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Thu Jul 20 2023
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Kim Tae-ri is a South Korean actress who is popular for her acting appearance in the movie Space Sweepers. She has been actively contributing to the showbiz industry for over a decade. 

The rumors of Tae-ri dating the South Korean actor Song Joong-ki will be explored in this article. The details on her professional, personal life, and net worth with other details are also noted down.

Untangling the Relationship Status of Tae-ri: Is She Still Single Or Has A Boyfriend? 

Kim Tae-ri leads a single life and doesn't have a husband or boyfriend sharing a romantic life. She falls among those who want to keep the details of a romantic affair under the wrap. 

No public domains have confirmed details on her present relationship details. She has managed to keep her private life well-guarded from the prying eyes of the media and the public.

The South Korean actress Kim Tae-ri presently enjoys her solo life.
The South Korean actress Kim Tae-ri presently enjoys her solo life. (Source: Instagram @ kimtaeri_official)

The lady's Instagram handle could provide no help in discovering her husband or boyfriend. She has tried to share minimal on Instagram and nothing special is shared about her romantic life. 

Tae-ri presently enjoys her single life and focuses on her professional career. She probably hasn't thought of romantic endeavors and has prioritized a rising acting career instead. 

Did Kim Tae-ri Share A Dating Life With Song Joong Ki? 

People have extensively searched if Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri shared a romantic relationship. These rumors have circulated among the general public developing curiosity among them. 

However, the dating rumors of Joong-ki and Tae-ri are completely false and it's only a fuss. They are both actors who have starred in the South Korean film Space Sweepers together. 

Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri at the premiere of Space Sweepers.
Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri at the premiere of Space Sweepers. (Source: GOKPOP)

Joong-ki and Tae-ri's dating rumors began circulating online after an alleged image. In that image, the two walking together along the streets of Paris were shared from behind but faces weren't revealed and it was confirmed that they were the ones. 

This is not the first time that the two actors Joong-ki and Tae-ri have faced dating rumors. Despite the rumors, both actor's agencies have denied that the two were in a romantic relationship.

The Secret Behind Kim Tae-ri's Wealth: Discover Her Astonishing Net Worth

Kim Tae-ri has been able to make an estimated net worth of at least $9 million similar to Alexis Ohanian. She has made this hefty wealth through her fortune in her acting career. 

Tae-ri has earned playing the role of Sook-Hee in the movie The Handmaiden which grossed $38.6 million. She also has earned playing as Goo San-Young in the television series Akgwi

Kim Tae-ri has accumulated a net worth of $9 million.
Kim Tae-ri has accumulated a net worth of $9 million. (Source: Instagram @ kimtaeri_official)

Kim will make money from her acting appearances in upcoming projects Jeong Nyeon and Oegye + in 2bu. She will continue to earn money through her acting work in films and TV Series. 

Tae-ri earns money through her modeling works and has even modeled for Italian luxury fashion house Prada. However, she hasn't revealed anything about her business ventures, real estate properties, and other income-adding sources. 

A Quick Tour Of Tae-ri's Bio/Wiki And Age

Kim Tae-ri was born into this world on April 24, 1990, and is the age of mid-20s as of now. She was raised by her parents in Seoul, South Korea but the details of their name is unknown. 

Tae-ri's parents might not like to have the unnecessary attention of media outlets and the public. Although they are private, it is known that they were supportive of her decision to pursue acting.

Kim was enrolled at Kyung Hee University for a bachelor's degree. She completed her graduation from that university majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication.

The Social Media Presence Of Tae-ri

The celebrity personality Tae-ri has maintained a notable social media presence. She keeps her fans engaged and connected to her life beyond the silver screen staying active on social sites.

The Instagram Post was shared by Kim Tae-ri.
The Instagram Post was shared by Kim Tae-ri. (Source: Instagram @ kimtaeri_official)

On Instagram, Kim Tae-ri's official under the handle @ kimtaeri_official with over 2 million followers. Her presence on social media remains consistent making posts quite often. 

Tae-ri actively shares glimpses of her personal and professional life creating a sense of intimacy with fans. She will continue to grow her social media presence with a rising acting career. 

Glance At The Physical Appearance Of Tae-ri

Kim Tae-ri is not only known for exceptional talent but also for her captivating physical appearance. She has a slender figure weighing around 46 kg and stands 5 feet 5 inches tall just like Ruth Horrocks.

Tae-ri's most striking features are her expressive and soulful black eyes matched with black hair. Her skin is known for its radiant and dewy glow, a testament to her diligent skincare routine and healthy lifestyle.

In addition to her facial features, Tae-ri's sense of style adds to her magnetic charm. The lady's radiant smile is contagious and leaves a lasting impression on the people. 

A Quick Preview Of Tae-ri's Acting Career

Kim Tae-ri is an amazing South Korean actress active in the showbiz world since 2010. She made her first on-screen debut in the short film Citizen Zombie portraying the role of Art. 

Tae-ri appeared in numerous films and TV Series before having a breakthrough from The Handmaiden. In 2018, she gave another hit acting performance in the TV Series Mr.Sunshine

One of the scenes of Kim Tae-ri from the TV Series Twenty Five Twenty One.
One of the scenes of Kim Tae-ri from the TV Series Twenty Five Twenty One. (Source: Instagram @ kimtaeri_official)

Some of Kim's other notable acting attributes are Space Sweeper and Twenty Five Twenty One. People are eagerly waiting to see her phenomenal acting performances in the upcoming two projects. 

Tae-ri has bagged fourteen awards and twelve nominations through her acting performances. She continues to entertain audiences through her acting work in TV Series and movies. 

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