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American Journalist, Magazine editor, Author (1958)
Tue Mar 28 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of David Remnick

Wife : Esther Fein
David Remnick and Esther Fein took the weeding vows on 1987.

American writer and journalist, David Remnick is the renowned journalist of the respectable magazine of the United States, New Yorker, and The Washington Post. The phenomenal writer and editor is also a Pulitzer Prize-Winning author to a non-fiction book, Lenin's Tomb: The Last Days of the Soviet Empire. 

Remnick was born to a Jewish family in Hackensack, New Jersey, on October 29, 1958. Being raised in Hillsdale, the graduate of Princeton University was always surrounded by heaps of books to keep him busy. This could be the reason Remnick always had the book writing spirit within him.

A Jewish Wedding Ceremony of David and Esther

The overachiever editor of the New Yorker and Esther Fein, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hyman William Fein of Monsey, tied the knot in front of their beloved ones in Manhattan in 1987. The sacred ceremony took place in Lincoln Square Synagogue. Remnick's other half, Esther Fein worked as a reporter for the New York Times and The Washington Post.

David Remnick with his wife Esther Fein attended the New Yorker Event
Image: David Remnick with his wife Esther Fein at The New Yorker event
Source: Zimbio

The heaven made couple are blessed with three children named Alex Remnick, Noah Remnick, and Natasha Remnick. No bitter rumors or news are heard about the couple. The Remnick Family must be living peacefully with a home filled with love and laughter.

Net Worth of Remnick

The New Yorker magazine is among the renowned magazines in the United States. Working for more than a couple of decades as its editor, David must have gathered a hefty amount of wealth. David Remnick earns the envying salary of $1 Million per year along with a fancy limousine from the company. In 2005, Remnick was one of the highest-earning Editors in the US.

Apart from being the editor, he also receives big sums from writing books that are loved by millions of people. Although Remnick's net worth is estimated in millions of dollars, Mr. and Mrs. Remnick with three children is living a luxurious life in New York City.

Always Wanted To Be A Writer, David Remnick

The American journalist always wanted to write novels after graduation. Unfortunately, difficult times strike him; the ill health of his parents compelled him to get a job to support the family. Though David didn't write novels then but still chose journalism as his career. It became a win-win situation to him, being a breadwinner and a writer which he always loved to do. 

David Remnick, the editor of The New Yorker magazine in an interview with Marc Smirnoff, the Oxford American's editor and founder at Oxford American Summit for Ambitious Writers.
Photo: David Remnick at The Oxford American Summit for Ambitious Writers. 
Source: Oxford American

The 34-year-old Remnick worked as a writer in The Washington Post and the New Yorker. In 1988, Remnick got appointed as the Moscow Correspondent for The Washington Post. While being in Moscow, the man eye-witnessed the turbulent situation over there; the experience formed the contents for his book Lenin’s Tomb: The Last Days of the Soviet Empire (1993). Like Anna Quindlen, who is a former journalist and now an author, David found the way to pursue his career as a journalist and an author.

Some of his other exceptional works are Resurrection: the struggle for a new Russia (1997), King of the world: Muhammad Ali and the rise of an American hero (1998), The Bridge: the life and rise of Barack Obama (2010), etc.

Career as a Journalist

Shortly after graduating from Princeton University, David started working in Washington Post as a staff writer in 1982, just a couple of years after Anna Thompson started her career as a journalist. Remnick was assigned to cover the stories for the Metro, Sports and Style sections. After six years of working in the newspaper, the man achieved a tenure of four years as The Washington Post Moscow correspondent. 

The New Yorker magazine editor speaking at the New Yorker Conference in 2008
Picture: David Remnick Speaking at the New Yorker Conference. 
Source: Wikipedia

After collecting a bag full of experience from the previous work, the fluent Russian speaker put the next step in the New Yorker Magazine as a writer in 1992. The hard-working empathetic man got promoted to its editor in 1998. Under the direction and leadership of David, the New Yorker has now become a renowned magazine all over the world. Other prominent journalists like Anne Stringfield and Jane Mayer also work under the supervision of Remnick.

Achievement Over the Years of Remnick

The New Age Journalist received Pulitzer Prize for General Non-fiction for the Book Lenin's Tomb: The Last Days of the Soviet Empire in 1944. David was honored with the title "Editor of the Year" by Advertising Age in 2000 and 2016.

Apart from personal honors, the New Yorker Magazine won forty-eight National Magazine Awards under his leadership. In 2016, the magazine became successful in winning the Pulitzer Prize


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