Is Lacey Evans Dating Ric Flair? Also, Know About Her Pregnancy!

Tue Feb 16 2021
By   Selena

Lacey Evans is a relatively new star on the scene of the WWE but has already been associated with some of its biggest stars, part of her stardom is due to the fact that she is dating the legendary Ric Flair on-screen. 

Due to their chemistry on the TV screen, many fans and tabloids have speculated that the pair are dating in real life too, while Lacey is yet to confirm the rumours, there have been massive amounts of speculation to suggest that they are dating. 

As a matter of fact, when Lacey announced that she was pregnant, numerous tabloids wrote that the father of the baby was Flair. It is all hearsay but read more below to learn about Evans and the actual truth about her relationship with Flair.  

Is Lacey Evans Dating Ric Flair? 

Lacey Evans is dating her boyfriend Ric Flair

Lacey Evans is dating her boyfriend Ric Flair
Image Source: Ringside News

Just a few weeks ago, Lacey Evans and Ric Flair's romantic relationship started on a WWE. And some sources claimed that Lacey used her Instagram account to continue her storyline before it began. She uploaded the photo on her Instagram which seems to flirt with Ric Flair. She captioned the photo "who’s watching the show." Ever since that incident, none of the fans remained silent.

Adding more, looking at her Twitter recent tweets, they both might have planned to get married.

Is Lacey Evans Pregnant After Dating Ric Flair?

The world was shocked when the news emerged from nowhere about Lacey Evans got pregnant after dating Ric Flair. And the public went crazy after hearing the information and they claimed that what it's going on.

Lacey Evans revealed her pregnancy

Lacey Evans revealed her pregnancy
Image Source: Pinterest

After some weeks of their relationship announcement, the 30-years-old wrestler made another announcement about her pregnancy. As per reports from, she announced in Monday Night Raw this week. She revealed her pregnancy in front of Charlotte, and she even got surprised. Charlotte is also the wife of the professional wrestler, Riki Johnson. Everybody implies that Ric Flair is the father. The sources also added that her pregnancy is not fake.

But some sources claimed that her pregnancy is not related to the 71-years-old professional wrestler. Nothing is certain at the moment, as she has not talked about it with the media. So, let's wait for her announcement and once it does we will update soon. Asuka, Bess Katramados, and Kevin Owens are also famous wrestlers like Lacey Evans.

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