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Thu May 14 2020
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Emmy award-winning journalist, Lauryn Ricketts now shares a blissful married life with her long term husband, Eric Earnhardt, a former army. The newlywed's couple recently celebrated their 2nd marriage anniversary on 30th December.

Do you know? Raised in Winchester, USA, Lauryn now serves in Washington as a meteorologist on NBC Channel 4. She's also a regular contributor to the weekday morning 103.5 WTOP Radio. But, during her role as Chief Meteorologist WHSV / TV3, she gained global attention for her predicting capabilities for "Snowmeggedon."

Let's talk about Ricketts' Conjual Relationship with Eric in the following section.

Known Eachother Since High School

Interestingly, Ricketts and her life partner, Earnhardt, a retired Marine Corps Major deployed to Afghanistan have known eachother since their school days. But the pair did not start talking until their friend's wedding in 2012.

Lauryn Ricketts and Eric Earnhardt Have Known Eachother Since High School
Image: Lauryn Ricketts' Kissing her Husband, Eric Earnhardt

The lovebirds grew up in Winchester and often used to hang out with the same group of friends. Lauryn went on to study Randolph-Macon College while Eric went to Penn State after finishing college. Her lover, Earnhardt who is 38, joined the Marine Corps immediately after graduate school.

They couldn't avoid thinking about each other after seeing each other in a friend's marriage and soon started a long-distance relationship. She's originally from North Carolina when Eric was from Charlotte and 200 miles away couldn't stop visiting them.

 “I would drive from DC, after work every other Friday and he would do the same,” the NBC reporter says. “We did that for four and a half years.” And Eric left the Marine Corps in April 2016 to work for the Department of defense and moved in with his other half, Lauryn.

The Beautiful Wedding Ceremony

Ricketts and Earnhardt who celebrated their first date in Wilmington, North Carolina finally got married after dated for six years. They walked down the wedding aisle on  Dec. 30, 2017, at a private ceremony. 

Lauryn Ricketts Marries her High School Sweetheart, Eric Earnhardt in 2017
Caption: Lauryn Ricketts Marries her High School Sweetheart, Eric Earnhardt in 2017
Source: celebs closeups

Their big was held in the Brooklyn Arts Center in Wilmington in the presence of close loved ones only. The bride was wearing a strapless white wedding gown while the groom was wearing a military uniform. During the ceremony, the romantic couple also played the ’80s music of Asia's “Heat of the Moment.

 Since the day, the two leads a happy and blissful conjual life for about three years. However, Randolph Macon College's graduated and her husband, Eric, 38, do not welcome any offsprings yet. 

Lauryn Claims Being a Military Wife Isn't Easy

As we already mentioned, Eric used to work as an army until 2016. Because of this, the pair didn't spend a great deal of time together. He 'd been deployed even after two weeks of marriage.

Lauryn Ricketts Posted a Picture with Husband, Eric Earnhardt on Instagram infont of a  Rainbow
Image: Lauryn Ricketts Posted a Picture with Husband, Eric Earnhardt on Instagram in front of a Double Rainbow
Source: Instagram @laurynrickettsnbc

And the former reporter of WTTG once said becoming a military spouse is a challenging one. But she has learned how to cope and because they are both so independent, it fits their personalities well in some ways.

Lauryn claims: " It’s refreshing that he can go away and I miss him so that much that when he gets back it’s like we just got married". 

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