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Comedian (1979)
Thu Jun 15 2023
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Karla Panini is known among the general public for being a Mexican comedian and television host. She is known for her appearance on the Tv Show Las Lavanderas with Karla Luna. 

Panini is also the co-host of the Podcast show Cristianoides and of the show MAL INFLUENCERS. She is popular on social sites and has amassed a decent number of followers on her social handle. 

Karla Panini's Relationship Status Exposed: Is She Single Or Taken?

Karla Panini isn't single instead shares a lovely married life with her husband Américo Garza. They are sharing their martial journey for over a half-decade facing various ups and downs. 

Panini and Garza completed their wedding ceremony exchanging marriage vows on June 14, 2016. It was an intimate marriage that might have been witnessed by their family and close colleagues. 

The wedding ceremony picture of Karla Panini and  Américo Garza.
The wedding ceremony picture of Karla Panini and  Américo Garza. (Source: Instagram @ kpaninimx)

Panini and Garza are always the center of controversy due to their relationship. Américo was the husband of her ex-best friend Karla Luna and she is accused of stealing her best friend's partner. 

Although the controversies and criticism of the public, Panini and Garza have shared six years. They show no sign of divorce and are moving forward to spend more years.  

The Former Married Life Of Panini

Karla Panini was formerly married to Oscar Burgos before marrying  Américo Garza. They shared their lives for almost five years before splitting and parting ways with each other in 2013.

Panini and Burgos's romantic interest developed during their meeting on the set of En Cabina Live. Oscar was the one making the marriage proposal on the live airing of El Club.

Karla Panini with her ex-husband Oscar Burgos.
Karla Panini with her ex-husband Oscar Burgos. (Source: La Columnaria Blog)

The ex-couple Panini and Burgos tied their wedding knot by walking down the aisle in 2008. They didn't throw a big party and was an intimate marriage ceremony among families. 

The reason for Panini and Burgos was her extramarital relationship with her best friend's spouse Garza. Her unreasonable activity left Burgos to end their marital life divorcing in 2013. 

What About The Kids Of Panini?

Karla Panini is experiencing motherhood raising four kids. She is the mother of four kids and their names are Cesar Gabriel, Isabella, Sara, and Victoria Garza.

The pictures of Kalra Panini's three daughters and a son.
The pictures of Kalra Panini's three daughters and a son. (Source: Instagram @ kpaninimx)

Panini often loves to share pictures with her children on her Instagram handle. She is seen posting multiple pictures with her and fans admires the love showcased toward her children. 

All of them are young and haven't pursued any professional careers as of now. They might be focused on their studies and developing different hobbies plus interests. 

Discover Panini's Hidden Fortune: A Net Worth Breakdown 

Karla Panini has been able to make an estimated net worth of $1 million similar to Joshua Omaru Marley. She has earned this handful amount of wealth through her television hosting career and other works. 

Panini must have earned some decent amount of money from the show Las Lavanderas. In that show, she portrayed the role of Lavandea Guera who became a loved character. 

Karla Panini with Juan Ramón Palacios Chapa during her appearance at Desvelados_Tv. (Source: Instagram @ kpaninimx)

The lady is also the co-host of the podcast Mal Influencers MX from which she earns some money. You can find this podcast on Youtube under the username@Mal Influencers MX. 

Panini is a private person when it comes to sharing the details of her income sources. She hasn't shared any details on her real estate properties and other business ventures right now.   

Breaking Point: How Karla Panini and Karla Luna Went from Friends to Foes

Karla Panini and Karla Luna were best friends who were popularly known as Las Lavanderas. However, their friendship turned sour with time due to several reasons.

Panini had an affair with her best friend Luna's husband Américo Garza.  Panini and Garza's affair was known to Luna through the text messages exchanged between them.

 After the affair was revealed, Garza divorced Luna and married Panini. She allegedly stole Karla Luna's husband and took over her show which worsened their friendship.

Luna has forgiven Garza and Panini saying she couldn't remain part of their lives. The relationship between Panini and Luna's families remains strained even after her passing due to cancer in 2017. 

Learn About Karla Panini's Bio In Brief 

Karla Panini was born to her parents on December 21, 1979, and is in her early 40s. She is the daughter of Jose Francisco Panini and Martha Murillo who raised her in Monterrey, Mexico. 

The professional career and personal life of her parents aren't detailed and are private. She wasn't the only child and has shared her childhood with three siblings but their names aren't available. 

Explore The Details On Criticism Faced By Panini 

As noted earlier, Panini was the center of criticism for her feud with Karla Luna. The hatred toward her even worsened from the general public side when Luna died of cancer in 2017. 

After Luna's death, Garza took his kid to live with him and Panini which escalated hate towards her even more. People opposed separating the girls from their maternal grandparents due to that. 

Panini faced a flood of hate from fans, including celebrities such as Isabel Lascuráin and Consuelo Duval. They accused the comedian of adultery on shows like Netas Divinas.

Does Panini Stay Active On The Social Media Platforms?

The celebrity personality Panini is an avid user of social media platforms. She is often seen active on social media connecting and sharing updates about her life. 

Panini uses all of the social media platforms to maintain her influence. You could see her available on social handles like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

The Instagram post was shared by Karla Panini.
The Instagram post was shared by Karla Panini. (Source: Instagram @ kpaninimx)

For those people looking for her Instagram, Panini is available under the username@kpaninimx. She has amassed a decent following of 100k on her official Instagram handle. 

You could be Panini active on the video social platform Youtube under the username@KarlaPaniniMX just like Twan Kuyper. She has built a community of over 7k on her Youtube sharing entertaining content. 

Did Panini Use Hatered In A Beneficial Way?

Karla Panini indeed decided to capitalize financially on the insults she received. Moreover, she came with a T-shirt line with the phrase "We hate you, Panini." 

Panini's idea of this T-shirt line wasn't well received by several people. The idea of monetizing hatred was widely regarded as absurd and unthinkable from the point of view of the general public. 

The success of Panini's merchandise remains uncertain, but curiosity likely drove many to buy. Her actions and reactions revealed her thick-skinned nature, unaffected by the hate she received.

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