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Wildlife Preserver (1990)
Wed Feb 15 2023
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Kody Antle is a huge social media personality. He has made a name for himself on the internet by showing his love for his animals. He is the son of the famous Doc Antle.

He was born on January 11, 1990. Like his father, Kody has invested all his time in taking care of animals. So, let's explore the personal life & professional life of Kody. 

Is Kody Antle Seeing Anyone?

Seems like Kody Antle wants to give all his time to animals at the moment. The animals are like precious things to him. He is not seeing anyone right now.

The tiger is jumping towards him in the picture.
Kody Antle swimming with a tiger (Source: Instagram @kodyantle)

In an interview with AOL, Kody's father talked about the son's love for himself. Kody himself also talked about it to AOL Lifestyle. He said:

Growing up, I realized my life is unique, really because what I wanted and other kids wanted was so different. I always just had a deeper connection to animals and I just wanted to be naked running around with tigers!

How Much Does He Make Taking Care Of Animals?

Kody Antle has followed a lifestyle that a lot of people say they want to but most likely wouldn't. Taking care of Animals is not easy as Kody makes it look.

Kody's current estimated net worth is believed to be the same as Canadian actor Munro Chambers at $2 million. He hasn't disclosed much about how he brings in all the revenue but it is believed most of the money that they make comes from his Myrtle Beach Safari.

His safari tours are famous and make money through them. Myrtle Beach Safari also has a YouTube channel that is popular among wildlife lovers and generates money through it.

A Brief On His Father Doc Antle

Bhagavan Mahamayavi Antle, popularly known as Doc Antle is a celebrity animal trainer. He was born on March 25, 1960, in Salinas California.

He is carrying the chimp as they are surrounded by white flowers.
Doc Antle with a chimp (Source: Instagram @kodyantle)

The man who decided to invest all his life to support the cause of protecting animals has constantly found himself in all sorts of controversies all the time. The once-celebrated private zoo operator is a disliked figure among many people including those who once, loved him.

Kody Lost His Mother In A Car Accident

Kody discovered his love for animals at a young age but unfortunately, he can no longer share that joy with his mother. Dawn Marie Thurston tragically lost her life in a car accident. She was just 29 years old at the time of her death. She was the third wife of Doc Antle. 

Of the many controversies that Kody's father is always surrounded with, he found himself in another controversy that he lied about his wife. People hated Doc for lying that Dawn was his only wife. The reasons behind his doing that are unknown but few speculated that he wanted to gain some sympathy by doing that.

Considers Animals As His Siblings: 

Kody has made some brothers with his time taking care of all the animals. The man has found his brothers in chimpanzees. His chimp siblings are Sugriva, Vali, and Angada.

He is surrounded by four chimps with the baby sitting on his lap.
Kody Antle with his Chimp Brothers (Source: Instagram @kodyantle)

His chimps are his whole life. You can learn more about his unconventional brothers through their Instagram page. Yes, you read it right the first time. His brothers have their Insta page and have amassed a decent following. The Insta page is @chimpbrothers.

Is Also A TikTok Sensation (Other Social Media Presence)

Kody Antle is on Tiktok. Not just that but he is a big deal on the platform having around 30 million followers. Most of the people on the platform gain fame by doing crazy stupid things or following trends. The fact that he managed to gain that many followers by posting videos of his activities with the animals are impressive.

His Ticktok handle is @Kody Antle. Besides Tiktok he is also on Instagram. As Tiktok, most of his Insta page is filled with reels of him having fun with his animals. His Insta handle is @kodyantle.

The Backlash Surrounding The Show Tiger King

The Tiger King was a hugely popular show when it first came out. The show featuring people like Joe Exotic, Doc Antle, Carole Baskin, and also Kody Antle has faced a lot of hate from the people and media alike.

The Tiger King hate mostly revolves around the same thing mentioned in the documentary's name i.e.,  Tigers. People didn't like the way the big cats were treated in the show. 

The show also didn't do well among the LGBTQ community as the show was labeled as transphobic. The hate from the community came after a trans man Saff Saffery was not addressed in the right way.

The documentary was considered over-the-top by many. The people involved in the show have also been part of many rumors and controversies which didn't help to improve the image of the show any better.

The Time When Tawny Was Arrested

It seems like the Antle family always has a hard time staying out of controversy. Even Kody's sister has been involved in one.  She was arrested not too long ago. 

It happened just a year ago in 2021. She was arrested for illegally possessing a gun. She was arrested while she was driving a car with a man named Derek Justin Frost. He was also in a possession of a gun. Both of them were arrested as a result of it.

Who Is His Actual Sibling Tawny Antle?

Kody does have a sibling outside of his chimp brothers. He has a sister named Tawny Sky Antle. His sister is an entrepreneur and much like him also works at Myrtle Beach Safari.

She is holding the tiger close to her.
Tawny Antle playing with a tiger (Source: Instagram @tawnyantle)

Tawny calls herself the Jungle Queen. She has her own family outside of the animals. Her recent video on the gender reveal of her baby has made quite the rounds among people as it involves an elephant.

Doc Antle Has A Long List Of Controversies

Doc Antle is one of the most controversial celebrities ever. Kody's father has a long list of controversies and some of them are disturbing. As per Rolling Stone, he was arrested on the charge of Money Laundering and Wildlife Trafficking on June 2022. He allegedly did a money laundering of an amount of more than $500 thousand

The reports suggested that it was done to bring Mexican immigrants to the US, the issue that has been the topic of argument between Democrats and Republicans for such a long time.

National Geographic published a report where it says that the Virginia Attorney General's Office charged him with a case of Wildlife Trafficking. He allegedly violated the Endangered Species Act. Not just laundered the animals but he also allegedly wasn't nice to the animals as he portrayed himself. The man was cruel towards animals and faced consequences of that with nine charges for animal cruelty.

The controversies didn't just stop there as he was also called out by many women that he was a predator who preyed on underage girls. Many women who worked with him also talked about his sexual misconduct in the workplace.


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