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Actor, Producer and Voice Artist (1949)
Sun Jan 29 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Judy Strangis

Husband : Jayson Sher
Judy Strangis married to Jayson Sher in 1987.

Judy Strangis is an American actress who has appeared in many popular TV series and films and has more than thirty years of experience in the acting field.

Strangis's birth name is Judy Ann Strangis, born on December 23, 1949, in Los Angeles County, California, USA. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Furthermore, she has a huge fan following in the US because of her successful acting career and the role she played in Electra Woman and Dyna GirlThe Spike Jones Show and many more.

Strangis's Family

It is a happy thing to say that Strangis has a lovely family. Till now, the information about her parents is still behind the curtain, but we do have an identity of her other family members.

Portrait of Judy Strangis's sister, Cindy Malone.
Portrait of Judy Strangis's sister, Cindy Malone. Image Source: GoldLab Foundation

She is the younger sister of Cindy Malone (singer) and Sam Strangis (a renowned producer in the US). Besides this, she is the aunt of Greg Strangis, a writer and R.J. Williams, a producer.

Net Worth - A Rich Actress 

Judy Strangis has a networth of $2 million, just like Munro Chambers, which she earned through her acting career. She was in the acting field for over thirty years, making herself a millionaire besides a successful actress.

She has been in many superhit TV series and films, which probably assisted her in adding some amount of money to her wealth. 

Did You Know?

Saturday Supercade actress Strangis is on the list of "Most Beautiful Women Born in 1949". Not only this, she is the only actress who has appeared in both Batman and Batman: The Animated Series. Isn't it amazing?

Moreover, Strangis has done the voice-over work on CBS series whose producer was her brother Sam Strangis. Besides this, she has also appeared in some TV commercials.

Know About Sam Strangis: Judy's Brother

As mentioned above, Sam Strangis is Judy's elder brother. He is a film producer and production manager born in the USA on June 19, 1929. A fun fact is that he is also a director.

Throughout his journey in the American film industry, he has given Hollywood many popular and blockbuster movies. He is popularly known for the films like Batman, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and many more.

Sam is also very good at film direction, leading her to direct the TV series Love, American Style(1972-1973).

Who Is Strangis's Husband?

Room 22 actress Judy Strangis is married to Jayson Sher. They exchanged their vows on November 28, 1987, in the presence of their family members and close friends. They got married with a grand celebration.

The romantic couple Strangis and Sher have lived together for more than thirty-five years. They seem to enjoy their married life and love each other's company. However, there is no evidence of their children.

On top of that, they are on the way to celebrating their 35th Anniversary this November 28. All the best wishes for this lovely couple from our side.

TV Series And Films

Throughout Strangis's thirty years in the entertainment industry, she has appeared in many TV shows and films which became successful. Without a doubt, people loved her role in many films.

She has been featured in TV series like Room 22, Heathcliff, Saturday Supercade,Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. In all of her TV series, she came into the limelight from Room 22 and The Twilight Zone. Kimberly Sustad is also featured in The Twilight Zone.

Strangis wasn't too successful in the TV series but was victorious in films. She has appeared in superhit films like Dragoon Wells MassacreWomen in ChainsNot Just Another Affair, and Pay or Die.

Awards & Achievements

As mentioned above, Pay or Die actress Strangis has given many popular films and TV series, which made her nominated for many titles and awards. However, she hasn't won any awards despite being in the acting field for over thirty years.

She was nominated for "Daytime Emmy" and "TV Land Award" in the Outstanding Writing in the Children's Special and Superest Super Hero categories, respectively. She shared those nominations with Alan L. Gangsberg and Deidre Hall.

Physical Appearances

Regarding her body measurements, Strangis stands at a decent height of 5 feet 1 inch (155 cm), weighing around 65 kg (143 pounds) which is a fair weight according to her size.

Picture of Judy Strangis during the 90s
Picture of Judy Strangis during the 90s (Image Source: The Movie Database)

Furthermore, Strangis has beautiful black eyes with black hair. People admire her because of her beauty, especially in the 90s.

Yes, it is true that, she is even listed in the "Most Beautiful Woman."

A Short Bio On Cindy Malone

As mentioned earlier, Cindy Malone is the sister of Judy Strangis. Like her sister, she is also a famous American actress and has a huge fan following in the US audience because of her acting career. 

She has appeared in many popular films, which made her come into the limelight. Some of her successful movies are Wild on the Beach, EducationInc and Patriocracy. She is also available on Youtube.

Strangis Is Also A Writer

Women in Chain actress Strangis is a multi-talented woman who has been in many professions. She didn't work in those professions but also got fame and recognization.

She is the writer of many TV shows like CBS Schoolbreak Special and Little Miss Perfect, which went crazy at the box office and ratings. CBS Schoolbreak Special and Little Miss Perfecthave short stories released in 1987, which were also appreciated by many audiences.

Shared Screen With Her Sister

As mentioned earlier, Strangis is related to Cindy Malone by blood as both are sisters. Malone is an American actress and singer.

They have shared the same screen in popular movies like Batman. They both have done amazing work in this film, which the US audience loved.

Has An IMDb Profile

Strangis has an amazing IMDb profile with forty-two acting credits. Besides that, she has also got one credit each for writing, producing, voice over and self. In total, she has forty-six credits in her profile.

Screenshot of Judy Strangis's IMDb profile
Screenshot of Judy Strangis's IMDb profile (Image Source: IMDb)

Furthermore, her IMDb profile includes her personal information, a list of TV series and movies she played, awards and many other interesting facts.

Career As A Voice-over Artist

Yes, you heard it right; Strangis is also a voice-over artist who has provided the voice to many animated TV shows and films.

She is popularly known for voicing TV series like Rota Ree, Tammy Vance, and Goldie Gold. For more than a decade, she has been engaged in this field. 

Interestingly, Strangis started providing a voice after she retired from the acting field. The reason behind her retirement as the media stalked her, and she didn't get privacy.

Career As A Producer 

Besides being an actress and voice artist, Strangis is a producer like her brother Sam Strangis. She has produced many TV series and films where she played a major role.

Poster of Love Boat TV series where Judy Strangis is appeared in lead role
Poster of Love Boat TV series (Image Source: IMDb)

Some of the films and TV series where she appeared as a producer are Family, Pay or Die, Hart To Hart and Love Boat. All the films were one of the most loved films in the 90s.

Is Strangis Active On Social Media?

Despite being a popular actress, Strangis prefers to avoid social media sites. She seems not to want to mix her personal life with her professional life.

Unlike other celebrities, she doesn't seem to enjoy spending time on social media sites. We can't find her on Instagram, Twitter or other social media sites.

However, we can find the account with the name of Judy Strangis, which seems fake. It could be created by one of her fans.


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