Fox News host, Katherine Timpf aged 31 isn't married but the 1.65m tall anchor is in a relationship!

Sun Mar 22 2020
By   Selena

As we all know, love is the purest and beautiful feeling that one must feel to experience the joy of life. Without love a person is like a flowerless tree with no fruit. And, one of the beautiful hosts of Fox News, Katherine Timpf feels the happiest person alive with her partner now.

The American columnist, reporter, and comedian, Katherine has frequently appeared on Fox News Channel's "The Greg Gutfeld Show." She often hosts her one show "The Kat Timpf Show," airing on Barstool Sports. Katherine also hosts the Fox News Radio podcast "Tyrus and Timpf" with professional wrestler, Tyrus. But what's going on her love of life, let's find out whether she's married to a husband or still dating.

Dating to Veteran Boyfriend, Cameron Frish

As of now, the 1.65m tall columnist Katherine Timpf is an unmarried woman. However, she is reportedly dating her partner, Cameron Frish, who is a military veteran. Although she is very secretive revealing her partner's details to the media, she enjoys a happy dating life with him.

Katherine Timpf reportdely dating a military veteran boyfriend, Cameron Frish for about a year
Picture: Katherine Timpf  with her dad and her partner.
Source: Instagram @kattimpf

Nevertheless, Katherine, 31 often shares various hanging out an image with Frish on her social media including Twitter and Instagram. Now, going through her Instagram post, she once posted of their hugging photo for the first time with Fish on March 17, 2019, captioning, "Some a-hole stole my glasses". 

Since then, the NBC reporter is seen sharing many adorable photos with her husband to be, Cameron. Similarly, she twitted on August 17, 2019, mentioning: 

My boyfriend is a veteran and whenever we are in a fight and I realize I am wrong I just abruptly thank him for his service and expect the whole thing to be forgotten because of the power of my patriotism

Thus, the chemistry between them shows that how lucky and fortune couple they are. For now, though, this stunning pair has yet to formally become a husband and wife, however, they appear each other's lots just like other media celebrities Diana Olick and Lara Lewington.

American TV personality, Katherine Timpf and Cameron Frish at Yellowstone Club on August, 18 2019
Image: American TV personality, Katherine Timpf, and Cameron Frish at Yellowstone Club on August 18, 2019
Source: Instagram @kattimpf

So far, Timpf and her handsome plus tall boyfriend Cameron may agree to commit to being and settling permanently. But for now on, they appear to lead a happy life together as a girlfriend and husband only.

Rumored Two Boyfriends

Before falling in love with Frish, Timpf was rumored to dating a photographer, Blake, whom she had encountered in college. After year of dating, they both went their separate ways to break up.

But reporters mention Blake is her platonic friend, not a boyfriend.

Similarly, the Hillsdale College's graduated reportedly had a love affair with Internet stuff of CQ, Joel Pavelski. Although the exes have gone through ending things, they still share good bonding as good friends.

 Katherine Timpf is still on good terms with former Boyfriend, Joel Pavelski
Snap: Katherine Timpf took a picture with Joel Pavelski on January 9, 2020
Source: Instagram @kattimpf

Scrolling her Instagram post, Timpf still shared photos with her former boyfriend, Joel. Recently on, July 25, 2019, she took a picture over Instagram with Pavelski with the caption "Hi look at how extremely cute we are". 

Rumors of Getting Married

Some online sources claimed that the Fox News reporter is getting married in August 2018. But this is not what most people would imagine; she discussed marrying her phone not her husband.

Yeah, her phone, probably because she's too busy with it and she's been going to the point of posting a photo of her fiddling with her gadget on Instagram with the caption hinting explicitly at her intention to marry her phone.

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