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Tue Mar 30 2021
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Laura Schlessinger is a multitalented celebrity who has worked as a radio show host and author for over 5 decades. The star celeb has also received multiple accolades over the course of her career, in addition to this, she also used to work as a marriage counsellor. 

While her career is known all over the world, the former marriage counsellor’s personal life is a bit under the radar. She has had rocky relationships in the past and has been married twice, learn all about her relationships below.

Laura Schlessinger’s Marriages

As mentioned above, Schlessinger has been married twice in the past. She first tied the knot with Michael F. Rudolph, he was a dentist. They got married in 1974 when Laura was still in college. Their wedding was a Unitarian ceremony. 

Laura Schlessinger has been married twice
Laura Schlessinger has been married twice 
Image Source: RadioStars

In 1975, just a year after getting hitched to Michael, she met Lewis G. Bishop while working in the labs at USC. At the time, Bishop was married but separated from his wife and family after which he moved in with Laura. 

Due to the affair, her relationship with Rudolph soured but they did not divorce until 1977. Lewis did not divorce his wife until 1979. 

Laura and Lewis lived together for about 9 years before getting married even though Schlessinger has said publicly that she does not approve of unwed couples living together. The pair were married for around 30 years before Lew passed away in 1985.

Schlessinger’s only child and son, Deryk Schlessinger, was born in 1985 to her and Lewis. After 30 years of wedlock, their marriage ended when Bishop died in 2015 after being sick for more than 1 and a half years. 

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Is Laura Schlessinger Dating Anyone In 2021?

Laura has been single for a while, as a matter of fact, she is single as of March 2021. Dr Laura has not been active in the dating scene since her husband died. 

The star is also 74 years old in 2021, due to which she might not be interested in dating anyone. However, she has also been secretive when it comes to her personal life. 

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Laura Schlessinger Is A Controversial Figure 

Like many veteran stars, Laura has also had her fair share of controversies, including her libel lawsuit and leak of her intimate photos on the internet. 

Laura got into trouble for her anti-gay comments
Laura got into trouble for her anti-gay comments
Image Source: The NY Times

In addition to this, she has also publicly said that she is opposed to homosexuality. She bases her anti-gay rhetoric on biblical writings. 

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