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Comedian, Actress, Model, Host (1981)
Fri Feb 10 2023
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Kate Quigley has made quite a name for herself with her humor. The professional comedian is a thriving artist in the industry, which has historically been known to be male-dominated.

Quigley is from Canton, Ohio, born on December 12, 1981. Apart from making others laugh, she is also an actress and a model.

Is She Currently Seeing Anyone?

Kate Quigley is single and is not seeing anyone for the time being. But it doesn't mean she has no dating history. Her most recent relationship was with the singer and songwriter Darius Rucker

The flame between them died out quickly as the relationship couldn't last even a year. Their split became even messier when Darius commented on her drug overdose incident. She called out her ex-boyfriend for not even calling her once.

She has her arms around him as they are taking the selfie.
Kate Quigley with her ex-boyfriend Darius Rucker (Source: Page Six)

Quigley has a long history when it comes to dating. She has previously dated Chris Bukowski, Erik Myers, Bobby, and Jackson Mcqueen.

Married At Nineteen

Quigley gave a shocking revelation about her life when she revealed that she used to be married at one point. The surprising part isn't the marriage, but the time she married. She was already a married woman at the age of nineteen.

She married her high school boyfriend, whose name has been kept under wraps. He was even okay with relocating to Chicago for her education. They were young and immature when they married, and those marriages usually go nowhere. That also happened to them, as they eventually broke up because of career and ambitions differences.

The model hasn't revealed the time and date of their marriage and divorce. But, she has disclosed that their marriage lasted for a decade.

Body Measurement

Quigley has many professions, and one of them is modeling. The industry demands you to take good care of her body which she does. She seems confident about her body and doesn't hesitate to flaunt it for the camera.

She is wearing a Christmas sweater in the picture.
Kate Quigley taking a selfie in front of the mirror (Source: Instagram @kateqfunny)

Her height isn't considered ideal per industry standards, as the model stands at 5 Feet and 5 Inches (165 cm). Her size is helped by her slim body weighing 115 lbs (52 kg). 

If you show her picture to anyone that doesn't know her, they will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the woman was born in the 80s. She looks suitable for her age.

Net Worth & Earnings of Quigley

Kate Quigley is popularly known as a comedian. But she is pretty much a jack of all trades. Apart from making money with her humor, she is also a model, actress, and host. It's no wonder the woman has amassed a fortune, with her estimated net worth being $3 million.

Apart from her major works, she is also a social media influencer. She generates a lot of income for herself through the internet as well. 

Near-Death Experience and the Death Of Her Friends

Quigley loves making others laugh with her jokes, but behind her happy face is a tragic event she experienced that she doesn't show to her audiences. She faced a near-death experience while losing her three friends, Fuquan Johnson, Enrico Colangeli, and Natalie Williamson.

The reason for their death was a drug overdose. She gave everyone more insight into the tragedy while taking in an interview with the Red Label Talk. She revealed that she and her friends had consumed cocaine mixed with fentanyl, a potent substance that also took the life of Truett McKeehan.

She revealed that she didn't know her friends had died as they all looked asleep. She realized something was a bit off when she threw next to her friend Rico, and he didn't wake up. She said:

I called my uncle, I still thought Rico was okay until I threw a shoe at the door next to him and he didn't wake up, I started to panic and two minutes later my uncle walked in and immediately he walked over touched him and he was cold and called 911.

The comedian survived and seemed to be doing better with her life. But that night changed her life forever, as it would be hard for anyone to forget and move on from something like that. She talked about the incident to her fans on Twitter, where she said:

I am still shocked & devastated by the loss of my friends Fu, Rico, and Natalie, words cannot describe the pain I am feeling & I will be changed forever by their passings.

She Is A YouTuber

Kate Quigley likes to dip her hands in everything. She has already worked in many professions, and you can also add YouTuber to that list.

Her YouTube channel is called just her name, Kate Quigley. Her channel has various videos, from portions of her stand-up comedy to her awards-hosting monologue. But the most popular content on her channel is her podcast "#Date Fails."

They both are wearing a black headphone with mic Infront of them.
Kate Quigley with Aidan Park on the podcast (Source: YouTube @Kate Quigley)

Her podcast #Date Fails different celebrities of all backgrounds, and as the podcast name suggests, talks about dating fails and relationship advice, among others.

What Is Her Education?

No one can deny Kate Quigley is a humorous woman. She has established herself in the comedy scene. However, her first dream had always been to become an actor.

She even studied theatre to craft her skill and learn more about it. The woman did her education at Chicago College of Performing Arts, earning the same degree as Allison Siko, i.e., a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Unfortunately, it just wasn't meant to be her. It's a shame her acting career never took off, and we never really got to explore her versatility and range. But it wasn't all bad, as she has played acting roles in her career. Did you know that she was also featured in an episode of the hugely successful show The Office? She played a part as a casino waitress in one of the episodes.

She Supports Los Angeles Rams

The comedian Quigley is huge into American football. She loves the game and is a massive supporter of the Los Angeles Rams, the football team based in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area.

She has attended the stadium to watch her favorite team numerous times. She first participated at the stadium to support them in 2016. She also made some people roll their eyes that day with her dress. She wasn't wearing any top apart from her scarf that day.

What's Wrong with Men? actress Quigley experienced one of the best moments of her life when her team, the Rams, won the Super Bowl in 2022. The team won against Cincinnati Bengals. She posted a picture on her Instagram with the caption that said:

Idk if y'all heard, but the blue team won...Condolences to my buddy, but your Bengals fought like hell!!!!! What a game. #superbowl2022 #ramshouse

The selfie is taken at the stadium and she looks happy.
Kate Quigley with her friend after the Rams won the Super Bowl (Source: Instagram @kateqfunny)

Social Media Presence

Quigley is on social media and actively uses her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We don't know if she likes to be addressed as an influencer, but she certainly does act like one.

She regularly posts on all three platforms, but Twitter and Instagram seem her favorite. She posts all sorts of things, from jokes and skits to having fun. Her social media handles are Instagram @kateqfunny, Twitter @KateQFunny, and Facebook @Kate Quigley.


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