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Thu Feb 01 2024
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Relationship Timeline Of Korina Harrison

Ex-husband : Corey Harrison
Korina Harrison married Corey Harrison and later they divorced.

Korina Harrison, aka 'Kiki' is Corey Harrison's ex-wife, popularly known as Big Hoss from Pawn Stars. He is one of the main faces of the show, alongside his father, Rick Harrison, and his childhood best friend, Chumlee Harrison.

Kiki's marriage with Corey didn't last long, as they ended their marriage in September 2018 after walking down the aisle only on May 26, 2017. It is one of the shortest-lived celebrity marriages ever.

Corey Harrison And Korina Harrison Relationship Timeline 

Korina Harrison was previously married to Corey Harrison. Her marriage with Corey didn't go the way she would have wanted, as the two divorced in September 2018 after only tying the knot on May 26, 2017. The divorce was extra hard on Korina as she was pregnant with their baby when the marriage ended. 

Korina Harrison and Corey Harrison are holding hands as they are walking in a hallway.
Korina Harrison with her ex-husband, Corey Harrison. 
(Source: Corey Harrison Twitter @corey_harrison)

Korina has maintained secrecy on their failed marriage. Not just marriage, but the two have maintained secrecy about their relationship as well. People are still digging up to find information on what could have caused the divorce despite Corey already telling the reason behind him and Kiki calling it quits.

Corey has told his side of the story and blamed the failure of their marriage on tight work schedules. He further said that the divorce was mutual and that there was no animosity between the two. But many people aren't buying it as they believe there is more to this story than what he said.

Korina appears to be single at the moment. On the other hand, Corey is romantically linked to a blondie named Maggie Errickson. Likewise, Corey's brother, Rick Harrison, married Amanda Palmer after divorcing Deanna Burditt.

Korina Was The Second Wife Of Corey 

Did you know that Korina Harrison was the second wife of Corey Harrison? In other words, Corey was previously married before he met Korina, and that woman is Charlene Harrison. Charlene had divorced the Big Hoss in 2015, two years before marrying Korina.

While Korina's marriage with Corey hardly even lasted a year, his previous marriage to Charlene shows he can be a committed man. They were together from 2009 to 2015

Charlene Harrison is feeding something with the spoon to Corey Harrison.
Corey Harrison with his first wife, Charlene Harrison.
(Source: Thecelebsinfo)

Charlene was special to him as the two were high school sweethearts. The reason behind their divorce remains to be known. She is also a private woman, as there is no record of her appearing in Pawn Stars. 

Kiki Is Blessed With A Son

The ex-couple Korina and Corey have a son, Richard Benjamin Harrison, from their marriage. He was born the same month Rob Traegler and Amy Allan married, i.e., October 2018, after Korina and Corey divorced. Richard has the same name as Corey's late grandfather, who passed away just a few months before Corey's son was born.

Richard is the reason their pawn shop even exists. He started the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, the business that has been the family's bread and butter for a very long time. As he started the new venture, the business was a huge risk, having previously lost millions in real estate. 

Corey Harrison placing his hands over Korina Harrison's baby bump.
Corey Harrison places his hands over Korina Harrison's baby bump.
(Source: X)

Fortunately for Richard, the risk paid off, as it is a thriving business today. He was also part of the US Navy in the past. The Old Man, as everyone called him in Pawn Stars, is a legendary figure in the Harrison family, and Corey honored him by giving the son his grandfather's name. Richard was married to JoAnne Rhue Harrison for almost six decades.

Net Worth Of Korina Harrison And Corey Harrison 

Korina Harrison has an estimated net worth of $100,000, similar to Sharon Mobley Stow. She has not disclosed her income sources, so her wealth source remains to be discovered. Some of her wealth came from her divorce settlement with Corey, which has not been disclosed.

Korina's ex-husband, Corey Harrison, has a net worth of $4 Million. His wealth mostly comes from his family business, the Gold & Silver Pawn shop owned by the patriarch of the Harrison family, Rick Harrison. The pawn shop is globally famous thanks to the success of the show Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars deals with antique or old items of huge value today and makes a living off them. Before joining his father to deal with old items, he used to work at a beauty bar, which also impacted his wealth. Corey Harrison's grandmother, JoAnne Rhue Harrison, is also a millionaire with a net worth of $3 million.

Both Corey And His Best Friend, Chumlee, Have Been To Jail

Corey and his best friend, Chumlee Harrison, have been to prison on separate occasions. He was arrested for the fight in the bar while he was drunk. But, Chumlee's arrest was much more serious as he was imprisoned for possessing illegal weapons and drugs.

Both Corey and Chumlee Harrison are posing for the camera as they are wearing their pawn shop black shirt.
Corey Harrison and Chumlee Harrison at Pawn Stars.
(Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Corey's arrest happened in 2011 when he got involved in a fight with someone in the bar. The situation got so tense, and they had to call the cops. The problem started when he got into a physical altercation with the cop, and the star of Pawn Stars pushed him. This led to his arrest, and he was eventually let go.

Chumlee's case was troublesome as weapons and drugs were discovered at his house during a raid by the police. Answers Africa reports that the incident took place on March 9, 2016. And the reason cops had arrived at his doorstep regarding the sexual assault case, which eventually didn't go anywhere. He was sentenced to three years probation as a result of this.

The Time Korina's Ex-Husband, Corey, Urinated In A Bar

Korina Harrison's ex-husband, Corey, once urinated publicly in a bar in 2014. This happened on one of his motorcycle tours with his friends. At that time, he was completely drunk and didn't recall it even happening. 

Korina has a reputation for creating problems for others when drunk. He was previously arrested at a bar for getting into an altercation with the police. Nicki Swift reports one of the eyewitnesses who saw the whole thing unfold. As per the witness, Big Hoss pulled his pants down and started peeing on a bar stool.

About The Show Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars is the show that follows the Harrison family, who owns a pawn shop in Las Vegas. The show documents their lives as they spend the day dealing with all kinds of people, including Annie Bakes, who have arrived at their shop to sell some old artifacts that they believe are valuable. 

This leads to negotiations between the parties as they try to find common ground. Pawn Stars is not just as simple as that. Some people tune into the show to learn about the artifacts, which help to develop a bit of their knowledge of history. 

But most of them tune in to see the show for its drama and controversy. It brings in a lot of fun for the viewers. The formula has been a success as it is one of the longest-running shows on TV today, with more than twenty seasons. The show has given countless memorable moments and has also been responsible for some of the best memes we have seen.


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