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Mon Apr 20 2020
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Juan DeBiedma is an Agrgentine-American gamer who is widely known as Hungerybox. He is th professional player of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Super Smash Bros, Melee Project M and Super Smash Bros For Wiiu. He is the former player of Team Curse and has appeared in Major League Championship Series. He is currently playing with Team Liquid. 

Best Jigglypuff player of all time Juan Hungrybox was born on born June 21, 1993, in Argentina. He is graduated in 2015 from the University of Florida with a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering. In 2015, he started working as a process engineer for WestRock. In 2016, he quit his role at WestRock to undertake a full-time eSports career. 

In March 2018, though, he unexpectedly returned to the workforce at an unspecified location.In June 2019, despite earning the CEO for the fourth time, he revealed that he would be quitting the workforce again to undertake eSports on a full-time basis.

Is Juan Debiedma Single?

The former warrior of The Curse Team is the savage player of Super Smash Pro. But in real life, he is a bit shy and a generous person. Until now he has not left behind any hint regarding his affair. Moreover, we are unable to confirm whether he is in a relationship or got married. 

In addition to that, the several main event champions Juan perhaps is leading a single life. And there are any records about his pervious girlfriend or wife. Perhaps he is dating somebody and having a wonderful love life. But so far there is no reliable source to support that his in a relationship with somebody.

How He Became Famous?

Juan Debiedma is quite a famous guy in the E-sport world. It was 2009 when he ranked third at Genesis 1, the first series of Super Smash Pro and in 2015, In 2015, DeBiedma won his first national victory. In August 2015, DeBiedma revealed that he will become less involved in professional Smash as he started his career as an engineer.

17] Paragon Los Angeles was his next EVO tournament. He ended 3rd in Melee after defeated by Mew2King. Debiedma won Super Smash Bros on 2016 July in EVO championship after beating Armada in the grand finale.

Represting His Team At e-sport Tournaments
Image: Juan Debiedma Representing His Team At e-sport Tournaments
Source:  Instagram@liquidbox

In his long career, he has won the Ceo championship fir six times. Similarly, in 2010, he won Apex championship. With Team Liquid he wo Smash Summit Champion three times. As wee as he has also won MLG Champion an EVO champion.

Social Media engagement

As a gamer, the person needs to be active on social platforms. Similarly, e-sport celebrity Juan Hungerybox is well engaged in the mainstream platform like Instagram, Twitter Youtube as well as in Linkedin.

Moreover, he has 71.9k followers on Instagram whereas his twitter followers has reached up to 238.k. Nevertheless, has  162.k subscribers in his Youtube channel Hungerybox. Scroll down to his incomes and Earnings.

Juan Debiedma Net Worth

Being the winner of several main event championships, Juan must have earned an enormous amount of wealth as prize money. His consistency towards games has listed him on Forbes magazine. Meanwhile, as per 2020, his estimated net worth is around $1 million similarly as Elizabeth Gillies.

Juan Debiedma With His Latest And Expensive I-phone
Image: Juan Debiedma With His Latest And Expensive I-phone
Source:  Instagram@liquidbox

He has won CEO champion six-time and the prize money fro the league estimated $11,640, according to e-sports earning. As well as he has pocketed approximately $1 million after winning Apex Championship.

 Additionally, he has earned prize money around $100,000 for the Winning DreamHack championship where held trophy fro five times. Furthermore, after winning the championship like MLG, EVO, MLG, EVO he has earned $15,000 to $25,000.

Passive Income From Online Streaming

Like every gamer, Juan Hungrybox has also chosen an online streaming platform to earn money besides his leagues. He has 162.k subscribers on Youtube. Generally, the Youtuber having subscribers in that range gained between $10,000 to $15,000 according to view and engagement of people. 

Juan Debiedma Sharing His Winning Moment At CEO Championship
Image: Juan Debiedma Sharing His Winning Moment At CEO Championship
Source:  Instagram@liquidbox

So maybe Joan is also earning in the same range. Nevertheless, he has 71.9k followers on Instagram as well as  238k followers on Twitter. Therefore through this platform he must be earning thousands of dollars each month just like Alex Choi.

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