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Wed Feb 26 2020
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When Kirstjen Nielsen do the best she can, she never knows what things will come into her life, or in another's life. Throughout her political career, she created her own perspectives of life after finding how powerful she is like serving as a US secretary of homeland security under the 45th U.S. president, Donald Trump's administration.

Nielsen's birth name is Kirstjen Michele Nielsen, which was named by her parents at the time of her birth. Well, her fans are curious to know about her family background and asking her to disclose more about her parents and siblings. Find more about Nielsen's personal life below.

What is Kirstjen Nielsen's Marital Status in 2020?

The 47-year-old attorney, Nielsen is currently living a single life while pursuing her career in the field of politics. She has made her name in the list of honorable attorney after seeing her service as the 6th U.S secretary of Homeland Security from 2017 to 2019.

Kirstjen Nielsen is standing in front of the national flag of the United States. Is Nielsen married in 2020? Who is her husband?
Image: Kirstjen Nielsen is a honorable U.S. secretary of the homeland security 
Source: Wikipedia

Kirstjen has won the hearts of millions of people with her passion for serving as an attorney. So, does she find someone who could be her husband after stealing her heart? It seems like she hasn't found a person who could be her life partner until now.

Nielsen Spotted at a Dinner Party with her fellow undersecretary, Chad Wolf!

The former secretary of the U.S Department of Homeland Security, Kirstjen went on a dinner party with her subordinate, Chad Wolf, at the white house in April 2018. During the first state dinner, U.S. president, Donald Trump, and first lady, Melania Trump, were greeting their guests, including French President, Emmanuel Macron, and his wife, Brigitte Macron.

Kirstjen Nielsen with her fellow undersecretary, Chad Wolf at a dinner party. Is Kirstjen married to her subordinate, Chad?
Snap: Kirstjen Nielsen and Chad Wolf going their home after attending Donald Trump's first state dinner party 
Source: The Star Online

While accompanying her former chief of staff, the media asked Chad whether they are married or not? To Kirstjen, the question felt like a joke, and she laughed off the question, saying he isn't my husband. But, the pair were looking beautiful at the dinner party.

Wrote 'None' in the Spousal Section in her Public Financial Disclosure Report

During the investigation of former U.S. secretary, Nielsen's financial status, U.S. senators, Patrick Leahy and Richard Durbin questioned her opinion about the new critical language, "shithole" used by U.S. president, Donald Trump on immigration speech in January 2018. Nevertheless, she proclaimed, "she didn't hear that word used.'

Kirstjen Nielsen standing in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee to disclose her financial status in the Public Financial Disclosure Report. Do you Nielsen wrote 'None' in the spousal section.
Photo: Kirstjen Nielsen listed 'None' in the section of spousal in her public financial disclosure report 
Source: Heavy

Despite the questions, public officials said Nielsen to show her financial income and her spouse's income sources in the public financial disclosure report. But, she only showed her total wealth and wrote "none" in the spousal section on 16th January 2018 in Washington, D.C.

Introduced her Family Background in Nomination Hearing for U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security...

Former white house principal deputy chief, Nielsen introduced her family members in the nominations for the U.S. secretary of homeland security. In her statement, she disclosed the names of her family members, including her dad, James, her brother, Fletcher, her sister, Ashley, her uncle and aunt, Mary Ellen and Trevor Burton, and her cousin, Andrew Bragg.

Kirstjen Nielsen is swearing after becoming the U.S. Secretary to US Vice President, Mike Pence and administers in White House on 8th December 2017. Know more about Nielsen's family background.
Picture: Kirstjen Nielsen swear to take responsibilities as a US secretary of homeland while standing alongside her father 
Source: Heavy

What's more to this? Kirstjen hails from Colorado and grew up in Clearwater, Florida. Her mom, Phyllis Michele Nielsen, passed in 2011, and her father is now 77 or 78-years-old, who served as an ophthalmologist in FL. Both of her parents were U.S. army physicians, who divorced when Nielsen was in her college days. Likewise, her brother, Fletcher, is a musician.

Just like former U.S. secretary of homeland security, Nielsen, there some other attorneys, including Gerald Krovatin and Caroline Kennedy doesn't hesitate to show their family status.

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