Is Katie Nolan Married? Learn All About Her Romance With Dan Soder

Thu Jul 15 2021
By   Selena

Katie Nolan is a world-famous sports journalist based in America. She is known for her work on various sports networks including ESPN and Fox Sports. Other than this, Nolan has acquired a decent following for her work as an internet personality and comedian. 

Nolan is known for her unique reporting style which includes a lot of comic relief. In fact, she is popular as a comedic host. However, she is secretive about her personal life and there is very little information about her romantic involvements in the media. Read more to find out. 

Is Katie Nolan Dating Actor Dan Soder? 

The sports reporter Katie Nolan is not married. According to various sources, the reporter is reported to be dating her boyfriend, Dan Soder, the 38-year-old comedian.

Katie Nolan And Dan Soder Are Dating Eachother Since At Least 2019
Caption: Katie Nolan And Dan Soder Are Dating Eachother Since At Least 2019
Source: New York Post

38, Soder and Nolan, 34, reportedly met through their interest and involvement in comedy. Soder has made a lot of appearances on her shows over the years. In fact, they are both sports comedians and commentators. 

They posted pictures of each other on social media and reports of their romance first surfaced back in May 2020. The relationship was later confirmed after Nolan spoke about it on her podcast later. 

The pair have not commented further about their romance, as per reports they enjoy a fun relationship with lots of playfulness. They have also not spoken about taking their relationship to the next level. 

Besides her love life, ESPN2's Always Late host tries to balance her career with her romantic life and seems focused on her reporting. In fact, she won the Sports Emmy Award in 2016 for her excellent journalism. 

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Who Is Dan Soder?

Dan Soder is a multitalented American comedian, actor and radio host who started his career as a stand-up and has made his way into the mainstream show business. 

Soder was born on June 24, 1983, and is 38 years old as of July 2021. He was born in Hartford, Connecticut, U.S. He is an American by nationality and is White by ethnicity. 

Dan Soder Starred As Mafee on Showtime Drama Series Billions
Caption: Dan Soder Starred As Mafee on Showtime Drama Series Billions 
Source: YouTube

He is best known for his role Mafee on the hit sports-based series ‘Billions’ where he stars with actors such as Paul Giamatti, Jeffrey DeMunn and Damian Lewis. His role in the show made him an international name. 

Soder was popular before his role on the show but his role on the critically acclaimed series skyrocketed his fame.

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