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Celebrity Daughter (1965)
Mon Feb 05 2024
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Kelly Dale Anderson is a celebrity child who has been in the spotlight for being the daughter of Canadian-American singer and painter Joni Mitchell. She is well-recognized for her songs reflecting social and philosophical ideals. Similarly, her father, Brad MacMath, is famous as a Lensman. 

As a celebrity kid, she has always been in the spotlight, though she tries to maintain a distance from the media. People are always curious to know about her personal and professional life. So, we are here to talk about the most-talked celebrity child, Anderson, where we will reveal her age, love life, academic excellence, and many more. Please stick with us.

How Old Is Kelly Dale Anderson? Kelly's Age & Wiki

Kelly Dale Anderson came to this materialistic world on February 19, 1965, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. As aforesaid, she is the only child of singer Joni and her ex-boyfriend Brad. For further details, she holds Canadian nationality, and her star sign is Pisces.

Kelly Dale Anderson's father Brad MacMath and mother Joni Mitchell
Kelly Dale Anderson's father Brad MacMath and mother Joni Mitchell (Image Source: Amazon UK)

As per her academic excellence, she studied at The Bishop Strachan School. After that, she attended George Brown College, where she graduated with good marks. Then, she went to Harvard University and The University of Toronto for higher studies.

But after finishing up her education, Kelly kept mostly to herself. As such, much about her youth remains hidden from the limelight. Nevertheless, in 2023, Anderson reached the age of 58.

Kelly Dale Anderson Was Given Up For Adoption Shortly After Birth: But Why?

Yes, Kelly Dale Anderson was given up for adoption shortly after birth. The reason behind this was her biological mother was pregnant before marriage.

As a result, when the celebrity daughter was born, her beloved father refused to recognize her. So, Joni was forced to provide her daughter for adoption because of the financial crisis. 

Later, she was adopted by Canadian couple David Gibb and Ida Gibb. After that, she got a new name, Kilauren Gibb. Since then, she has lived with her adoptive parents and siblings.

However, it was difficult for Anderson as she spent most of her childhood finding her biological parents. 

How Did Mother & Daughter Reunite? Kelly Dale Anderson and her Mom

Well, Kelly Dale Anderson and her famous mother reunited with the help of the internet. Yes, some of Joni's fans posted information about her bitter past when she was forced to give up her daughter for adoption.

Within a few days, the celebrity daughter found the news. On a happy note, Kelly and her mother reunited in 1997 in Los Angeles.

Kelly Dale Anderson and her beautiful mother Joni Mitchell
Kelly Dale Anderson and her beautiful mother Joni Mitchell (Image Source: Stars Graph)

Furthermore, Anderson was thirty-two, and Joni was fifty-four when the mother and daughter first introduced each other. When asked about this, the daughter replied,

I met my mom for the first time in her kitchen, and she hugged me. It felt like I had gone away on a trip for a couple of months, and I was coming home.

Kelly Dale Anderson's Biological Parents Were Never Married

Kelly Dale Anderson's father, Brad MacMath, and mother, Joni Mitchell, started their relationship. They first introduced each other at award events. Since the first meeting, they knew they were made for each other and started dating.

Kelly Dale Anderson's Biological Mother Joni Mitchell was photographed as Joni played guitar.
Kelly Dale Anderson's Biological Mother Joni Mitchell was photographed as Joni played guitar. Source: Instagram

After that, everything was going well until the famous mother, Joni, discovered she was pregnant. Ever since the former duo faced many ups and downs in their love journey. As a result, in 1964, when Anderson was three months old, her father left her mother without any money. 

Henceforth, the duo never got a chance to get the tied knot. Although they planned to marry, it never happened because of Joni's unaccepted pregnancy and Brad's confusion. 

Kelly Dale Anderson's Mother, Joni Mitchell, Was Married Twice!

Yes! You read it right. Kelly Dale Anderson's mother, Joni Mitchell, married twice after separating from Anderson's father. But in both relationships Joni became unsuccessful. 

Anderson's mother, Mitchell, first exchanged her vows with Chuck Mitchell, folk singer and founder of Transparent Music. The former couple married on June 19, 1965, with a grand celebration. 

It is rumored that Joni tied the knot with her first husband only thirty-six hours after their first meeting. However, despite being happy in married life, the duo separated just two years after marriage. They officially divorced in 1967

Joni Mitchell and her first husband Chuck Mitchell
Joni Mitchell and her first husband Chuck Mitchell (Image Source: Iowa Source)

After that, singer Joni never thought of marrying again. Until Mitchell met singer and songwriter Larry Klein in 1982 on Wild Things Run Fast's set.

Larry and Joni became romantically involved and married the same year. Yes, they tied the knot on November 21, 1982

As aforesaid, this relationship also could not go further, and the husband-wife made their separate way in 1994. However, the reasons behind the separation are still a mystery. 

What Is Kelly Dale Anderson's Net Worth? 

Kelly Dale Anderson is very private when it comes to her personal life. As a result, her sources of income and net worth are unknown at the moment. However, peeking at her celebrity mother's fame and successful career, she seems to be living a lavish lifestyle just like Kim Gunn Gundy.

Moreover, her celebrity mother Joni Mitchell has an estimated net worth of $100 million successfully earned through her singing career. Besides this, her albums also assisted in making a massive fortune. As per reports, she is one of the wealthiest American singers.

Is Kelly Dale Anderson Single Or Married?

Kelly Dale Anderson is currently living a married life. Like her mom, Joni Mitchell, she once failed a marital relationship with her first husband, Paul Kohler

Paul and Kelly first tied the knot in 1992 and parted just after three years of their marriage, i.e., 1995. Unfortunately, no other details are available.

Kelly Dale Anderson, her child Daisy Joan Barrington and her mother Joni Mitchell
Kelly Dale Anderson, her child Daisy Joan Barrington, and her mother Joni Mitchell (Image Source: Joni Mitchell)

After that, the celebrity daughter met her beloved husband, Edward Barrington, in 1997. The same year, the duo started dating and got married with a grand celebration. Although the love birds had on-and-off relationships, they never got separated. 

As a result, Anderson and her husband are living a parental life. They share a lovely daughter named Daisy Joan Barrington, born in 1999. Also, they are the parents of one dear son named Marlin Barrington. However, his identity has yet to be revealed.

Social Media Presence Info 

Unlike other celebrities, Anderson is not fond of social media sites. As a result, she is not available on Instagram, Twitter, and other sites just like Carole Anne Leonard. However, we can see her recent photos on various online sites. 

It is also safe to assume that she is not friendly with the benefits of social media. But, we can find numerous fan page accounts of her, which her well-wishers could create. 


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