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Wed Feb 22 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of jwan yosef

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Relationship Type : Ricky Martin
Jwan Yosef married Ricky Martin in 2017.

Jwan Yosef is a Swedish painter and the husband of the iconic singer Ricky Martin. Even though many people know him because of the La Copa de la Vida singer, he has made a successful career as an artist.

The celebrity painter Yosef specializes in making three-dimensional models and sculptors, and 22the award-winning artist's exhibitions are popular among many art enthusiasts. He was born in Syria on September 6, 1984, but currently works in London. 

Yosef Married Life To Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin, who dated multiple women before famously revealing his sexual orientation in 2010, has found the man to spend the rest of his life together. Ricky married Jwan Yosef in 2017, and everything is going well for them so far.

It's impressive that Ricky could keep his wedding a secret, as the news of their wedding was only discovered when the Maria singer revealed it on January 10, 2018. He has also shown how these two became a thing. 

Ricky Martin is looking at Jwan Yosef as there are faces wearing masks in the background.
Jwan Yosef with his husband, Ricky Martin (Source: Instagram @jwanyosef)

Ricky and Yosef grew up before the nineties, but their story sounds like they are teenage kids who fell in love today. They met each other through Instagram, as Ricky has revealed in the Behind the Scenes documentary. He said:

I met Jwan through Instagram, believe it or not. I saw his art and I'm like, 'Who's the artist?' and it said Jwan Yosef, and I'm like, 'That's such a cool name, but I wanna see his face.' And then when I saw his face, I said, 'Okay, this is over, What a beautiful man.'

Has A Degree In Fine Arts

Yosef's love for painting developed much earlier in his life, as he developed skills for it much before. But to be the best, you need to learn more about it, and his love for this work also saw him take formal education in a similar field.

Starting with the highest degree, he has an MA in Fine Arts, which he received in London from Central Saint Martins. He crafted his skills there from 2010 to 2011. Before attending Central Saint Martins, he was doing the same in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. 

He was at Konstfack University College of Arts studying BA in Fine Arts. He was in the institute from 2006 till 2009. And even before that, he was at the Pernby School of Painting, where he studied from 2004 to 2006.

He Is A Father Of Four Kids

Jwan Yosef and Ricky Martin are unconventional parents since they are both fathers to their four kids. La Mordidita singer Ricky calls it the modern family, which is different from the traditional family of fathers and mothers. Their kids are Valentino Martin, Matteo Martin, Lucia Martin-Yossef, and Renn Martin-Yossef.

Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef is wearing a matching suit whereas Valentino Martin and Matteo Martin are standing next to them.
Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef with their sons Valentino Martin and Matteo Martin (Source: POPSUGAR)

Valentino and Matteo are his most famous kids, as they headlined every media and tabloid when they were born. These two were born via Surrogacy, and the identity of their surrogate mother remains to be known. Another thing about them is that they are twins and were born in August 2008, before their father came out as a gay man. 

Their daughter Lucia was born on December 24, 2018, and their youngest one, Renn, was born on October 2019. His kids also ask about having two fathers. Ricky spoke regarding it to Out magazine, which Natalie Stone for People's magazine has mentioned. He said:

My kids ask me about having two daddies and I tell them we are a part of a modern family. This is a beautiful sense of freedom.

He Is A Well Built Man

The Swedish painter Yosef takes good care of his health even at this age; you can tell he works hard to keep his body fit. His slim body weighs 180 lbs (80 kg) which is further helped by his impressive height, same as actor Cainan Weibe at 5 Feet and 10 Inches (177.8 cm). 

Painters, Artists, and Sculptor's works make them shine as people don't necessarily associate impressive body physiques with them. However, looking at Yosef might make you think otherwise. He has a good-looking man with a fantastic body, and you can tell why the Canción Bonita singer fell hard for him.

How Much Wealth Has Yosef Made Through Artistry? 

Jwan Yosef has been helped to achieve fame because of his husband, but his works can only be credited to him. His work in turning plastics into something beautiful has garnered him the same net worth as actress Violet McGraw at $500 thousand.

Jwan Yosef is sitting on the lips of the structure with Pyramids in the background.
Jwan Yosef posing with his VITAL SANDS in Giza, Egypt (Source: Instagram @jwanyosef)

Yosef's income mostly comes from selling sculptures and exhibitions, which are super popular. For instance, his sculpture VITAL SANDS was exhibited on the Giza Plateau, not too far away from the Pyramids was attended by over 850 thousand visitors. 

His husband, Ricky Martin, is way more famous and prosperous than him, with the singer selling over 70 million records. His net worth stands at $130 Million. His success can be credited to some of his popular songs like La Copa de la Vida/The Cup of Life, Maria, Vente Pa' Ca, and this is just the tip of the iceberg of his hits.

Yosef's Contribution To The Society Through His Art Foundation

The celebrity partner Jwan Yosef is a creative man with a big heart. Hence, he has also been involved in charity work through The Bomb Factory Art Foundation. He is the founding member of the company. 

Yosef is an artist and knows people's struggles, especially those who don't have enough money. This foundation hosts non-profitable exhibitions to support contemporary art in North London.  Bomb Factory helps to encourage artists by coming in with their support and promoting their works.

The Sexual Allegations Controversy About Ricky And His Nephew

Ricky Martin made headlines, not for a good reason, when the news of him having a sexual relationship with his nephew came out. The case, which has now proven false, also tested the love between him and Yosef, and it's safe to say they made it through it together.

The claim was that Ricky had a sexual relationship with his nephew. The news was the talk of the town when it happened, with even media trials ruining his image, but Yosef stood with him through all of it as he believed in Ricky, and his belief was not broken as Ricky was found innocent.

Yosef wrote a simple "Truth Prevails" on his Instagram to celebrate a win. Ricky is now suing his nephew for false allegations at the time of this writing. Riley Cardoza for PageSix has mentioned what Ricky said after his victory. He said:

For two weeks, I was not allowed to defend myself because I was following procedure, where the law … obligated me not to talk until I was in front of the judge, Thank God these claims were proven to be false, but I’m going to tell you the truth, it has been so painful … for me, for my family for my friends. I don’t wish this upon anybody.

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