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Wed Nov 09 2022
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Kate DeAraugo is a singer-songwriter who hails from Bendigo, Australia. She is a personality who came to fame after winning the Australian Idol in 2005. Born on November 5, 1985, she is also a part of the platinum-selling girl band Young Divas, which disbanded in 2008.

The Idol was forgotten after getting caught in severe cases. However, she suddenly became a hot topic after making an appearance with her announcement of her pregnancy.

Net Worth

The physical figures of the income and net worth of Kate DeAraugo are not disclosed to the public. But it is well known that Kate has acquired quite a reasonable sum of money through her career. If it weren't for her mistakes, she might have been one of the artists in the mainstream music industry.

Kate DeAraugo during an event. Source: TheSenior

Though her music career did not grow as was expected, she seems to have recovered from her past and has been doing well. Assumingly, her net worth might be over $500 thousand.

Stopped Social Media

Kate DeAraugo used to promote her music through all sorts of social media sites. However, she stopped using social media not long after she got into scandals, and she has been gone till now.

On Instagram, she has an account under the username @kdearaugo with a few followers over 1k. She also has accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Her Twitter account is under the same username, @KDeAraugo, while her Facebook account is under the username @Kate DeAraugo.

Kate DeAraugo Got Arrested For Possession Of Crystal Meth

Kate faced the court on October 4, 2017, after getting arrested for drug driving, possession of drugs, and weapon offenses. On her next hearing, on November 15, she pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a maximum of 15 years of jail, and her license was terminated.

The picture of Kate DeAraugo leaving the court
Kate DeAraugo leaving the court. Source: Bega District News

The downfall of the singer started after she was caught up twice in a drug-driving case. On June 15, 2017, Kate got arrested in Shepparton when she was driving and got tested on Ice (Crystal Methamphetamine) and the results showed that she was positive. On further investigation of her car, the cops found more packets of the drug, a tomahawk axe, and a large knife. 

Then, again in September, she was found driving with bags of ice in her handbag as well as a knife though she claimed the knife to be antique. And she was arrested again for possessing drugs, weapon offenses, and drug driving.

Kate Auditioned Twice Before Winning

Before Kate became the winner of Australian Idol, she had already auditioned for season 1 and season 2. However, she didn't make it through both times and failed the audition. 

Even after her failure both times, she didn't give up and headed to Gold Coast, Queensland, from her hometown Bendigo, Victoria, where she took vocal lessons with Venetta Fields as her mentor. Then, she auditioned for the show for the third time.

Kate DeAraugo in Australian Idol.
Kate DeAraugo in Australian Idol. Source: heraldsun

Maybe the failure was for good because she might not have won the show if she hadn't failed those auditions.

Kate's Dad Contributed To Her Win

The information regarding early life and parents of Kate is not revealed. However, according to the source, her father was a businessman and car dealer in her hometown of Bendigo. 

And when Kate was participating in the Idol, her father created a publicity stunt all over Victoria with "Vote for Kate" stickers and buttons. Undoubtedly, this caused people's hearts to melt and partly contributed to Kate winning the Australian Idol. 

Career Before Her Disappearance

Soon after winning the Australian Idol in 2005, she was signed by Sony BGM. Under Sony BGM, she released her debut single named, Maybe Tonight in the same year, 2005, which peaked at the no. 1 position on the ARIA Charts. The single became a huge hit and soon gained platinum status. 

After releasing her single, she released her debut album named, A Place I've Never Been in December of the same year, which became another hit and went Platinum. Then, Kate joined a band called Young Divas and became a member of the platinum-selling girl group. Though the group succeeded in the music industry, the group decided to disband in 2008 due to unknown reasons.

Kate Met Her Partner On Dating App

Kate DeAraugo is currently in a relationship with Shannon Riseley. Shannon is said to be a builder who hails from Melbourne. The meeting happened after her career on Australian Idol and after she was convicted of several charges. 

Kate DeAraugo and her partner
Kate DeAraugo and Shannon Riseley. Source: DailyMail

The romantic couple Kate and Shannon met in 2019 through a dating app called Bumble. It was revealed that Shannon had no idea of fame of Kate when they first met.

Kate Had Shannon For Her Tough Times

After her conviction, Kate went through years of therapy for her mental health issues. Even after those years of treatment, she revealed that she sometimes lacks confidence and forgets patience, but she has also learned to overcome the feelings through her practice of kindness. 

The former reality star Kate announced that she has leaned on her partner, Shannon, for support. 

'I'm a big advocate for therapy and being able to talk to people. I think deep down everybody should have a person. I couldn't do it all on my own. I needed to help to understand things,' Kate said. 

Kate Is Pregnant

Kate DeAraugo pregnancy
Kate DeAraugo and Shannon Riseley revealed their pregnancy with the baby's sonogram. Source: Daily Mail

Recently, in September, Kate announced that she was already thirty-two weeks pregnant. By this time, maybe she has already given birth. However, she has not disclosed the news to the media. 

In the reveal, Kate said she has been working hard to prepare for the challenge. She said,

I certainly have a lot more acceptance than I ever have had. Is it perfect? No. But it's a work in progress, and being pregnant has certainly challenged me and I think a lot of women will be able to relate to that.

Kate Hopes To Raise Her Child Well 

Kate DeAraugo with her partner Shannon Riseley. Source: Women's Day/ Philip Castleton

Along with the pregnancy reveal, Kate told Woman's Day that she wants to raise the child happily without letting him go through the pain and insecurities that she went through herself. She said:

My greatest hope is that I can raise a little human to be all the things I am now, and not have to go through all the insecurities I went through as a kid and an adult.

Kate Advocates Of Anti-Bullying

Though Kate has been caught up in numerous convictions, she was a decent person. She was a part of Lifeline, a non-profit foundation in Australia that provides 24-hour free telephone crisis support services. 

And the sources also claim that she has been a strong anti-bullying advocate.


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