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Sun Mar 08 2020
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Justin DeGrate got a second chance to live after becoming conscious in a deadly car accident. But, the accident cost the life of his beloved girlfriend, Uniqua, as well as her sister, Shanelle. Since the day of that accident, he knew how strong he is until the only option came in his mind with positive reasons to live.

The multi-talented artist, Justin, reminds God in the first place at all costs. Apart from his religious point of view, what is going in his personal life? Let's find out more exciting things about DeGrate in the following sections.

Is Justin DeGrate Married?

Your Lips Kiss Well, but They Lie Better composer, Justin hiding his intimate life from the media's attention. But, his fans are curious to know what is he doing nowadays? Is he married, or is he single?

American musician, Justin DeGrate is composing a new song. Is he got married in 2020?
Photo: Justin DeGrate is one of the rising music producers 
Source: Facebook @justindegratemusic

Despite being a notable music artist, DeGrate keeps a distance when someone asks about his personal life and maintains a low profile personality. Another reason why Justin is currently single might concern with his musical career, where he found his passion rather than finding love again. Likewise, Ana Karla Suarez is also following a passion in the big platforms of dance. 

Justin & Uniqua's Heart Breaking Story...

Prize-winning musicians, DeGrate and Uniqua, were the most beautiful couple in the musical industry. They had the best memories together while they were carrying out their relationship a far more than just sharing their company.

One day, Justin and his sister, Dyana, and Uniqua and her sister, Shanelle was traveling to DeGrate's home to meet his parents in a 1998 GMC Yukon Denali. Unfortunately, they had a car accident with a 1998 Jeep Wrangler, where Justin's car flipped over three times.

During the car accident, Justin and his sister were at the front wheel so that they didn't get hurt so much. But, Unique and her sister, Shanelle, who were in the last seat, passed away. More to that, the car that collided with them took the life of a man, Trey, and his partner, Jasmine. Just like Justin and Uniqua, Patsy Cline and her husband's marriage ended after her tragic death in a plane crash.

Do You Know About DeGrate's Family Background?

The famous music director, Justin, was born to an American record producer, Donald Earle DeGrate, Jr., aka Devante Degrate and Miranda Santana. He spent his childhood with his younger sibling, Dyana DeGrate.

Justin's parents, DeVante and Miranda, tied the knot in an intimate ceremony, where they invited their close ones. Since after their wedding nuptials, the pair are enjoying joyful moments together.

Justin DeGrate's father, DeVante Swing performing on the stage during the Soul Train Music Awards at the Orleans Arena on 7th November 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Know more about Justin's current marital status.
Snap: Justin DeGrate is the son of Jodeci's lead singer, DeVante Swing 
Source: Getty Images

Apart from this, Justin's mother, Santana, was once involved in a relationship with Tremaine Neverson when she was 15 years old. The duo also welcomed a daughter, Nia Santana Neverson. After the birth of Nia, Tremaine couldn't handle the teenage parenthood and abandoned Miranda to raise Nia as a single mother.

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