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Celebrity Ex-Wife (1970)
Mon Feb 20 2023
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Relationship Timeline Of Laura Giaritta

Ex-husband : Vanilla Ice
Laura Giaritta married Vanilla Ice in 1997 and divorced in 2016.

Laura Giaritta is the celebrity ex-wife of Vanilla Ice, a popular American rapper and actor. She also owns a Florida sports shop from where she earns excellent profits.

Laura's ex-spouse, Vanilla Ice, is a well-known hip-hop artist with a record of having the fastest-selling hip-hop album ever. The record-making album titled To The Extreme was released in 1990.

A Glance At The Life Of Giaritta Before Marriage

Vanilla Ice's ex-wife Laura Giaritta was born on October 18, 1970, in Florida, USA. Born to Thomas Giaritta and Elaine Giaritta, her family consists of four members, including her older sister Renne Giaritta.

Giaritta graduated with a Bachelor In Science degree from Full Sail University, located in Winter Park, Florida. She seems to have attended a local one closer to her for high school, but the name hasn't been disclosed.

Laura Giaritta Marriage With Vanilla Ice

To The Extreme rapper Vanilla Ice instantly fell for Laura in their first meeting. Since then, they dated for a few years and were deeply in love with each other. The ex-lovebirds finally married on March 30, 1997, in Miami. 

Laura Giaritta and her ex-husband Vanilla Ice
Laura Giaritta and her ex-husband Vanilla Ice.
(Image Source: Buzz SouthAfrica)

It was a huge ceremony held at Star Island mansion in Miami beach. Coincidentally, it is also the marriage place of Ana Navarro and Al Cardenas.

Net Worth: How Rich Is Giaritta?

Considering that Laura Giaritta owns a Florida sports shop that is doing really well financially, her net worth is estimated to be in the millions. However, her exact net worth is still behind the curtains. Adding to her net worth is the extreme sports showroom she opened later.

As for Vanilla Ice, he has a net worth of approximately $12 million, similar to that of Daniel Berger. He has earned a huge fortune from his many deals and tours worldwide.

Has Two Children

Two years after Laura and Ice's marriage, Laura gave birth to her first daughter, Dusti Rain Van Winkle. Similarly, in 2000, they welcomed KeeLee Breeze Van Winkle as their second child.

Laura Giaritta, alongside her family
Laura Giaritta, alongside her family.
(Image Source: CelebSuburb)

Both Laura and Ice's daughters are practically grown-ups now. They entered adulthood a few years ago and are ready to start their careers and life.

The Divorce of Laura Giaritta and Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice's ex-wife Laura filed for divorce at first in October 2016, but it wasn't finalized due to financial disputes. Then in November 2019, they finally settled the agreements and were officially divorced.

It was settled that Vanilla would pay $10,500 monthly as an alimony payment. As for the daughter's custody, it was not a problem since they were already grown-ups.

What Was The Reason For Divorce?

The official reason for the divorce of Ice and Laura hasn't been disclosed yet. However, many have estimated the reason to be domestic violence and somewhat rocky relationships after marriage.

In 2001, Ice was arrested for assaulting Laura and placed on probation. Seven years later, he was again arrested for assaulting her. However, the charges were later dropped. There was another similar report in 2004, but it was never officially confirmed.

After the divorce, Laura stated:

"I gave myself a birthday present. I wanted to file for divorce for a long time but I was scared to do it. We never really had a wedding or an engagement, so I figured I'd do it on my birthday. Besides, I was having a hard time sleeping at night."

Vanilla Ice Third Child: Is Laura Giaritta's Ex-Husband Remarried?

Vanilla has a third child named Priscilla Love Van Winkle, born in 2018. However, the mother hasn't been revealed to the public. Ice has made sure she stays out of the media limelight.

Vanilla Ice with his third child, Priscilla Love VanWinkle
Vanilla Ice with his third child, Priscilla Love VanWinkle.
(Image Source: Tuko)

Vanilla Ice loves his daughter so much and doesn't shy away from posting online about her. As such, his fans have already noticed her and adore her very much.

A Little About Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice was born in South Dallas, Texas, on October 31, 1967. His real name is Robert Matthew Van Winkle, but most people know him by his stage name Vanilla Ice. 

Ice grew up with his stepfather after his mother divorced his biological father when he was four. Since his early teenage, he started learning to ride motorbikes and would do breakdance as a street performer. 

Laura Giaritta Husband's Drug-Filled Past

Around 1994, Vanilla Ice started doing cocaine, ecstasy, and heroin. He also got himself many tattoos while indulging himself in heavy drugs.

It was reported that on July 4, 1994, he attempted suicide with a heroin overdose. Thankfully, he was saved by his friends in time.

After a near-death experience, Ice decided to change his lifestyle and stay away from drugs as much as possible. He got a leaf tattoo on his stomach marking his new beginning.

Social Media Presence

Vanilla Ice's ex-spouse Laura is one of those personalities who stayed away from social media. She seems not to want to expose her personal life through social media. However, the same is not the case for her ex-husband Vanilla Ice.

Ice has over 497k followers on his verified Instagram @vanillaiceofficial. He has already made over 2k posts, which shows his active nature. Similarly, Vanille has also garnered over 332k followers on his verified Twitter @vanillaice

Being an artist, it's a given that Ice would have his youtube channel. On his youtube @officialvanillaice, he has over 608k subscribers and uploads his songs over there. His other videos include his interview and live performances.

Additionally, Laura's spouse, Ice, has a website where one can buy tickets for his tours. He also has his store over there, and any related news can be read.

Vanilla's Legacy

Being one of the first white rappers to succeed, Vanilla's Ice Ice Baby became the first hip-hop single song at the top of the Billboard charts. This song of his is credited for mainstreaming diversified hip-hop.

Vanilla Ice showing off his finger tattoo
Vanilla Ice showing off his finger tattoo
(Image Source: AllHipHop)

Even Chuck D acknowledged:

"He broke through in the mid-South, in a Southern area in Texas, in something that was kind of indigenous to that hip-hop culture down there. He just doesn't get credit for it."

Ice has won Awards such as Favorite Pop/Rock New Artist, Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop New Artist, Best New Song, and Best Home Show. That's not all; he was also nominated for the 'Grammy Award' in Best Rap Solo Performance Award in 1991.

Laura's Husband's Career As An Actor

Besides rapping, Vanilla is also involved in acting. He has been part of several movies such as Cool as Ice,  Big Money Rustlas, The Ridiculous 6, Dancing with the Stars, and many more. 

Surprisingly, Ice's debut in the film industry was in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze. Like his flawless music career, his acting also has its own class.


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