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Relationship Timeline Of Kimberlea Cloughley

Ex-husband : Tommy Lee Jones
Kimberlea Cloughley married Tommy Lee Jones in 1981 and divorced in 1996.

Kimberlea Cloughley is known for her relationship with the Academy Award-winning actor Tommy Lee Jones. People loved them as a couple, but sadly, they are no longer together. Her ex-husband is famous as Agent K from Men In Black, where he walked around in a black suit, saving the world from aliens with his partner, Will Smith.

By profession, Cloughley is a San Antonio photographer born in 1958. In this article, we will cover her personal life and professional life. So, stick with us till the end and learn about Kimberlea and her life.

What Caused The Divorce Between Kimberlea Cloughley and Tommy Lee Jones?

We can't tell why they decided to end their decade of a marriage, as both Kimberlea Cloughley and Tommy Lee Jones have agreed to keep it to themselves. In contrast, Cloughley said they broke up because of the difference in personality. However, it isn't enough information to know what caused the divorce between the two.

Both Kimberlea Cloughley and Tommy Lee Jones are on their wedding dress in this monochrome image.
Kimberlea Cloughley and Tommy Lee Jones at their wedding (Source: Glamour Path)

Their marriage journey ended after fourteen years on March 23, 1996, and they lived together in Texas till their marriage. The two had exchanged their wedding vows on May 30, 1981, just a year after they started seeing each other in 1980

Kimberlea Cloughley and Her Job Is What Led Her To Meet Him

As mentioned above, Cloughley is a photographer, but not many people know that her job led her to become the No Country for Old Men actor Tommy Lee Jones. The pair first met while working on the film Back Roads

Tommy and Cloughley quickly hit it off and got married a year later. However, the marriage lasted for fourteen years. Cloughley has also revealed that Tommy lived a Hollywood life and wasn't a massive fan of it. 

It has been mentioned in the Texas Monthly article by Mimi Swartz as she said:

That’s probably the closest he has come to living the Hollywood life, and it just didn’t suit him at all. He tried that on, and it just didn’t fit.

Kimberlea's Father Was A Mayor Of San Antonio

Kimberlea Cloughley is not the only one in her family who is famous. It is because her father, Phil Duane Hardberger, is a recognized name in San Antonio. His father is involved in politics and has previously served as the mayor.

Phil Duane Hardberger is holding a book in his hand.
The Former Mayor of San Antonio, Phil Duane Hardberger (Source: Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy)

Hardberger, who has been involved with the democratic party, took over this role on June 7, 2005. Everyone praised his work, and he soon became people's favorite and is still respected highly to this day.

There is even a park named after her father called Phil Hardbenger Park in San Antonio. The park was opened in May 2010, and it expanded the length to 330 acres. 

How Wealthy Is Kimberlea Cloughley? Net Worth And More!

Kimberlea Cloughley has made a living as a photographer. Looking at her financial status, it's safe to assume she has no regrets about choosing this profession. Cloughley's net worth stands at $2 Million. She is nowhere as rich as other people who work in Hollywood. 

Cloughley is also far behind her ex-husband, Tommy Lee Jones, who has a staggering net worth of $100 million, but her wealth is also enough to have a good life. 

Kimberlea must have also received money from her divorce settlement with the Batman Forever actor Tommy. However, the amount hasn't been disclosed to the public.

Both Her Kids Are Celebrities

Cloughley marriage with The Fugitive actor Tommy may have ended, but she has two kids from that marriage. They have a son Austin Leonard Jones, and a daughter, Victoria Jones, and both of her children are involved in the entertainment industry. Austin is the older of the two, having been born on November 9, 1982, in Auckland, New Zealand. 

His IMDb page says that he is not only an actor like his father but is also involved in movies as a music composer. However, his filmography is small, as he has acted in the TV Series Screen Two and worked as a composer in Metamorphosis: Junior Year, The Homesman, and Frontera.

Tommy Lee Jones and Austin Leonard Jones is on a suit whereas, Kimberlea Cloughley is on a black dress.
Tommy Lee Jones and Kimberlea Cloughley with their son Austin Leonard Jones (Source: Wonderwall)

Cloughley's daughter Victoria was born on September 3, 1991, in San Antonio, Texas, and she is an actress like her father. Not only did Kimberlea's child follow in the footsteps of her father to become a father but has also worked with him in Men in Black II. Her other works include The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, Sorry, Haters, and One Tree Hill.

Kimberlea Cloughley's Mother Is The Famous Miracle Girl

You must have heard of the Miracle Girl from the famous Andrea Doria tragedy. Well, that miracle girl is Kimberlea Cloughley's mother, Linda Hardberger. If you aren't aware of the tragedy, the Andrea Doria ship sank on July 26, 1956, after colliding with another boat called MS Stockholm. 

It is considered one of the worst marine disasters because the vessel ended up taking the lives of fifty-one people. However, Linda miraculously survived the disaster and became famous as the miracle girl. 

At that time, Linda was only fourteen years old. She was lucky, but sadly, the same can't be said about her stepfather, Camille Cianfarra, and her stepsister, Joan Cianfarra, who both tragically died that night. 

On the other hand, Linda's mother, Jane Cianfarra, was also severely hurt, but luckily she made it. She told The Baltimore Sun about her experience on that scary night as she said:

At 14, you think you live forever. I learned otherwise earlier than most. The accident made me more cautious in the physical things but less afraid of growing old and more adventurous in the mental things.

A Brief On Her Ex-Husband Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones is widely regarded as one of the best actors ever. To support that, the 'Academy Award' he received in 1994 for his performance in The Fugitive is a testament to his acting prowess. Besides that, he has also been nominated for the Oscars several times.

The 6-foot (183 cm) tall actor Tommy has been working in the industry since the seventies. He is still relevant even today when many top actors from back in the day disappeared from movies. His acting is even more impressive when you discover that he never took an acting class. 

Tommy, who made a reputation for his deadpan delivery, has worked in movies like The Missing, Men in Black, No Country for Old Man, Ad Astra, and so much more.

She Was Tommy Lee Jones's Second Wife

Kimberlea Cloughley wasn't the first woman The Missing actor Tommy Lee Jones committed to, and she wasn't the last. The actor is married to Dawn Laurel-Jones and was previously married to Kate Lardner.

Kate was his first wife, as the two had tied the knot in 1971. Their marriage lasted only seven years, as they called it, quits in 1978. 

Tommy Lee Jones is on a tuxedo while Dawn Laurel-Jones is wearing a grey dress with unique patterns on it.
Tommy Lee Jones with his wife Dawn Laurel-Jones (Source: Pinterest)

And four years after divorcing Cloughley, he exchanged wedding vows with Dawn Laurel-Jones in 2001, and their marriage is still going strong.


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