Kate Abdo and Ramtin Abdo Married Life 2010

Thu Jan 30 2020
By   Manish

A true man and a faithful woman stay on a life-long journey with thriving all their love, commitment, companionship to look for new ways to show love in the same way they used to prefer at the starting of their marital life. Kate Abdo andRamtin Abdo are an example of this kind of union of two good people who are carrying a blissful marriage with mutual understandings and courage.

American broadcaster Kate and her husband, Ramtin, a real estate agent are collecting the most adventurous moments of their life while visiting new and exotic places. So, what is happening in the couple's love life? Find more details about Abdo's exciting things illustrated below.

The Marital Partners, Kate & Ramtin's Mysterious Bond

2014 & 2015 FIFA Ballon d'Or host Kate and her husband, Ramtin, who is a native of Germany, are keeping their marital life close to themselves. Nevertheless, their fans are curious to see them in the public's attention, but it seems like they come out the curtains to be a showstopper; otherwise, they aren't familiar to be high profile personalities.

Back in 2010, the beautiful pair exchanged their wedding vows quietly in a private ceremony. The bridegroom enjoyed the night of their nuptials with their wedding guests who are very close to their hearts.

 The American broadcaster Kate Abdo is married to her husband, Ramtin Abdo since, 2010.
Snap:  The American broadcaster Kate Abdo is married to her husband, Ramtin Abdo since, 2010.
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Following the blissful wedding ceremony, the married couple is fond of sharing their company without coming out in the eyes of the media. The soulmates recently celebrated their one-decade long marital bond. Just like them, Moon Bloodgood and her spouse, Grady Hall celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary as well.

Despite Marrying Ramtin, Kate Has A Male Bestfriend

The 39-year-old broadcaster, Kate is a best friend of an American radio personality, Barak Bess, who frequently appears on Sirius XM Fight Nation radio station. The BFFs were first spotted in a 4-star hotel, MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV on 23rd July 2019.

Kate never misses a chance to share pictures with her best friend, Barak on her social networking accounts. Bess also adores her a lot more than any other woman. The close friends recently visited Malibu, California to celebrate Bess's birthday on 29th January 2020.

Kate Abdo with her best friend, Barak Bess in Malibu, California on 29th January 2020. Does the BFFs are dating partners?
Photo: Kate Abdo and her best friend, Barak Bess 
Source: Instagram @kateabdo

Several media tabloids rumored that Kate is secretly linked into an affair with Barak. But, the rumors didn't succeed after Kate proclaimed that she and her BFF are only close friends who love to quality spend time in their spare time.

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