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Actor, Producer (1980)
Tue Mar 28 2023
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Justin Moran Shenkarow is an actor and producer who have worked on numerous projects throughout his career. He is popularly known for voicing Harold Berman's character in the hit 90s nickelodeon animated tv show Hey Arnold!

Apart from voice acting, he is known for his role as Matthew Brock in Picket Fences and the geek Simon Holmes in Eerie, Indiana. The Californian actor Justin hailed from Torrance and was born on October 17, 1980. But his roots go back to Russia and Ukraine.

He Is Into NFTs

Hey Arnold!' actor Shenkarow is not only about movies and TV, but he also loves NFTs. He talks about and promotes it a lot on his Instagram.

He usually attends NFTs parties and posts about it on his social media. He has heard numerous ones, and that includes an Off-chain community party.

He is sitting in a chair alongside other people.
Justin Shenkarow at the NFT Miami event (Source: Instagram @justinshenkarow)

His NFT involvement is not just limited to parties. He has talked in seminars, too, like the NFT Miami.

Education Background

Shenkarow is a University graduate. It is common to find celebrities not joining college or giving up on their education by choosing to drop out to make a career in movies and tv. It is not the case with him.

He was a student at Stanford University till he graduated in June 2001. He did his degree in Bachelor of Arts. Travis Gravel also completed his bachelor's degree in Arts. The Beethoven actor Shenkarow also went abroad for his education. He studied for a while at the Sorbonne in Paris. He has studied in China as well. 

Not only he has a Bachelor's degree, but he also has a Master's degree. He did his Master's degree in Business. He was a bright student as he landed himself a one-year scholarship at Shanghai University. The scholarship award is held in high regard by the locals.

Loves Fishing In His Free Time 

Lloyd in Space actor Shenkarow has developed some hobbies. One of them is fishing. It is one of the things he loves and seems to enjoy.

He is holding a fishing rod in one hand and a fish by its mouth is another.
Justin Shenkarow doing Kentucky Fishing (Source: Instagram @justinshenkarow)

He has posted a picture of himself on his Instagram while fishing in Kentucky. It is unknown how often he does fishing, but he enjoys it.

Can Speak Multiple Languages

Shenkarow's native American English is not the only language he can communicate with. He can converse in French and Chinese as well.

His time abroad during his education days in Paris and Shanghai seems to have worked wonders for him, as it improved the education section in his CV and the language section.

He can adequately converse in French. The Picket Fences actor may not have fluency in french while communicating in Chinese, but his Chinese is still decent enough to have a conversation with someone. 

What Is Shenkarow Net Worth?

Justin Shenkarow has been working in movies for a long time and has tasted a fair bit of success. All of his works have helped him to accumulate considerable wealth. His estimated net worth is believed to be around $2.7 million, the same as Dr. David Matlock.

He is wearing a black suit and a white shirt.
Justin Shenkarow at Hollywood Global Film Festival (Source: Instagram @justinshenkarow)

Some of the most successful works that have aided him in making a significant chunk of his net worth are Picket Fences, Hey Arnold!, Ice Age, and Shrek 3. Besides acting and producing, he is also involved in the NFTs business, which has helped him make a certain amount of money.

Relationship Status: Is He Single or Dating? 

Justin Shenkarow is currently single. He hasn't disclosed his relationship status, in case he is seeing someone. Apart from that, there are also no previous records regarding his relationship. 

He prefers to have his relationships not be the talk of the media. It seems that he does not want to come into the limelight by revealing his relationship if he is dating someone. 

Shenkarow & His Mother Has Their Own Instagram Show: 

Shenkarow is not the only one having all the fun on his Instagram. His mom, Mottel, also regularly posts videos with his son on his Instagram.

They have their show on Instagram called the Mottel and Babyshakes. They are a series of short videos in which Shenkarow and her mother sit in front of the camera, usually with a drink in their hand, and discuss many things, from small items like chocolate and champagne to yoga and even the coronavirus.

Charity Work Done By Shenkarow 

Shenkarow is not only making huge money but loves to help others too. He has done charity work in the past. As mentioned earlier he is in the NFT business and generates a handsome amount of money.

Fun Fact: While selling one of the NFTs, his NFT autograph, he announced that 20% of the received money would be given to charities helping the suffering ones in Patagonia from Wildfire at the time. The proceeds were to help the ones whose houses were affected by the wildfire.

Works In A Podcast

Besides movies and the NFT business, Justin Shenkarow also has time for a podcast. He is part of the podcast called the NFT Heat. As the name suggests, the podcast is focused on the world of NFTs. The podcast invites NFT thought leaders and interviews them.

This is a poster of the podcast which shows the smiley faces of both the host.
John Shenkarow and John Kraski's NFT Heat Podcast (Source: Instagram @justinshenkarow)

Shenkarow is not the only one doing all the host's work. The expert on the matter, John Kraski, accompanies him as these two interviews the guest. 

Social Media Presence

Good news for those who grew up loving Harold Berman as the actor behind the character, Justin Shenkarow, is on social media. You can update yourself on what he is doing with his life through Instagram and Twitter.

His Instagram handle is @justinshenkarow. His handle is filled with his works, NFT business promos, and general posts about him.

Shenkarow's Twitter handle is @justinshenkarow. He is usually tweeting more than posting pictures on his Insta. He is generally tweeting about NFTs more than anything else.

Physical Appearance

The Z nation actor Shenkarow is a good-looking man. Shenkarow has done a lot of voice acting jobs in his career, working behind the camera, but it has nothing to do with his looks.

He is neither tall nor short, standing the same height as Mirrah Foulkes at 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm). His size is complemented by his body weight of 143 lbs (65 kg).

The T-shirt is inspired from Eerie, Indiana.
Justin Shenkarow showing a T-shirt gifted by his fan (Source: Instagram @justinshenkarow)

He has a round shape face and is always rocking his curly hair. The age has caught up on him as his hair is going grey and slowly starting to fade.

One of the best things about him is that he isn't too conscious about his looks. He isn't wearing expensive clothes to show off. He is a breath of fresh air in entertainment, where celebrities are expected to look and dress up nicely.

Worked In A Commercial As A Kid

Shenkarow's acting portfolio is limited to movies and shows, and advertisements. He worked in a commercial when he was a kid. The advertisement he did was about the product named Teddy O's Yum, which is a breakfast cereal. 

The ad features baby Shenkarow with his on-screen sister, who is about to have grain when their father arrives and sits down with them to eat what they are eating. He turns into a bear after eating it. It was a viral ad back in the day.

Shenkarow shared this ad on his Instagram, thanking his fan who discovered it and sent it to him. He captioned the video:

Who remembers Teddy-O’s? Yum! Fun flashback Friday! Thanks to my amazing fan @_karendawson_ for finding this commercial of my tiny self and sharing it.


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