

Cano's Career Highlights

Cano gained fame in 2014 when she appeared on the cover of Lowrider magazine. She was featured in World Star Hip Hop's Valentine's Day Special video. She had portrayed Gerardo Ortiz's girlfriend in the music video for his single Y me besa.

In 2015, Joselyn appeared in Hot Bike motorcycle magazine, and in 2016, she was featured on Sports Illustrated's website as one of the Lovely Ladies. 

In 2018, Cano launched her swimwear line, Joselyn Cano Swimwear, and gained significant popularity on social media, boasting over 12 million Instagram followers.

Joselyn Cano's Physical Appearance And Measurements

Joselyn Cano found fame for her curvy body. She looked strikingly similar to Kim Kardashian. Thus, her fans titled her, The Kim Kardashian of Mexico.

Joselyn Cano in her blue outfit.
Joselyn Cano in her blue outfit. Source: Instagram @joselyncano

Joselyn was 5 ft and 3 inches (162 cm) tall. She maintained a weight of around 54 kg, i.e., 119 lbs. Her body measurement was 34-25-36 inches.

Cano used to hit the gym and follow a strict vegetarian diet to maintain her appearance. Not only this, she went through a rhinoplasty and breast enhancement. She also took shots amplifying her back. 

Additionally, Joselyn had made tattoos on her foot. However, she did not like it and planned to remove it. She also had done a few piercings. 

Joselyn's Instagram Is Inactive Now

Joselyn had amassed over 13 Million followers while she was alive. She posted the content that fans liked.

With her demise, Cano's Instagram is now inactive. She had lost quite an amount of followers. The account @joselyncano now only has 12.4M followers.

The last post from Joselyn's account was on October 22, 2021, almost a year after her death. Cano's family now manages her account.

Joselyn Cano's Lesser Known Facts

  • Joselyn Cano did not like beers, but she would consume alcohol.
  • The late Instagram model Cano was planning to go skydiving, dangerous rides in amusement parks, swim with an orca, and visit Egypt.
  • Cano's celebrity crush is Christiano Ronaldo, and she used to watch his videos for hours on YouTube.
  • Joselyn liked to listen to trance music and gangster rap.
  • Joselyn could not live without makeup, energy drinks, and her laptop.
  • Cano loved dogs and owned seven of them.

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