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Fri May 06 2022
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American writer and editor, Katie Way came to limelight after writing a controversial story about a twenty-three years old girl, Grace's affair with a famous comedian, Aziz Ansari. She is also notable for her work with the edit daily web content, Cannabis Now.

Katie was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, United States. Moreover, Way is an American by her nationality, and her ethnicity is Caucasian white.

Recently, Katie published a story on the Babe website highlighting supposed sexual misconduct by a television personality, Aziz Ansari against a twenty-three years old girl, Grace. Currently, she is hired by Vice as a senior writer.

Relationship Status: Single

Katie Way is reportedly living a single life and isn't involved in any relationship as of now. She has an outspoken personality, but in the case of her love life, she is quite secretive.

Katie Way is playing with her newly born nephew
Photo: Katie Way is playing with her newly born nephew.
Source: @k80way

Nevertheless, Katie is currently focusing on her work while succeeding the path of her writing career, which might be the reason why she isn't in an intimate relationship.

Net worth- $150 Thousand

Katie Way makes an impressive sum of money from her profession and her net value is $150 thousand as of 2019. Similarly, shearns a salary of $80 Thousand annually.

Katie is currently working with Seth FerrantiShane Smith, and Rocco Castoro, among others in the Vice magazine. So, Ferranti and Smith have a net worth of $500 Thousand and $1.27 Billion.

Academic Qualification

Katie Way enrolled at Yorktown High School in 2009, where she became an active member in National Honors Society and featured in the school's literary magazine.

Katie Way with her tutor during the time of graduation
Image: Katie Way with her tutor during the time of graduation. 
Source: @k80way

Katie later attended the Northwestern University where she received Bachelors in Journalism and Creative Writing in 2017. She attends German language and Literature at Humboldt University since 2015.

Working as an Intern

Katie Way started working as an editorial intern for a publishing company, Scrap Magazine located in Washington D.C. Metro Area in 2013. Later, she served for the nonprofit headquarter, In These Times in 2016. Likewise, Kelly Jane Torrance and David Remnick also interned before pursuing their professional career.

Becoming a Skilled Writer

Katie Way got her writing skills as an intern for various magazines and editorials. As working very proficiently, she received an opportunity to work as a writer for Northwestern University in 2016.

Katie Way on set of CBS' Babe
Picture: Katie Way on the set of CBS' Babe. 
Source: Hollywood LA News

At the beginning of 2017, Katie became an editor for the Rolling Stone Magazine where she assisted with administrative talks and worked closely with the entire editorial team. She also worked for many websites like Inverse, Cannabis Now, etc.

Overnight Fame From Article On Aziz Ansari

Katie Way wrote an article, "I went on a date with Aziz Ansari. It turned into the worst night of my life". The article is about a twenty-three-year-old, Grace, a Brooklyn-based photographer who came for a date with fifty years old, Ansari.

The two flirted and danced for a little. Later, she put her number in Aziz's phone. Eventually, the date didn't go smoothly after how he behaved. Grace wrote a long text to Ansari, 

"I just want to take this moment to make you aware of the behavior and how uneasy it made me." 

In response to the message, Ansari wrote, 

"Clearly, I misread things at the moment, and I'm truly sorry."

After the incident, Katie then spoke to Grace about how the Master of None's star showed his support for the fight against sexual assault and harassment. She also meets up with Ansari to talk about his date with Grace. During their time, he said about his date with Grace as a beautiful, warm night.

Photo: Aziz Ansari with her date on the right side
Photo: Aziz Ansari with her date on the right side. 
Source: Babe

On 16th September 2019, Katie got an opportunity to work with a Canadian-American print magazine, VICE. So, she is currently working with the magazine.

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