Katya Irinia Stambler

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Tue Feb 20 2024
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Katya Irinia Stambler is a well-known celebrity kid who came to prominence as the daughter of the famous actress, Victoria Tennant. Since her birth, Stambler has been one of the topics for many media and paparazzi.

Born in 1998, Katya is the eldest child of Kirk Justin Stambler and Victoria. In this article, let's delve deep into Stambler's life and know her relationship details, net worth, and more.

Current Relationship Status - Single

The star kid Katya is currently single; however, her personal life is very much a mystery. Due to large media attention, she is barely seen in the camera frame. The talented daughter of Victoria Tennant surely follows the path of her mother.

Victoria Tennat Son and daughter
Victoria Tennant with her children
Source: Zimbio

As of now, her relationship status is still marked as single. Maybe the future star is deeply focused on her career rather than her love life. Currently, she is pursuing her studies and will shortly complete her graduation. Furthermore, she is still young, wild, and is ready to give a surprise to the world.

So, should we take a jump towards her parent's love life?

Parents Are Not Less Than Romeo

Katya's parents, Kirk and Victoria's paths crossed back in 1995. Within two or three dates, the couple was very much impressed by each other. Finally, after enjoying one year of togetherness, the pair decided to exchange their wedding vows. 

Victoria Tennant husband. Flowers in the attic
Victoria Tennant with her husband, Kirk Justin Stambler
Source: Gettyimages

Their wedding took place at the Town Hall, where Mayor Bruno Margras of Gustavia, St.-Barthelemy, officiated the ceremony. In that period of time, Kirk was the counsel for special projects and for business and acquisitions at Warner Brothers in Burbank, California, while Victoria had already appeared in the film, L.A. Story with Steve Martin

As of now, the pair have been married for over 24 years and have another child, Nikolai Stambler, beside Katya. Currently, the family of four is living a very happy and prosperous lifestyle.

Mother, Victoria Tennant's all failed marriages

As a beautiful actress, Katya Irinia's mother has grabbed the attention of many men during her young age. At that time, she dated lots of the wealthiest personalities and married some of them. In 1969, she exchanged her wedding vows with nightclub owner Peppo Vanini. The couple parted in a mutually accepted divorce.

The Golden Globe Awards nominee actress Victoria further tied the wedding knot to Matthew Chapman, who was a writer and director in 1978. However, it resulted in separation in 1982, when both signed their divorce paper happily. 

New Love, New Hope for Victoria

On the sets of All of Me, Tennant found her love again in her co-star, Steve Martin. The celebrity duo started dating soon, and all of the fans were happy for them. After some months of dating, the two tied the nuptial knot on 20 November 1986.

Victoria Tennant movies
Victoria Tennant and Steve Martin during LA Story
Source: IMDB

The star couple frequently came to media attention due to their elegance. Unfortunately, the marriage came to an end after the pair enjoyed eight years of togetherness in 1994. As of now, Steve is married to a writer, Anne Stringfield, while Victoria is happy with her fourth husband.

Relishing On Her Parent's Wealth For Now

As a beautiful actress, Katya's mother has an estimated net worth of over $10 Million. She has also garnered an outstanding amount of fortune as a ballet dancer. Additionally, her starred movie L.A. Story collected a total of $28.9 Million worldwide.

Victoria starred in numerous films and TV series, and as a leading actress, she is surely being paid a good amount of remuneration for her most movies, which hit the millions and millions of dollars of the target. 

Victoria Tennant while at her young age
The young actress, Victoria Tennant
Source: Amazon

Furthermore, her husband, Kirk, is one of the known personalities in the Hollywood industry and has an estimated net worth of $5 Million. Her ex-husband, Steve, has gathered a total fortune of over $130 Million into his side.

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