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Relationship Timeline Of Kristen Ariza

Husband :  Patrick O'Brien Demsey
Kristen Ariza married Patrick O'Brien Demsey in 2013.

Kristen Ariza is an American actress who got fame and recognization after portraying a fantastic role in Bosch, Confirmation and The Fosters.

She was born in Orlando, Florida, USA. Unfortunately, her exact birth date is still behind the curtains. She has the nationality of America. 

Besides appearing in TV series and movies, Ariza has also done some TV commercials and ads. 

Ariza's Family Details 

The Fosters actress Ariza's father was West Indian, whereas her mother was African-American. However, she has not disclosed her parents' identity. 

As mentioned above, she has one lovely sibling. But, similar to her parents, her sibling's identity is also anonymous. 

Who Is Ariza Married With?

Kristen Ariza has been living a married life since 2013. She tied the knot with Patrick O'Brien Demsey, an American actor, on June 29, 2013

They celebrated their marriage with a grand celebration in the presence of their family members and close friends. 

Picture of Kristen Ariza and her husband Patrick O'Brien Demsey
Picture of Kristen Ariza and her husband Patrick O'Brien Demsey (Image Source: Instagram @kristenariza )

The love birds are living wonderful life without internal conflicts and misunderstandings. We often see their happiness and love for each other on social media platforms. 

However, despite being married for nine years, the lovely couple doesn't share any children. 

Kristen Ariza Lives A Millioniare Life 

The Occupants actress Ariza lives a wealthy life having more than $3 million in her bank account just like Doug Hutchison. She is able to make this massive amount through her successful acting career. 

Besides acting, she has also made money by appearing in TV commercials and ads. She has played TV ads for Swiffer, Budlight, and many more. 

Furthermore, Ariza has converted her money into houses, cars, and luxurious things which we can see via Instagram and Twitter. 

Owns Renault Twizy

Ariza owns Renault Twizy, a two-seat electric microcar designed and marketed by Renault. It has a top speed of 50mph. This car cost around $8,839

Picture of Kristen Ariza and her Renault Twizy car
Picture of Kristen Ariza and her Renault Twizy car (Image Source: Instagram @sristenariza )

We can often see this car on Ariza's Instagram. The fun fact is she goes to market in Renault Twizy and motivates people to use electric vehicles rather than fuel /diesel cars. 

Moreover, we can see other expensive cars on her social media sites. She often shares her car's picture, which makes us believe she is very fond of cars. 

Holds Bachelor Degree In Theatre

Regarding Ariza's education, she completed high school in her birthplace Orlando. However, the name of the high school is still a mystery. 

After completing high school, she went to Florida State University for further studies. She studied there for four years and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Theatre.

In addition, Ariza used to teach in an acting class for newbies.

Ariza Looks Magnificent!

Talking about Bosch actress Ariza's appearance, people are fond of her cute face and lovely smile. She has excellent brown eyes with black hair, whereas her skin color is dark. 

Picture of Kristen Ariza wearing black dress
Picture of Kristen Ariza (Image Source: Instagram @kristenariza )

Furthermore, she has a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm), and her weight is around 55 Kg. She has a slim body with a measurement of 34-25-35. 

Ariza Is a Foodie: Loves Radish & Celery

Lie to Me actress Kristen Ariza, without a doubt, is a foodie person. Food is the one thing she can't live without. She is often seen eating many foods and even shares pictures of foods via social media. 

On Instagram, Ariza has stated that she is an addict to radishes and celery. Unlike other celebrities, she isn't fond of burgers or pizza. Instead, she loves green plants, mainly radishes and celery. 

In addition, she seems to be very aware of health and enjoys eating green plants rather than junk foods. 

TV Series & Movies

Ariza has given many popular TV series and movies throughout her successful acting career. She has more than three decades of experience in the film industry and has won the hearts of US audiences through her remarkable acting.

Some of her notable TV series are BoschStartUpLie to Me, EnterpriseMedical Investigation, BonesNCIS, and The Fosters

Apart from this, Ariza has also appeared in many famous and successful movies like The OccupantsThe Obama EffectBeyond SkylineConfirmation, and The Utopian Society

According to IMDb, her top three TV series are Grey's Anatomy, NCIS, and Criminal Minds

Is Ariza An Activist?

Medical Investigation actress Kristen Ariza is a social activist who campaigns to bring about political or social change. She often raises her voice against discrimination and pollution, just like Anne Steves.

She is usually seen motivating her lovely fans to support the truth and justice so that they can become an example for society and the country. We can often see her inspiring quotes and pictures on her Instagram. 

Shared Screen With Seamus Dever

If you don't know about Seamus Dever, then let us inform you that he is an American actor and producer known for his notable acting. Besides all of this, he is a close friend of Ariza. 

Picture of Kristen Ariza's friend Seamus Dever
Picture of Kristen Ariza's friend Seamus Dever (Image Source: Instagram @seamuspatrickdever )

They both have an incredible bond and care for each other. Interestingly, both got an opportunity to share a screen in the famous film Castle (2009). 

In addition, Ariza and Dever successfully made their impressions on US audiences through their fantastic acting in Castle.

Other Works of Ariza

As mentioned above, Bones actress Ariza is known for appearing in numerous music videos and TV commercials. She is featured in many TV ads and commercials. 

She has appeared for uncountable companies, including Lowe's, Bud Light, So Cal Honda, Denny's, and Swiffer. All of the mentioned companies are worth more than half a billion. 

Besides this, Ariza has also appeared in "Macbeth" and "The Taming of the Shrew" at the Georgia Shakespeare Festival. Both of them is a plays written by William Shakespeare.

Ariza Is An Adventurer 

The Obama Effect actress Ariza is the kind of person who loves exploring nature. She is often seen visiting different places and countries and has stated that traveling is one of her hobbies that makes her happy. 

Picture of Kristen Ariza an her friend
Picture of Kristen Ariza and her friend (Image Source: Instagram @kristenariza )

She frequently shares her pictures visiting different places, especially beaches, on her Instagram. Besides this, she has even introduced herself as an adventurer. 

Ariza's Article 

Unlike other celebrities, Kristen Ariza's article was featured in The Orlando Sentinel, a primary newspaper of Orlando, Florida, and the Central Florida region. It has published an article about her twice.

Orlando Sentinel featured Ariza first time on October 12, 2010. Hal Borfrkrt made the article. The second time was on May 3, 2012, which Hal Boedeker wrote. 

Furthermore, we can still find her article on the Orlando Sentinel's official website. 

Social Media Presence 

The Fosters actress Ariza is very active on social media platforms. Her Instagram account is @kristenariza, where she has amassed 19.6K followers in a short time.

However, she is not actively present on Facebook and Twitter for the time being. 


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