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Musician (1992)
Thu Feb 23 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Koe Wetzel

Girlfriend : Bailey Fisher
Koe Wetzel is in a relationship with Bailey Fisher.

Koe Wetzel is a musician whose tours are super popular, as the tickets for his concerts are usually sold out. His genre mixes country and rock music, and people love it.

Wetzel is known for his beard, long hair, and tattoo-covered arms. His popular songs are Drunk Driving, Something to talk about, Cabo, and Good Die Young.

Who Is Koe Wetzel Wife?

As of now, Wetzel doesn't have a wife, but he is in a relationship with Bailey Fisher. He spends time with his girlfriend when he isn't busy doing tours and making music. It is unclear what she does for a living, while many speculate Fisher is an internet influencer.

Koe Wetzel is wearing a cowboy hat with shades on whereas, Bailey Fisher is on a green dress.
Koe Wetzel with his girlfriend, Bailey Fisher (Source: Bailey Fisher Instagram -@baileyfshr)

Wetzel and Fisher's relationship has been part of the rumors in the past, as many suggested that they have called it quits. However, Wetzel hasn't spoken anything regarding it. The details of how and when their relationship started remain to be discovered.

Koe Wetzel's Real Name And Its Meaning

Koe Wetzel is only his half-name, as his real/full name is Ropyr Madison Koe Wetzel. If you are wondering how he got his name, it was inspired by a famous country musician David Allan Coe. Yellabush Road singer Wetzel brought it up when someone on Twitter asked him about it. 

Wetzel told everyone his full name, that he just went with Koe, and that his music name has no deep meaning. He also jokingly said to his fans that he was changing his name to Koe Exotic, but some people didn't get the joke then and thought he was changing his name.

Thrown Bottles Made Wetzel Leave The Concert

The bottles thrown at Wetzel made him leave one of his concerts. During a live show in Sikeston, Missouri, someone from the crowd threw water bottles at him, and he left the show in anger, swearing at the unidentified person who threw the bottle.

Koe Weltez is talking to the crowd from the mic as he has his guitar with him.
Koe Wetzel at the Sikeston, where he walked away after someone threw the bottle on stage (Source: Country Cast YouTube Channel @CountryCast)

Koe has made a good reputation through his tours as he is considered by many to be one of the best live-performing music artists today. This was the exact opposite, as the experience of hundreds and thousands who had paid for the tickets to watch him was ruined.

Koe Wetzel's Net Worth 

Bailey Fisher's boyfriend, Koe Wetzel, has an estimated net worth of $2 Million, similar to actress Tara Wraith. His net worth can be credited to his successful tours and album sales. He has had over 500 million streams of his music across various platforms. He has further managed to sell over 200,000 albums in his successful career.

Wetzel's primary source of income is his career as a musician. He has made loads of revenue through streams, album sales, and live performances. Besides that, he also makes money through merch sales.

About Koe Wetzel's Family 

Wetzel's family consists of a mother, Julie Wetzel, sisters, Presleigh Kara Wetzel and Zoie Kate Wetzel, and a father whose identity remains a mystery. In the showbiz industry, many family relations get ruined because of a clash of egos and jealousy. His family has always been there for him.

The entire family is posing Infront of a Tree as Koe Wetzel is standing next to Zoie Wetzel, then his father, Julie Wetzel, Presleigh Wetzel and at far left Brantley Womack.
Koe Wetzel with his family and Brantley Womack (left) (Source: Koe Wetzel Instagram - @koe_wetzel)

Julie is a musician and probably had the biggest influence on Wetzel's life among family members. His father is known to be involved in construction works, whereas sisters Presleigh and Zoie have secrecy about their lives.

Wetzel Started Performing At The Age Of Six

Yes, the Drunk Driving singer Wetzel started performing at the young age of six. The musician has no stage fear thanks to his mother (also a musician), who got him to perform at such a young age, ensuring he would not develop any stage fright. 

Wetzel concerts are regarded as some of the best among today's artists. His website claims there are always screaming fans and empty intoxicants bottles at his concert, suggesting that people had a good time. It wouldn't have been possible without him giving stage performances at such a young age.

Wetzel's Football Career Was Cut Short

Koe Wetzel's football career was cut short due to a career-ending injury forcing him to retire. He used to play as the linebacker for his college football team at Tarleton State University.

Koe Wetzel has a short hair and a beard on his chin.
A file photo of Koe Wetzel from Tarleton State University (Source: Tarleton State University Athletics)

Koe was doing both football and music simultaneously until the horrific injury happened. The injury he picked up was on his ankle, leading him to say goodbye to football forever. It all worked out well for him in the end, as he is now a celebrated music artist in America.

Wetzel's Songs Were Removed From Spotify At One Point

Wetzel's songs were removed from Spotify at one point, which was a huge blow to him. The reason for it was that his songs were removed because of some licensing issues. The funniest thing about this story is that all of this would have been avoided if the Money Spent singer had just checked his emails.

The Dallas Morning News has reported Wetzel speaking about the emails, saying he won't repeat the same mistake. He has some of the most dedicated fans, who came in handy in this situation. After looking at their outrage, Spotify has brought him back, and now his songs are crushing it on the popular music streaming app.

Koe is one of the top-rated musicians on the platform, with streams of millions. Of all his songs, Something to Talk About is the most popular, with over 60 million streams. Other popular songs on the platform include Drunk Driving, February 28th, 2016, and Love.

The Controversial Concert At Great Texas Balloon Race 

Fuss & Fight singer Wetzel landed himself in controversy for his concert at Great Texas Balloon Race. He was invited to perform at an event where some people took issue with his not-so-family-friendly performance despite being told beforehand by the organizers to tone it down than his regular shows. 

Koe Wetzel is singing while playing his guitar.
Koe Wetzel performing at the Great Texas Balloon Race (Source: ROCKIN-74 RON Youtube Channel @rockin-74ron39) 

KETK reports that a few families complained about the lyrics of the songs that Koe performed. The event organizers formally apologized to those people, which Wetzel didn't seem happy about. People on the internet were divided, most siding with the Oklahoma Sun singer.

Koe Wetzel Is On Instagram & Twitter

Bailey Fisher's boyfriend Wetzel is on social media through Instagram and Twitter. His Insta and Twitter pages are @kolbeelston and @KoeWetzel, respectively. He is not only fun on tours but also on the internet as well.

Wetzel's Insta page is mostly work related as he usually posts about his concerts and upcoming music. But Twitter is the place to follow him. He constantly makes it to the news for his tweets. He is known for having no filter; you will find out why when you look at his tweets.

What Do The Lyrics of February 28th, 2016 Mean?

The lyrics of February 28th, 2016, by Koe Wetzel, are inspired by real-life events. The song is based on the time when he landed himself in prison. He was arrested in Stephenville, Texas, for conducting himself in a not-so-pleasant manner after getting drunk. This incident occurred eight days after musician Neyo tied the knot with Crystal Renay.

Wetzel considered that as one of the worst points of his life. He also doesn't think the song is his best work, but his fans think otherwise. The Drunk Driving singer, every year on this day, tweets something for the fans, reminding them of this song. Previously, he has asked people to be careful and attend church through his tweets.


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