Upchurch And His Girlfriend Taylor Eileen Smith Relationship

Mon Mar 29 2021
By   Selena

Ryan Upchurch is a famous country rapper/singer who has amassed a huge number of fans due to his unique blend of music that mixes country and rap. He has millions of fans and also has an incredible number of followers on social media. 

Moreover, his fans are really passionate and all of them want to know about his relationship status in 2021. In fact, Upchurch left his fans anxious when rumours of his split from Taylor Eileen Smith surfaced, but did the rapper break up with Taylor, did he get married to anyone else, or is he still with Smith, read more to find out

Ryan Upchurch And Taylor Eileen Smith Relationship 

Ryan Upchurch had a public relationship with Taylor Eileen Smith, indeed, they were a fan favourite couple.

Ryan Upchurch with his wife Taylor Eileen Smith 
Image: Ryan Upchurch with his wife Taylor Eileen Smith 
Image Source: LiveRampUp

They even got married in 2020, at the time of their wedding, she had already given birth to her daughter Rae. Upchurch adopted her daughter and became a father-figure in Rae’s life. 

Before getting married, the pair had gotten engaged on July 10, 2020. They went all-out on their wedding and even created a website of their marriage. In addition to this, they also shared photos and videos of them together before and after their nuptials. 

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Are Ryan Upchurch And Taylor Eileen Smith Together?

Rumours about Upchurch And Eileen Smith’s separation have been around for a while but the pair have not confirmed it.

Ryan Upchurch And Taylor Eileen were rumored to have separated
Ryan Upchurch And Taylor Eileen were Rumored to have separated
Image Source: HollywoodMask

However, a little peek on their social media further fuels the rumours. The couple shockingly deleted pictures of them from each other's Instagram.  The recently wedded couple have also been refrained from talking about each other in the media.

Nonetheless, Eileen posted a picture of her daughter on Instagram, one of the comments on the picture asked her if she was still together with Ryan, she replied that the post was of her daughter and that everyone should stop asking her if she is still with Ryan. 

Ryan has also stopped posting about his wife, in fact, he only posts pictures and videos promoting his songs and albums. The biggest piece of evidence to suggest that Ryan and Eileen are not married is that he has unfollowed her on Instagram. 

Similarly, the paid also did not share any special pictures or posts on their first valentine together. Even though there is a lot of evidence that the pair have separated, we cannot confirm it as neither Upchurch nor Eileen have come out and said the truth about their marriage. 

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