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Tue Mar 14 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Kavan Smith

Wife : Corrine Clark
Kavan Happily Married To Corrine Clark On 2011.

Kavan Joel Smith, mostly known by his stage name Kavan Smith, is a Canadian actor. He goes under the alias The Canadian Chameleon. He is most recognized for his work in Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1 as Major Evan Lorne, The 4400 as Agent Jed Garrity, and When Call the Heart as Leland Coulter.

Please continue reading to learn more about Kavan Smith's whole family background, as well as the most information on her relationship status, financial worth, and professional credentials.

Is Kavan Smith Married?

Kavan Smith is a husband and father. He has a wife named Corrine Clark. Before they married, Corrine was already Kavan's girlfriend for a long time. 

The media-shy actor wants to stay low-profile. Apart from that, the actor avoids discussing his personal life.

Pascale And Kavan In Hallmark Channel feature, The Perfect Bride: Wedding Bells
Pascale Hutton and Kavan Smith On Set 
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While volunteering at a rehab clinic, the actor met his future wife. She had come in with a cough and was being treated with huevos rancheros. On May 3, 2011, Kavan Smith announced it on his Twitter account.

The couple has two gorgeous children and has been married for several years. Kavan Smith, like a few other celebrities, is private about his personal life. He has not exposed more details of his marital life to the public.

Meanwhile, many assumed a romantic relationship between Smith and his on-screen partner, Pascale Hutton, because of their roles in When Calls The Heart. 

Dedicated fans of the program have dubbed Kavan Smith and Pascale Hutton the greatest pair on TV, sparking speculation that they are married or at the very least romantically involved.

Kavan Smith's Career

Kavan Smith's professional career dates back to 1993. He began his career as a stage performer before moving into the film industry.

Photo Of Kavan Smith
Kavan Smith At The Event 
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He made a cameo in Destiny Ridge, a television drama series. This series was merely a stepping stone to his television career. 

Also, he featured in 29 episodes of the popular Stargate: Atlantis television series. This series was a science fiction series that mixed military and adventure elements. Major Evan Lorne was the character he was portraying.

He also appeared in two episodes of Stargate SG-1, where he played Major Lorne. 

In the year 2000, he starred in Mission to Mars, another adventure science fiction film. Kavan Smith has featured as a guest on several different television series. These are the ones.

Kavan Smith is well known for his part in Syfy's Eureka as Deputy Andy. He was a member of the Red: Werewolf Hunter film adaptation crew on SyFy. He shared the screen alongside Felicia Day.

Kavan Smith is currently working on When Calls the Heart, a Hallmark Channel series alongside Matthew Dowden. He has played the recurrent character of Leland Coulter in the drama series for years.

Kavan Smith's Net Worth

Kevan Smith has appeared in many films and television programs, accumulating hundreds of hours of screen time; this has provided him with a significant amount of money. 

His net worth is believed to be around $900,000, according to current estimations. Similarly, Clifton Murray, a well-known Canadian actor, has an estimated net worth of $2 Million as of 2021.

Canadian Actor Kavan Smith
Photo Of Kavan Smith 
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Kavan's monthly and yearly earnings, the principal source of income, cars, lifestyle, and other details have not been updated due to a lack of information on the internet.


Kavan Joel Smith was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on May 6, 1970. Following his parents' divorce when he was just five years old, their father and brother were reared in Alberta. 

He spent around eighteen months at the University of Calgary before enrolling in Mount Royal University's performing arts department.

Smith competed in football and martial arts throughout high school. His biggest interests, according to reports, were theater performances.

Kavan Smith allegedly skipped school on occasion to film and prepare his performances, which he and a buddy would subsequently perform around bus stations and retail malls.

Smith moved on to the University of Calgary to study Economics after high school. After a year and a half, he dropped out to pursue an arts education at Mount Royal University's performing arts department. 

Smith acquired an interest in reading and writing while he was there. While contentious at the time, his decision to drop out of Calgary proved to be life-changing. Smith would go on to become the well-known actor that he is today. 

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