Kelly Slater's Wife: Kalani Miller, Learn about his love story with Kalani

Mon Mar 04 2024
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Kelly Slater is a name well-known in the surfing community. He is a professional surfer who has won the World Surf League champion eleven times. With an astonishing eleven World championships and fifty-six Championship Tour victories, Kelly is one of the greatest surfers of all time.

The surfing world champion has been in a long relationship with Kalani Miller. Despite being long-time partners, Kelly has a daughter with another woman. Are you curious to learn more about Kelly and his relationship? Keep scrolling down to find out.

Kalani Miller: Kelly's Long-Time Girlfriend

Kelly has been dating Kalani since 2006. The couple had a faithful encounter in San Diego. Kelly and Kalani met at the ASR trade show in 2006. However, they didn't start dating until 2008. Their shared love for surfing made it easier for them to connect and fall in love. Before dating Kalani, Kelly was rumored to have dated Cameron Diaz.

Kelly Slater together with his long time girlfriend Kalani Miller.
Kelly Slater together with his lonlong-timeg time girlfriend Kalani Miller.
Source: Instagram

Since then, the couple has been together for over fifteen years. Kalani supports her boyfriend, Kelly; she even accompanies him to his competitions. Kelly was seen with his girlfriend at the Margaret River Pro competition in 2023. The couple were spotted together at Perth Airport in Australia.

Despite being in a relationship for over fifteen years, the couple has yet to tie the knot. It's surprising that a couple who have been together for more than 15 years are not married, especially in an age filled with cheating and divorce. However, rumors about them getting engaged soon have been circulating.

Getting to Know Kalani Miller

Kalani is a fashion designer and a model. The surfing goat's girlfriend has been in the fashion sector for quite a while now. Apart from being a fashion designer and a model, Kalani is also a businesswoman and an entrepreneur. Kalani is known not just for her personal life but also for her entrepreneurial spirit. She plays a key role in MIKOH, a brand she co-founded with her sister Oleema Miller

Kalani Miller, the world champion surfer's girlfriend, posing for the camera.
Kalani Miller, the world champion surfer's girlfriend, posing for the camera.
Source: Instagram

MIKOH is a swimwear brand co-founded by sisters Oleema and Kalani Miller, known for its modern, feminine designs inspired by their upbringing in a family of surfers and their travels around the world. Oleema is the creative director and designer of the brand, while Kalani also plays a significant role in its success through her promotions.

Will Kelly Slater and Kalani Miller Tie the Knot Soon?

Kelly and Kalani have known each other for quite a while now. The two surfers met back in 2006 and started dating in 2008. Since then, they have been each other's backbone. However, the couple is still not married. During an interview with Graham Bensinger, Miller discussed her relationship with Slater, describing him as her "ride or die."

Kelly and Kalani on top of sand dunes.
Kelly and Kalani on top of sand dunes.
Source: Instagram

Although they have not set a date for marriage, she expressed confidence that it will happen someday. When asked if they were waiting for Slater to retire from surfing before focusing on family life, Miller agreed, noting the challenges of balancing competitive surfing with family. Additionally, she mentioned their desire for a family, aiming for two to three children, inspired by their own large families.

Kelly Slater Is a Father

The World Champion surfer has a daughter. Before meeting Kalani, Kelly was romantically connected with Tamara Mitchell. Kelly and Tamara share a daughter named Taylor Slater, born on June 6, 1996. There is limited information available about Tamara, but the opposite is true for Taylor.

Kelly Slater together with his daughter Taylor Slater.
Kelly Slater together with his daughter Taylor Slater.
Source: Pinterest

Not many know this but The surfer has a daughter. She is a graphics designer and a lifestyle photographer. Even though her father is quite famous, she tries to remain private and stay away from the media's eye. Taylor is married to Samuel Kelleher who she met on a flight.

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